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1YoshiYoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo.

Yoshi, I been a fan ever since super Mario world and yoshi's island. He has been a hero to me, and pet also. The cutest character ever in Mario kart.

In Mario Kart Wii, Yoshi gets an 12/20 "Okay" score.

Baby Luigi gets a 19/20 "Amazing to Masterpiece" score.

Dry Bowser gets a 16/20 "Great" score.

Funky Kong gets a 19/20 "Amazing to Masterpiece" score.

Dry Bones gets a 19/20 "Amazing to Masterpiece" score.

Toad gets a 12/20 "Okay" score.

Mario gets a 19/20 "Amazing to Masterpiece" score.

Luigi gets a 13/20 "Okay to Good" score.

Princess Daisy gets a 12/20 "Okay to Good" score.

Mii get an 11/20 "Mediocre to Okay" score.

Princess Peach should never be on the list, by the way. Please go check out "Top 10 Reasons to Hate Mario Kart Wii" and you will see my point.

More like Top Ten Reasons to hate chocolate (although I do hate it). - recaller

Yoshi has always been my favorite Mario character, whether it was Mario Kart, Mario Party, or heck, even in the Super Smash Bros. series he is the best Mario-related character. Not to mention, he is a medium character, the best kind for me. - ethany

Yep, Yoshi's the best

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2Funky Kong

Funky Kong with the Flame Runner and Daisy with the Mach Bike are the best overall combinations for playing. Funky Kong is the most used character for world records and is used the most by pro players online (9500 VR or higher). This is the only character that I ever use. - JrodNinja

Funky Kong is by far the funniest, most awesome, and coolest of all the Mario Kart characters. He rules on the Flame Runner! He's also really fun to unlock. - Blubbydubber1

How can Yoshi be #1 when you can actually finish a track with Funky Kong on the Flame Runner? Although Funky is more of a Donkey Kong character than a Mario character, he is faster than Yoshi! He is a king!

Why is yoshi better just for looks funky much better

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3Dry Bones

Dry bones is awesome with the mini beast and the bullet bike. I always win with him!

Dry Bones with the Bullet Bike=unstoppable. No one can beat me.

How is he not #1? He rocks, and he is very helpful in unlocking characters that are hard to unlock especially Dry Bowser or Rosalina using the Bullet Bike or the Mini Beast! YOU ROCK DRY BONES! DRY BONES ON FIRE!

Yeah he needs some appreciation for flinging his rib cages everywhere

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4Dry Bowser

First let me explain some concepts of mario kart characters, then I will describe why dry bowser is the best. In mariokart wii the characters don't matter at all, the karts determain everything, but certain karts are only available to certain characters, therefore characters have a very slight impact. There are three weight catagories, small, middle, and heavy karts. Small karts are slower but have better acceleration and agility, middle karts have ok everything, and heavy karts are fast but can accelerate or turn worth crap. Characters are also identified through weight, and small karts are only availible to small characters, middle karts to middle characters etc. So, no matter who your best character is, you are just as good at using one in three other charaters. Dry Bowser is a heavy character, so I would be just as good with Bowser, Diddy Kong, etc. (they are all heavy characters) So what this list really comes down to is, who looks the coolist, even though Dry Bowser has no ...more - CaptainComedy17

Dry Bowser is an absolute boss on WiFi, give him a Flame Runner
and he will dominate with it's huge speed, weight and drifting ability.
If you have a mushroom in your hands, run into the person in front of you
and laugh as they fly off stage. It is also super hard to unlock Dry Bowser,
just using him will show you have skill. Just try him, and you will never
go back to that Baby Mario + Booster Seat combo again.

How is Yoshi above this bruiser? Damn, "Yoshi is incredibly cute? " I don't think that a character's "cuteness" makes up for the fact that they have NO good stats whatsoever (character boosts). Dry Bowser, however, has a great weight boost, and is one of the coolest characters in the game. Plus, it takes skill to unlock him, so if you're playing as him, people can tell you have skills.

How is it possible for Bowser to race against his half dead counterpart? - DCfnaf

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5Baby Luigi

I had to get a new wii but on my old one baby luigi let me beat rainbow road time trial in 2:54!
(I used the blue falcon witch he rules with). To me baby luigi is the best!

