Top Ten Best Mario Kart Wii Character and Kart/bike Combos


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1Yoshi - Mach Bike

Yoshi and the Mach is an amazing combination! - Aaa2

Yoshi with the Mach Bike is awesome! I use it all the time.

I would say Daisy and Mach Bike is faster - Btd

It is better than funky kong and flame runner because mach bike has more drift

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2Toad - Quacker

Toad and the Quacker are unstoppable, it got fantastic acceleration and its too cute

It has the highest acceleration of all the karts and bikes on Mario kart wii,higher than the cheep charger

3Funky Kong - Flame Runner

It's factually the best. Nothing can even compare to it statically; Acceleration is irrelevant in this game because you charge mini turbos at a stand still.

Just use King Boo in the Torpedo and knock Funky Kong's flame idiot because that combination was way overused for online gameplay and quite tedious.

This is the OP combo. How is this only #5? It can't be anywhere else but 1.

I think no one uses the top 4... unlike this which is somehow number FIVE, seriously people, try this combo out.

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4Baby Luigi - Blue Falcon

He looks the best in the blue falcon nothing can beat that

Him and Koopa Troopa is coolest in this kart - Btd

5Rosalina - Shooting Star

Awesome combo got to try it out

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6Koopa - Mini Beast

Wrong. He is the best with the little bike with the face on the front.

7Dry Bowser - Flame Runner

It looks so awesome nothing else to say

I use this because I can have nice speed and off-road
Also he looks awesome in it

I really use this combo a lot… or like… FOREVER SINCE I GOT THIS GAME

8King Boo - Honeycoupe
9Luigi - Mach Bike

Luigi is the best on the mach bike

10Daisy - Mach Bike

This and funky with flame runner THESE 2 COMBINATIONS IS THE CHAMPIONS ROAD TO WINNING WITHOUT CHEATS people like yoshi with mach bike because it uses yoshi THIS is number 2 NUMBER 1 is funky with flame runner

This should be the 2nd best but it is my favorite

It's only 10? Should be more high! This combo is awesome!

This is the best

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The Newcomers

?Bowser Jr. - Dolphin Dasher

I love how the dolphin dasher is a very fast bike and Jr is cool.

The Contenders

11Bowser Jr. - Sneakster
12Baby Luigi - Bullet Bike
13Baby Mario - Mach Bike

This can't be a combination,considering that baby Mario is a small character and the match bike is for medium guys

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14Bowser - SpearBowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.
15Peach - Mach Bike

Great combo! Not the best in the game, but Peach was underrated in this game! I don't like her, but I actually enjoyed playing as her! She's great with the Mach Bke! - HeavyDonkeyKong

16Mario - Wild Wing
17Koopa - Bullet Bike

Amazing character amazing bike great combo!

This is the combo you should use!

18Funky Kong - Spear
19Toadette - Cheep Charger

What do you get when you cross an amazing character with an amazing kart? Toadette in the Cheep Charger!

20Koopa Troopa - Magikruiser

I love the speed, acceleration, and the look of Koopa Troopa on the Magikruiser, which I also nicknamed "The Kamekster. :-)"

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1. Yoshi - Mach Bike
2. Baby Luigi - Blue Falcon
3. Toad - Quacker



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