Top 10 Marching Enemies In Mario Games

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies that are the best at marching with their feet. No bosses included.

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1Wiggler (Super Mario World)

It uses all 8 legs to march! When it gets angry, it marches twice as fast with its 8 legs! Giant angry Wigglers can literally run over you with their furious marches! - Super-Eric1993

2Ant Trooper (Super Mario 3D World)

They not only march on the floor, but also on walls and ceilings! Giant Ant Troopers can march on spikes! - Super-Eric1993

3Blockstepper (Super Mario 3D World)

They march in groups. They are like marching toy solders. If one is defeated, the rest will run around, bumping into each other. They have to be brave while they march. - Super-Eric1993

4Stalking Piranha Plant (New Super Mario Bros Wii)

This long Piranha Plant marches on its roots and avoids falling off cliffs. Better to march than to be stuck in a pipe. - Super-Eric1993

5Whomp (Super Mario 64)

It has a grumpy march. It makes loud sounds with its feet. - Super-Eric1993

6Biddybud (Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario 3D World)

These innocent bugs march together in lines, circles, squares, different patterns, and even in the air. - Super-Eric1993

7Bob-omb (Super Mario Bros 3)

They are marching machines. Some march a lot faster when they're about to explode. - Super-Eric1993

8Mega Mole (Super Mario World)

It marches quickly underground. When it bumps into a wall, it'll march the opposite. - Super-Eric1993

9Large Milde (Yoshi's Island)

These round enemies march in a line. - Super-Eric1993

10Pupdozer (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

It marches back and forth with all four feet. However, they march very slowly. - Super-Eric1993

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1. Wiggler (Super Mario World)
2. Ant Trooper (Super Mario 3D World)
3. Blockstepper (Super Mario 3D World)



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