Best Martin Garrix songs

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Get the explicit lyrics away and it's fine!


The best song of martin garrix
Listen to sample

2Just Some Loops Listen to sample

3BFAM Listen to sample

Really epic song, I really like it. has nice powerful tune.
Listen to sample

Awesome, Martin Garrix is already a legend!
It's even better than Animals!
Listen to sample

6Project T
Awesome remix..Should move higher

It should be way higher. It's even better than Animals.

8Keygen Listen to sample

Maybe, not maybe
This song is awesome!
Nice track with Dimitri Vegas&Like Mike

10Error 404 Listen to sample

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How is it not even in the top 5?! It's by far the best Martin Garrix song! It's even better than Animals!

This song should be higher. so amazing, favorite track of the month.

15Can't You See

Beautiful melody... Martin garrix is perfect

17Turn Up The Speakers

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