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1Mario Party 6 - Control Schtick

This is my all-time favorite battle on the gamecube. You are trying to move your control stick in the direction it says. It keeps getting faster and faster.

2Mario Party 4 - Trace Race

In this game, you are trying your best to trace the line they gave you. They score you on how you did after the round is over with 0 being the worst and 100 being the best.

3Mario Party 5 - Astro-logical

In this game, you are trying to find the zodiac symbol that appears in the crystal ball on the board filled with cards. You better be fast before someone steals the card you were looking at

4Mario Party 6 - Wrasslin' Wrapids

In this game, you are fighting to the death. You are on a wooden raft and you are punching and kicking people until they fall off. After a while, it gets harder.

5Mario Party 6 - Strawberry Shortfuse

In this game there are 10 monkeys. 5 are holding cake and 5 are holding bombs. You have to have a good memory to play this game.

6Mario Party 6 - Insectride

In this game you pick an insect to ride in and you press buttons. Each insect has a different button pattern so be careful which one you choose.

7Mario Party 4 - Butterfly Blitz

In this game, you are trying to catch as many butterflies as you can. It is an addicting game.

8Mario Party 4 - Paths of Peril

In this game, you are trying to run to the finish as fast as you can, but don't run too fast or you will fall off and you will lose. There is a long path and a short path.

9Mario Party 6 - Stamp by Me

I am undefeated at this game, but what you do is stamp as many letters as you can before the time is up. It's a pretty fun game.

10Mario Party 7 - Deck Hands

Deck hands is a game of luck. You are trying to draw the highest card 1-13. The highest score you can get is 36. For some reason, I always end up getting last.

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11Mario Party 7 - The Final Countdown
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