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1BowserBowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

Listen up everybody, Bowser is the greatest character of ALL TIME! He breathes fire, he's powerful and he's all around epic! Bowser is 9 million times better than Mario! No wait, a kazillion times better!

I have no words for how a Hammer Bro. Is better than Bowser!

Bowser is the best! He is the king of Mario bad guys. Vote Bowser!

Bowser is the best. 678-992-2367

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2Hammer Bros.

I wondered what Bowser was a head for, so I voted this. Hammer bro is so rad!

Hammer bros. are cool looking. The best part they throw hammers!

Hammer Bros are my favorites too but tied with Lemmy Koopa

Hammer Bro for mario kart 8 DLC

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Boo is my Favorite Mario Character, he should be playable and have more games like Mario Golf World Tour and Super Boo Bros.

Boo is an adorable and cute little ghost. Boo will have his own games soon and Shy guy is awesome too but I like Boo more

Boo rules! He number 1 on the list and if their was a most adorable Mario enemies list he would be 1.

Not only my favorite enemy, my favorite Mario character. - thelegendaries101

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4Dry Bones

I really don't know why. I love dry bones.

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This is the ones you like right? If it's top ten worst it's Lakitu.

Goombas are my favorite Mario enemies. Doesn't Bowser ever give Goombas some credit? How hard do you think Goombas work in order to stop Mario? Well, they've been around since 1985, so they've got be to considered to be awesome Mario enemies. Goombas rule!

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6Chain Chomp

Here's a little history. Chain Chomps are inspired by a childhood memory by Shigeru Miyamoto. He saw a dog that tried to attack him, but it was chained up. Look at these giant guys. BARK! BARK!

Ruff ruff! Ruff ruff! See. He's not annoying but he does make dog bark.

Better than Goomba because he makes dog sounds.

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7Fire Bros.

A Koopa in a cloud, what not to love?

9Piranha Plant

Ellie the Elephant is my 6th favorite Mario character but she is not an enemy but piranha plant's defeat is cute

They both awesome! I had a hard time deciding between them

Behold! The vicious man eating plant in all of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Don't know why, but love him! - thelegendaries101

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He gets mad when you stomp on him. I mean wouldn't you be pissed if someone stepped on you?

Still love the flutter variant - Retroman64

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11Bowser Jr

He is a pretty good semi villain and helps Bowser steal peach every time

He may look cute, but he's smarter than his father. Make fun of Bowser Jr and he'll build a machine to smash your face in.

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12Koopa Paratroopas

He's cooler than koopa troopa because he has a red shell and shoes and wings. Yes he's a clone of koopa but they team up in Mario power tennis and Mario kart double dash

13Boomerang Bros.
14Lemmy KoopaV1 Comment
15Koopa Troopa

He's my favourite Mario enemy. He's cool cute and awesome tied with hammer bro kamek lakitu dry bones and paratroopa. He should be no1. And I wish there are more super koopa games. Not just a koopa's revenge.

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This enemy is better than Whomp. If Thwomps & Whomps were in a death battle, the Thwomps would probably win. All the Whomps do is walk & land on their faces, while Thwomps can smash right on the ground. Hey, Screw Attack! Please have a Thwomp & a Whomp fight each other in Death Battle.

17Shy Guy

Yeah toast. That's my favourite quote from the smg4 series. He loves toast so much and his face moves in Mario strikers charged football

They are shy and mysterious, you never know that kind of thoughts they may have. Plus they are adorable.

Like Boo, Shy guy is adorable. My Grandma loves them both but Boo more :)
I like shy guy because he has A LOT of species.

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I don't think he should be #1 I'm saying if there was a list on the most adorable Mario enemies ever he would be #1. But I do think he should be at least #10 or 12

If you ever played NSMBW and save peach 10 times, try putting a lot of Bob-ombs there cause if you make them explode. The game will be loud.

BOOM! That's right. These high explosives can blow up right in Mario's face. However, not all of the Bob-ombs are bad. There are Bob-omb buddies, which are friendly Bob-ombs.

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19King Boo

Just like boo. But he is bigger and he has a crown, king boo is awesome just like him. I hate peach. But king boo is one of the best Mario characters ever!

A Big Boo with a Crown and Boo minions, How Cool Is That!?

He looks way cooler in Luigi's Mansion than spin-off. - thelegendaries101

Most underrated character ever

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20Dry Bowser

This bowser is invulnerable to fireballs and in NSMB,he breathes blue fire and throws bones

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