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He's sing a song with a beautiful voice,.
he sing and talking with his fans with his melo voice that he always loving them (ELF),...
oppa, khamsahamnida for your lovely voice that make me melted,..
if you courious with his voice, lets searcing for 'Yesung Super Junior' in google or youtube to see it...
No one has a better voice than yesung! His voice is truly magnificent! I really think he has the best voice compared to all the korean singers, especially when he sings ballad songs. His voice can reach the hearts of the listeners. So I really think he should be in number 1!
YaY! I scrolled down the list to find him..Because the scope too big so it's okay as well as he's included! Proud of you Yesung..You are the one! Your golden amazing voice and great understanding in songs make you the best among the worldwide..not only in Asia..Let's continue to shine our world with your voice.We will wait for your comeback in 2015!
The member of Super Junior.
In Korea, Yesung is the best singer, but I don't now that official or no.
Please, vote Yesung. Yesung is the Best Singer, The art of voice.
ELF, come on vote Yesung oppa.
He is so good voice...
And also a good person, handsome, cute, respectly, funny, friendly..
So, let's our support Yesung super junior..
I hope, yesung be the winner...
ELF! Please fot for him...!
He is good singer...
Fighting oppa!
We are ELF..
We love Yesung oppa.. We love Super Junior...
Super Junior and Yesung Oppa Is The Best!

The Best Voice, also The BEST SINGER I've ever known..
ELF Please vote for Yesung, if you want to know about him, just search in youtube and you will know how good he is..
His deep voice, sounding solemn and heart-wrenching, especially for the more mellow songs
yesung the same meaning as Art-Of-Voice

daebak Oppa
THE BEST IN MY HEART FOREVER AND EVER! His singing is just perfect! The huskiness, the emotions... It just melts your heart and makes you fall completely in love with him!
Oppa! I'll pray for you :) You're will win! I'll tell all my friends to vote you! You should win... You are the winner, forever! It's all from you oppa saranghae! ^O^
He can sings ballads, pop, rock, even so many genre...
his voice so amazing, and never failed to make you cry if he sings a sad songs..
vote for him soon.. Palli..
Your voice is so artistict. I Love you appa.

he is so beautifull voice.

appa, your so good namja, SUPER JUNIOR WINNER. With Yesung-APPA WE TO WINNER ELF
Yesung oppa fighting!
Clouds and ELF support you!
I Love you, please vote for him!
Yesung Oppa is the best singer, best of the best
yessung from super junior is good singer and good person
ELF please vote for him
Super Junior fighting
The best magnae in the world
Handsome, cute, but evil
Have a bass voice
His voice is so good
everyone love his voice
Because his voice very good
Uri Art Of Voice

the first place is on your hand oppa. S=kudareul saranghae.. Love you until I can't breath
His voice can steal my heart...
Once I heard his song that made me fall in love with his voice..
You're the best on suju... ELF, please vote for our yeppa...
your voice can melting our heart. It's bad if you get this number...
He is member's Super Junior, lead vocal his voice will make you cry if you hear it ~ she's really amazing, I beg you support him: D
He is a member of the famous boyband in the world Super Junior and he's Lead Vocal in his group..
He has a very beautiful voice
Oppa! You must win! Yesterday, you in 135, and now in 71! Go ELF and Clouds, helping Yesung oppa to remove the 7 and be the best 1
Yesung! He has a great voice, the ability to mix well. His voice can touch the hearts of all people! I really love him so much!
̘" 목소리" "' 좋다 ^^
Yesung's voice is very good
He is so God
I love you
Please Voted for him
Super Junior

Oppa you'r the best singer
ELF pliss vote for him gomawo
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