Top Ten Mario Games that Have the Best Music


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1Mario Kart Double Dash

This has awesome music for a Mario game and one of the best video game music out there! I love the Mario Circuit theme. - Metts

2Mario Party 5

This got the best and most underrated music in the Mario franchise. I like those dream songs in this game. - Metts

3Super Mario Galaxy

This game got the most popular Mario Music in the franchise which is pretty good. - Metts

4Super Mario Galaxy 2

Good music and in my opinion terrible game. - Metts

5Super Mario 64

Most memorable music in the franchise in the Mario series but not the Spinoffs. - Metts

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6Mario Kart 64

I love the Raceway theme in this game. - Metts

7Mario Kart Wii

Most of the music in this is great. - Metts

8Super Mario SunshineV1 Comment
9Super Mario Bros. 3V1 Comment
10Mario Party 4

This music will be likable if you listen to it more often. - Metts

The Contenders

11Mario Kart 8V1 Comment
12Super Mario World
13Mario Party 2

This has the best music out of the three Mario Party games on the N64. - Metts

14Mario Power Tennis
15Paper Mario: Sticker Star
16Mario Teaches Typing
17Super Mario Kart
18Super Mario 3D World
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Top Remixes

1. Mario Party 5
2. Mario Kart Double Dash
3. Super Mario Galaxy
1. Mario Kart Double Dash
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Super Mario World



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