Mario Enemies That Deserve Their Own Game

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If it's about Mario saving peach it should be about boo saving king boo. And peach can be the final boss

2BowserBowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

Bowser is in most of the epic Mario tales and he never gets a fair shot except in super Mario yoshi's island and yoshi's island 2.

Bowser is the main enemy he needs to have his own game in the end he will defeat Mario and luigi! As a team

3Cheep Cheep
4Petey Piranha
5Shy Guy
6BlooperV1 Comment
7King Boo
8Piranha Plant

I would like to see a female villain own a game, kinda like Goombella or someone like that but Kammy's my girl. Her magic is awfully powerful, more than Kamek!

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11Koopa Troopa

Most Common Mario enemy along with goomba he deserves one.

14Salvo the Slime

Just So He Will Leave The Mario Games P. S He Would Be awesome To Fly In A Cloud Throwing Spikey Turtles - michealwhitney

16King Bob-omb
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