Best Martin Garrix songs

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The Top Ten

Best electro house songs I've heard still now!
It's the best electro house drop I have ever heard
Get the explicit lyrics away and it's fine!


[Newest]My favorite all the time

I like this song a lot

It's even better than Animals!
Awesome, Martin Garrix is already a legend!
Better than animals it's very creative and is worth a listen
[Newest]I don't know why it's in 3rd. IT'S BETTER THAN ANIMALS!

4Just Some Loops
From the beginning on, you are just glued to your chair, feeling its gonna be awesome. When you hear the beat is about to drop you automatically start tapping your feet to the rhythm. And the drop... ahhh undefinable! Awesome song!
I love dubstep! I love martin garrix!

Maybe, not maybe
This song is awesome!
Nice track with Dimitri Vegas&Like Mike
Greatest song I heard in my life
This song is EPIC! You will love it, trust me! Put the song in full bass and feel it :D

It should be way higher. It's even better than Animals.
Helicopter is my favourite song and Martin Garrix really outdone himself

7Forbidden Voices
Absolutely amazing! Must be in the top 3... Better than wizard and tremor!
This, I feel is the begging of the evolution of Martin Garrix. He has moved on from the loud Big Room "music" with heavy drops to actual music... Good on you Martin Garrix.
Great song!... Martin has proved that he can do house music as efficiently as big room!

I love the melody so much. Martin Garrix Rocks
It's the best! It should be way higher it's even better than animals

Very good tune... Very powerful and melodious. Should be on number 1 Martin Garrix is the best
Really epic song, I really like it. has nice powerful tune.
Should be first I guess

This should definitely be in the tops! Beautifull voice and amazing trance beat! Love it!

The Contenders

11Project T
Awesome remix..Should move higher


How is it not even in the top 5?! It's by far the best Martin Garrix song! It's even better than Animals!
This is his best! I love it!


Proxy is one of my most favortite. It has to be in top 5

Beautiful melody... Martin garrix is perfect

15Turn Up The Speakers
It is a bit out of tune but who cares! Its one of Martins best songs but its still down here.
Turn up the speakers

16Set Me Free

17Don't Look Down


19Error 404


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