Top Ten Mario Circuits In Mario Kart Games

Mario Circuit is a classic track that has appeared in every Mario Kart game. Which one is the best? You decide. Vote now!

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1Wii U Mario Circuit

Okay, this game isn't out yet, but we saw the Mario Circuit in the E3 trailer and I think it looks really good.

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23DS Mario Circuit

I like how you go inside Peach's castle.

3Wii Mario Circuit

Wiiu Mario circuit is lame. Boring. Wii Mario circuit is better. Nothing wrong with it

4GCN Mario Circuit
5N64 Mario Raceway

The best Mario Circuit worldwide! I can't believe people say that Mario Kart: Double Dash (& all other Mario Kart games that are not older) are much better games than Mario Kart 64, Super Mario KArt & Mario Kart: Super Circuit!

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6SNES Mario Circuit 2
7GBA Mario Circuit
8DS Mario Circuit

The goo bass on the road, the plants shooting fire balls, and the pipe make it the best Mario circuits ever. The wii, gcn, n64, 2001 gba version, and the snes version looks duller by comparison.

9SNES Mario Circuit 4
10SNES Mario Circuit 3

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11SNES Mario Circuit 1

I strongly disagree that GCN, DS, Wii, 3DS & Wii U Mario Circuits are any better than the SNES, N64 & GBA ones! This is the first Mario Circuit ever, so why hate it?!

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