Top 10 Mario Kart Wii Battle Stages

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1N64 Skyscaper

I love it when you fall off the edge, you fall miles... Its like a bottomless pit... when you hit the bottom you just hear a faint BANG

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2Funky Stadiam

This should me number one. The retro stages shouldn't even be on the list because they're were not Mario Kart Wii's stages to begin with.

I personally love the crazy/different sections on this track!

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3Block Plaza

There are so many sections to explore on this track!

4Chain Chomp Wheel

Have clocked hours on this one alone! In general, I prefer the Wii battle stages to the old school ones... - muelr

For me, it's the hardest battle course but it's still pretty awesome.

5Battle Course 3

It's just so fun.

6GCN Cookie Land

I get jealous of this course b/c IT'S A GIANT COOKIE! I still love the course though.

7Delphino Pier

I love the fact that it reminds me of fishing!

I wish this was in Mario kart 7

8DS Twilight House

It's so awesome to see that your battling on a course that's floating!

9Battle Course 4V1 Comment
10Thomp DesertV1 Comment
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