Up and Coming Male Soprano's That We Would Like to Hear at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies

This is to vote on new up and coming male sopranos who have a quality of voice that would be nice to hear at the opening ceremonies, I have chosen this type of voice as we always seem to end up with boy bands or pop singers and thought it would be nice to have something classical.

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1Greg Pritchard

Wow! This poll just screams "We want Greg Pritchard to sing at the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies! "...
Sure, classical music is classical, and peaceful, but it can also be quite dull and boring at times. I know I certainly wouldn't want to sit through renditions of classical songs to represent the United Kingdom - I'd rather hear something a bit more upbeat - show the world that the United Kindom are fun and enthusiastic and ready to compete!
If it starts slow, it's going to end slow.
That's my opinion on the matter. - XHeatherLouiseX

We have to keep vote, vote, voting... young Greg is a huge inspiration to all the youth of the world, no matter what their given talent.. that God given Talent, hard work and a great personality can make it all the way. I can't think of anyone more suited to sing for Great Britain and the world at the Summer Olympics... KEEP VOTING...

Greg Pritchard should be at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremonies, to sing, because he is the ideal choice to represent Great Britain's talented young people (in a different way than the athletics) He is Unique, and AMAZINGLY GIFTED... U need to know music to Really appreciate his range...

Beautiful, power voice... And Greg Pritchard is not spoiled yet. It his time to Glory. Sing, boy! I'll be very happy to see singing him at this World Sport Event - Olympic Games 2012 Go Britain!

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2David Sheringham
3Michael Bolton
4Paul Potts
5Gavin James Burke
6David Newman
7James Bowman
8Joseph London
9Nicholas Ransley
10Graham Vick
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