Baby Luigi is awesome! Played as him since the day I unlocked him.

To me he is the cutest baby character, very helpful when using bullet bike, booster seat, and the falcon one. He is overall badass and when I unlocked him I never was any character afterwards.

He has such bad handling he needs a driving test

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mario is the star. he should be number 1. he is better than dry browser. - theferbinator

Mario is the best, because he is the best character
For all time.

Everyone loves Mario, so please only vote for him.

Mario and Luigi forever

no matter how many luigi fans are there I will always be a mario fan himself

He gets worshiped like a god it's time someone put a stop to it

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7ToadToad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a fictional character who primarily appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise.

Speed doesn't even matter if you can't even reach the speed. But acceleration lets you reach a reasonable speed. Toad is the best because of his acceleration, which others cannot match. Others have good speed, but is pointless without acceleration to reach that speed. Toad can do accelerate like mad and he is AWESOME

Toad is awesome! I love him. He's so cool. He's got a 6 advantage for both acceleration and drift! Which are two of the most important things. And he's cute, too.

Toad thrashes everyone has epic acceleration. Speed is only good when you get it quick and he always gets it quick. Toad all the way!

Toad is so underrated and overlooked it isn't even funny. He is always my main character, but he just can't compete with Yoshi. Get the disturbingly green cannibalistic Kirby wannabe out of first place and put the personified mushroom in first, please.

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I love Daisy because she's not a wimp like Princess Peach, yet she still has a girly personality too. Her dress I think reflects her loud and somewhat obnoxious personality, and I think that's kind of funny!

My friends hate her for the same reason I love her. The screaming after every stunt, wheelie and boost.

Daisy is just AWESOME! Sure, she was only in one 'real' Mario game, but so what?

She is the boss. I beat a guy who got 4 wins in row with her and Mach bike and King Boo sucks because he lost my 4 win streak.

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9LuigiLuigi is a fictional character featured in video games and related media released by Nintendo. Created by prominent game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi is portrayed as the slightly younger but taller fraternal twin brother of Nintendo's mascot Mario, and appears in many games throughout the Mario more.

Luigi is my favorite just because I can always win using Luigi if I'm playing in manual. I also really like yoshi, toad, dry Bowser, and waluigi.

Luigi is the co-head of mario kart but is still better than mario - dkrulz

Luigi is green and he helps me win games.

I love Luigi but the person that said I like Waluigi as well waluigi is Luigi's rival

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Rosalina is truly an awesome character. In order to unlock her, you have to get at least one star rank for ALL the mirror mode cups, so it takes skill. I also loved her in Super Mario Galaxy and she's such a good sport when she loses, simply stating, "Oh, well. Next time. " She's also the only large girl, so you can go super fast and not have to be fat Wario.

Rosalina is to me the most valuable because she is really hard to earn unless you have Super Mario Galaxy. Plus, she is really good at speed!

Rosalina is the only tall female. She's unique and ownS EVERYONE ELSE!

Rosalina owns the jumpsuit. Sure, Peach and Daisy wear them too, but Rosalina can wear the jumpsuit and still look like she and Chell from portal had a blast together defeating GlADoS and testing. Also, the luma is absolutely adorable.

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This is like Mii outfit a except this character is dressed like Mario.

This should be higher than Peach! Peach shouldn't even be on the list because she sucks! Mii is awesome!

Male mii's laugh make me laugh so hard..

They just impersonate us with the little variety of looks oh and the voices

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12ToadetteToadette is a character in the Mario series. She is a female Toad who first appeared in the Nintendo GameCube video game Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Toadette is a very good Mario Kart Wii character because she gets a boost for off-road and speed, and she's lightweight so most of her karts/bikes have good acceleration so if you get hit by a pesky blue shell, you'll recover in time.

She is super cute! But even if she wasn't, she is a fast character who is good for off-road courses. If she is hit by a blue shell or a red shell or anything else, she can easily recover and go back to first in no time!

Toadette and Funky are my fave characters in the game. With an amazing off road boost and a legendary accelaration, there is no reason to dislike her.
Plus she is undeniably cute.
Come on people lets send toadette to no. 1! (or funky)

Adorable, and the only Mario Kart debut character that's actually unique.

