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1What's Going On

Ranked #4 in Rollingstone magazine's top 500 songs of alltime(of course Marvin's highest ranked song on the list). A deep and heartful song about violence against protesters.

I love this album its just have me in a place where I be stuck don't want to do anything but listening to every word he sings about I Love him so very much and me and his bday is on the same day Thanks

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2Let's Get It On
3I Heard It Through the Grape Vine
4Sexual Healing

One of the bests songs ever! Surprise by the #4 position ('till now)

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5I Want You

One of my favorite albums ever I want you all the songs are great

Come Live With Me Angel Feel My Love Inside Since I Had You Soon I'll Be Loving You I Want You After The Dance all greats songs I enjoy listening too! Beautiful Album I Want You

6Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Are you kidding? This is Classic

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7Mercy Mercy Me

I'd put it JUST ahead of What's Going On

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8Inner City BluesV1 Comment
9You're All I Need to Get By
10Can I Get a WitnessV1 Comment

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?Distant Lover
?Come Get to This
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11Ain't That Peculiar

If people can't dance to any other record than this record I feel very sorry for them, as this is a classic, love it from pedro the legend Spain

12I'll Be Doggone

GREAT ARTIST and ashamed his dad took his life too soon but this song by far - was my FAVORITE

13Got to Give It Up
14Trouble ManV1 Comment
15How Sweet It Is (to Be Loved by You)
16Where Are We Going?
17Right On
18Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
19Onion Song
20Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
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1. What's Going On
2. Let's Get It On
3. Sexual Healing
1. What's Going On
2. I Heard It Through the Grape Vine
3. Let's Get It On



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