Top Ten Best Mario Powerups


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1Invincible Leaf

I actually see this one as cheating, for people who aren't good at the game - Martinglez

This one is super powerful and all,but I never use this! its cheating! - Nateawesomeness

Works like a superstar,looks like a tannoki suit,but lasts the whole course - Nateawesomeness


The problem is running out of time - Nateawesomeness

3Super Bell

Your a cat now - Nateawesomeness

4Cloud Flower

From Super Mario galaxy 2,you can hop on clouds! - Nateawesomeness

5Tanooki SuitV1 Comment
6Fire FlowerV1 Comment
7Ice Flower

You freeze your enemys,unfortunately they can come back out when time passes - Nateawesomeness

8Boomerang Flower

It's like being a boomerang bro - Nateawesomeness

9Acorn Suit

You just glide in the air like superman - Nateawesomeness

10Double Cherry

Where you Create a clone of yourself - Nateawesomeness

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1. Invincible Leaf
2. Superstar
3. Super Bell



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