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13Koopa Troopa

Koopa is a lightweight and he has the worst karts but he is the only character in the lightweights that goes faster in the marina courses with the cheep cheep car. Pick Koopa, Daisy, or the blue dress princess and I garuntee you'll win the game.

I love koopa troopa! Forget about that son of a gun Mario! Koopa troopa is the best!

Although Koopa Troopa is all cute and other stuffs, Yoshi is still the best but I will wish both of them a rate of EXCELLENT

The blue dress princess is Rosalina

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14Bowser Jr

Come on, everyone, make this higher! Bowser Jr. Is my all-time favourite character in not just the whole of video games, but in the history of all fictional media! He's cute and mischievous, so please vote!

If you think Bowser Jr. sucks, you are wrong.
I don't know if you mean he sucks as a character or as he gets in last a lot. Neither is true.

When I play VS by myself, Bowser Jr. does great 95% of the time. He has beaten me 2 times in overall points after 32 races. And I come in first a lot in wifi races so that is saying a lot.

Plus he is truly awesome. - Jonas103

Bowser Jr. Is my favorite character and he has the best cars, he is the fastest one when I play him and I think that he should be #2

He needs to appear in Mario kart 9 his debut was a huge success

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15King Boo

King Boo is awesome he needs to be ranked like 1st (maybe 2nd) I don't know it's a toss up between King Boo and Waluigi for me. - Majin_Broly

I unlocked most of my characters because of him! Mainly the harder ones to unlock like Rosalina (the hard way) and dry Bowser. He rocks!

He was supposed to be a normal weight, but since he lacks arms, the head put him in the Heavyweight class! Suck you, Nintendo!

Sweet picture lol - YOSHIA2121

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16Diddy Kong

I love to play as Diddy Kong with the Sprinter and the Super Blooper because he helps them in the stats they aren't good in. He's always been my favorite character because he's a chimp and it's fun to watch him do those back flips.

Diddy kong is awesome. I'm surprised why he isn't in the character roster for Mario kart 8.

Diddy Kong easily the best character. Cheeky, nibble and always a winner!

He's adorable but Lemmy replaced him

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17Princess Peach

Every time I play as Princess Peach, she always loses despite being fast and a lightweight. Does she like losing and letting people be ahead of her?

She is a hero. So, she might be the best. But she sucks at being a hero.

She is never going to be better than Honey Queen from Mario Kart 7. Take her off this list!

She is rubbish she always deliberately fails

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18Baby Mario

Baby Mario is my favorite cause he has Mini Beast and Bit Bike, the two best vehicles in the whole game, I always win as him. Rock on Baby Mario! - williamrozario

Cause people who go extra large, are compensating for something. Large class users

Baby Mario is the best one to use he super fast! Baby Mario should be first ten yoshi then koopa troopa

If this is not good its ok I'm only 13.

Hey somebody is copying my comments

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19Baby DaisyBaby Daisy is a minor character in the Super Mario Bros franchise. She is an infant version of Princess Daisy. She first appeared as a unlockable character in Mario Kart Wii, she later appeared as a unlockable character in Super Mario Sluggers, and finally is a default character in Mario kart 8.

She is less annoying than baby peach, that's for sure!

Yes, Baby Peach was annoying as hell, and then Baby Daisy came, so you don't have to hear Baby Peach's stupid screams. But yeah guys, I DID NOT vote for her just because she was "cute". YOU IDIOTS GOTTA STOP JUDGING PEOPLE BY LOOKS!

Baby Daisy is adorable and is my favorite and I'm a boy

Why is she here she has no history apart from Mario kart

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Now let me explain waluigi haters why he's a good character there are 3 different weights lightweight medium weight and heavyweight Lightweight have bad stats on everything apart from speed medium have no good or bad stats and heavy best acceleration weight and traction and he heavyweight so he good

He's a large-weight, so he gets a weight bonus from his karts/bikes, PLUS he statistically has massive bonuses in drift, acceleration and off-road. What more could you ask for.

Waluigi always pisses me off when he knocked me off the sky with his Piranha Prowler kart in Rainbow Road. I wanted to punch that son of a piston.

Put him no 5 at the very least

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