Man's Greatest Achievements

The greatest things the human race has ever done or made.

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1Traveled to the Moon

This is a feat that will always stand up in history as the most important step in mankind in terms of science and space. If it weren't for the moon landing, we wouldn't be doing research on Mars or be trying to reach other planets now, and this landing has lead to so many new scientific discoveries and possibilities! - Mousike

Nothing can top this. It's basically traveling to another world, one considered nonexistent a few centuries ago. - emraldYE

Apollo 11 was the greatest achievements by the human race, it showed us what we could really do when we as a nation and as a species tried.

Definitely the greatest achievement. To put 12 guys on an alien world.

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2Created Electronic Devices

Without electrnic devices, we would never have made it to the moon.

Yeah, I agree to that. This is the perfect reason that why this item shouldn't be ahead of "travelled to the moon" - Neeoo

Woo hoo It should be the best heres my list of what is developed or invented with electricity
computers(I couldn't post this then)laptops tablets phones board games(turn into video games) kitchen appliances T.V. search engines and so on...

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3Mastered Flight

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings... - beatles

Great technological invention, and even by 2015, perhaps the grestest, but not the greatest of all human inventions - ability to enlarge our brains, describe and peer into atomic level structures helped us discover and invent all that we see - medicine, materials, electronics, etc. Etc.

Flight for humans is impossible. But we flew anyway. - emraldYE

4Domesticated Fire

Helped us cook food, making it easier for us to get more glucose to the brain - thereby enlarging our brains by about 2 times of the next million years - and this is when human being unleashed the creative energy from their brains to discover, invent (and sometimes destroy) all the things attributed to humans.

This has to be number 2, it was the thing that started the new era for humans.

5Created Writing

Personally I think saying that saying going to the moon was our biggest achievement is a very closed minded thought. Think of it in the big picture, writing is a way to get thoughts on paper, stories, recipes, instructions, letters, nothing would exist in our modern work without the art of writing - Waser12345

6Created Photography

To capture the world and keep a scene forever is unearthly. - emraldYE

7Theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Explains almost all the we see - from galaxies and stars to protons and electrons.

These are the greatest achievements in human history.

Ditto _ man's greatest achievement

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8Created Music

It's amazing that we created a rhythm out of mere noises that we dance to. - emraldYE

9Theory of Evolution

Compared to so many other things this is huge! An explanation of how we came into being, if you combine it with natural selection it also becomes possible to manipulate evolution

Explains the vast diversity of life and connects all living things.

10Developed Vaccines

The ability to save not only humans, but other life forms, from microscopic "devils" is absolutely amazing. - emraldYE

I wonder whether most of us living today would have been living today if not for vaccines.

Vaccines are the man-made mechanism to make humans into super humans

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?Created Cars
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11Created the Internet

I want who is the founder of Internet

Without the internet this website would not exist

Probably a brit they invented everything

It is the reason I can do this right now

12Created Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons are risky but on the other hand these weapons are the main reason we have peace now because of the fear of these weapons

A new world war would be way too risky; with such massive weapons, the world would blow each other up. - emraldYE

13Conquering Mt Everest

The greatest achievement by climbing the biggest mountain in the world

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14Found the Higgs BosonV1 Comment
15Periodic Table of the Elements

Got to know about atoms and how to manipulate them before you can reach the moon.

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16Mapped the Human Genome
17Created the Television
18Created the WheelV2 Comments
19Developed and Mastered Agriculture and Animal DomesticationV1 Comment
20Invented the Printing Press
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1. Traveled to the Moon
2. Created Electronic Devices
3. Mastered Flight
1. Traveled to the Moon
2. Domesticated Fire
3. Created Writing



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