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41Luigi and Link

Link would be good for Luigi

42Mario and Ariel

Mario would put her in line

43Rosalina and Dawn

Two strong brave sweet woman together for the win

44Waluigi and Cameron

Two useless dumb idiots together perfect!

45Donkey Kong and GodzillaV2 Comments
46Mario and BrockV1 Comment
47Bowser and Godzilla
48Peach and Starman

He will keep peach safe better than Mario can

Then Bowser won't be able to touch peach lol

49Toad and Goomba

Both most useless citizens all right

50Shy Guy and Luigi

I think sweet Luigi can help him not be so shy

51Mario and Amy Rose
52Peach and Sonic
53Waluigi and Rosalina

This couple is so STUPID and overrated! Just because they were the same height in Mario Kart doesn't mean they should be together! Plus, Waluigi and Rosalina have NO INTEREST IN EACH OTHER! Luigi has shown plenty of hints that he may have feelings for her. - DCfnaf

I HATE THIS COUPLE! Waluigi and Rosalina have NO CONTACT EVER! Waluigi is irrelevant and Rosalina should be with one of the Mario Bros. - DCfnaf

Right. Some dumbass is just going to whine about ''obsessive Rosalina fans' because they can't backup this peice of crap ship that did not deserve to be popular or even liked at all.

I like thus couple very underrated

V3 Comments
54Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong

Even though I they are more donkey kong series than Mario, I love this couple! They are cute, awesome, & smart!

55Donkey Kong and Candy Kong
56Prince Peasley and Luigi

Why did this become a thing? Prince Peasley isn't gonna return. - DCfnaf

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57Mario and Bowser

Well... Some people are pretty convincing that Bowser likes him

58Wario and Mona
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