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This trickster god is ready for anything. With his magical scepter, he is ready to get into some trouble.

Loki is awesome! I mean it took six other superheroes to defeat him...

I shocked to see Loki I think Loki will last ultron is best villain Loki will lose with black widow Loki is weak

By far one of the most powerful beings in marvel. deserves a number 1 venom is by far worst than Loki. - -l-l-

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Venom rules! He nearly killed the web slinger! - t-man

The BEST Marvel Comics villain. I understand why Loki is higher, but Venom definitely deserves his spot at #2.

Venom is only cool because he gets the best marvel superhero. Otherwise he is just a black goop.

Him and Loki are just the best. - mazewaxie

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He is the greatest villain of all villains, he is the master of magnetism also a great strategist and once a friend of professor X. simply the greatest villain and my favorite

The ultimate tragic villain. He has a backstory that really makes you feel for him and understand what gave him is view of the world, fights for mutant rights, and is as powerful as they come. And how awesome of a super power is magnetism? He can literally tear apart entire cities.

Plus remember the time he kicked Ultimate Thor's ass?

People only say Venom because they are crazy Spider-Man fans and they do not know how powerful Magneto is

I like Magneto he can kill anyone if they have too much iron in their blood he does it in X-Men 2! #Magnetic Warrior!

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4Doctor Doom

There is no other villain that deserves the number one spot other than our very own Doctor Doom. He is a timeless favorite that everyone enjoys. Who doesn't like him

He is my favorite marvel villain of all time. He knows some magic and single handingly handled both the avengers and fantastic four in the avengers T.V. show - Tavir101

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I love venom, but Carnage is an even more insane version of Venom!
He is awesome. I hope he gets into a film soon. - Game_Over64

Venom is way better than Carnage, Carnage never got close to killing Spiderman - villainlover

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Now I'm even more excited because I'm seeing avengers age of ultron the day it goes to theaters

Should be higher up the list I mean he's taken out the avengers and can continuously upgrade himself no messing with this guy

Let's see here-indestructible, always returns, several near successful attempts on the earth, created my second favorite hero, has the duribility and firepower to annihilate the ff, the avengers, and the x men, oh man, I love kang, but upfront rules.

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Very powerful the most powered character in all of comic books. - -l-l-

Fat douch be eating your planet. From his minion (silver surfer) to eating planets he's op as heck, he's not noe of the classic characters so He don't deserve to be nuber one but he's awesome

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8Green Goblin

Several reasons he's number 1 material. First Harry's father second killed his first girlfriend. Third got his girlfriend pregnant. Fourth nearly killed him.5th he's a bad ass.

3 reasons why green goblin should be number 1

1. Father of Peters best friend
2. Killed Peters girlfriend
3. Iconic suit, glider and laugh

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He may not be the meanest or the most unpleasant personality wise, but thanos is pure evil incarnate. He killed half of EVERYONE in the universe using the infinty gauntlet, beat the devil himself into submission, worked as a space pirate, impregnated and abandoned many women, and then returned later to hunt down and murder his numerous children. He has slaughtered millions of his own people, caused a nuclear disaster on his home planet, killed his mother, and has killed more people than every other villain on this list combined.

The green goblin may be nasty, and venom is a cancerous monster, but Thanos stands among all as the physical harbinger of Death, something nobody else can claim. Thanos is number one.

With the Infinity Gauntlet in his grasp, he is able to decimate the Galaxy. It can even destroy the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes".

Thanos is the most powerful super villain of all time. He should be at least Number 3!

Thanos wants to be GOD, but then so do all villains!

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10Red Skull

This villa a are all good but that hulk is so fat I shore that hulk got heartattack and his face is so dirty hulk fat burger he ass

The actor for this guy plays an elf ( a good one ) in the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He plays Elrond.

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Deadpool is the best ANTI-HERO, not a villain - l0rd0fshad0ws

Dead pool is actually an anti-hero. I don't know why he is on this list.

Who was the fool who added deadpool? - t-man

I think he's cool

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12The LizardV1 Comment

Mystique is sexy and knows how to get through any situation. I mean she's got skills like Black Widow of the Avengers

14Doctor Octopus

Doc Ock is fantastic and the way Alfred Molina played him is the best part of Spider-Man 2.

16The Winter Soldier
17DormammuV1 Comment

What the crap Mysterio should be in the top ten


He can grow be bigger than anything and be small he's can fly and escape everything

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