Top McPe PvPers of 2016


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41 Sean_M
42 Manwee

He sucks, noob pvper! Get rekt kiddo, you just a little kid that thinks he is good lmao. You suck!

V 4 Comments
43 AndyForce

A very good player. Deserves top 20

44 Ciro V 2 Comments
45 PhqenixPlqyz
46 PrinceZERO

This Guy Combos Great With Fist And Sword

Dis Guy Is Chill He Wont Get Salty If He Gets killed He Is A Fair Fighter He Deserves This Top

V 8 Comments
47 xJhq
48 CharleyTheOne V 3 Comments
49 thijs10Empire V 1 Comment
50 xSoka

Should be in top 10. He is better than lots of people on here and can play with split and nonsplit :P

V 2 Comments
51 Huahwi Huahwi

Huahwi is not an MCPE pvper. He play minecraft at the pc, not at a phone lol.

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52 Knightgamer02

He's a real good pvper he doesn't just use weapons he use his surrounding's I seen his youtube channel He's real good at pvp he beat mr.sam once took out a team of six in lbsg with only a stone sword he killed ZeeCrafts whole faction and that's why

53 Killpro45

Good at combos. Kills everything that stands in his way.

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54 KreeperKR

I always see him on crazed craft I think he good - AirealAttacker

He deserves better ranking top 30 - Afanan007

Top 20 for sure, I heard he challenged Deato and has beatin DemSkillz a number of times - UniENERGY

V 7 Comments
55 Prestiqed

He was killed by ThundrPE with split (I saw it when I joined the server)

FantasticToast should be here or something lol he got gg2-4 by him often

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57 Xandermcpe
58 Dimitri
59 ItzFl4r3

He's a pinger but has good strafes

Really Good at Strafing and Comboing people the thing that helps him a lot is his ping

This guy copied Flairinoideon's name! It's sounds the same by the way Flairinoideon is way better than this guy sorry man it's just the facts

V 3 Comments
60 Dricher

But Zach doesn't want to sword fight because he knows he can get easily combod Aurix, that's why he jsut fights with his fist so he can quickdrop... - esgmcpe

V 6 Comments
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