Best Megadeth Songs


One of the Original 4 Thrash metal bands and a very influential group. Dave Mustaine is God and creator of Speed/Thrash Metal. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Rust in Peace
Awesome song. Powerful lyrics. Solid beat, great change of tempo mid song. This is megadeth at there best.
Its megadeths best song
Mustaines solo is totally amazing
The intro is also really good
Megadeth brings a solid line of excellent songs in their albums but this is one of the definitive highlights.
Great song with constant change of tempo and great lyrics as well makes this easily top 10 megadeth song.
[Newest]It's an awesome song. Love it!
More comments about Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Rust in Peace

2Hangar 18 - Rust in Peace
Beautiful piece...
A must listen to any and every metal head.
I'm shocked why it is not on the top
Hanger 18 has some the of the best solos in history. It shows just how amazing dave mustaine is as a conposer and guitarist. simply the best.
Finally something that is in nearly in its proper place on this website. Hangar 18 - Megadeth's most uber song with a slightly slow tempo that builds up into a load of insanity, with solos all over the place. Mustaine's last solo in this song remains my most favourite Mustaine solo to this day.
[Newest]Epic from start to finish

3Tornado of Souls - Rust in Peace
Solo is amazing man...! I listen it at least 5 times a day
Clever riffage and awesome solos. The track that made me realize I actually really like Megadeth. Before I foolishly thought they were just a lesser Metallica. Sorry about that Dave!
the best megadeth song, the best megadeth album. my favourite songs, good lyrics, good riffs. zibule-babule, zibule-babule. ROCK ON! zibule babule
[Newest]Listen to the solo

4Symphony of Destruction - Countdown to Extinction
Easy to play and easy to be in 2nd place, just like a Pied piper
The solo is magic!

marty firedman's genius comes out in this song!
One Of The Most Popular Metal Song Of The World
Great Lyrics... Great Guitars From Mastaine
[Newest]I have to say that this is the most overrated song on earth

5Peace Sells - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
"What Do You Mean I hate Megadeth,
I listen to it everyday. "

Classic thrash metal album
This is the song that got me into liking Megadeth! I like Holy Wars and Hangar 18 too, and I also really like A Tout le Monde, but I think this has to be one of my favorites, and I kinda feel like this should be my vote since it is the song that got me into Megadeth in the first place.
Vice City Rocks thanks to Dave Mustaine
[Newest]You gotta love the guitar beat. If you don't than you have no love for Megadeth.

6A Tout Le Monde - Youthenasia
The most earnest, honest Megadeth song to date. No military, no politics, just honest feelings and genuine concern for the world while still being more heavy than any other band as Megadeth does
A Tout Le Monde! A tous mes amis! The most meaningful megadeth song!
This is one of the only Megadeth songs that I can actually listen to if I'm not in the mood for their heavy stuff (even though that rocks just as hard). I thought 'Time: The Beginning' is a very underrated song.
[Newest]I love this song it is powerful an meaningful

7In My Darkest Hour - So Far, So Good... So What?
This one should be top 10. The lyrics are so powerful, and has one of the most haunting guitar parts that I've heard.
So Far, So Good... So What? Is considered sort of a disappointment. I really don't know why. Mary Jane and the cover of Anarchy in the U. K aren't very good but the rest is fantastic and with great songs like Set the world afire, hook in the mouth, Into the Lungs of Hell, and of course this classic In My Darkest Hour. Amazing song!


For me this is the best song of this band... is hard choose one because this band is Awesome but this is the best for me
[Newest]Best thrash metal song ever

8Trust - Cryptic Writings
EVERYTHING about this single exudes Dave's gift for music making. The drumbeat, intro, riffs and vocals are all top-class, and recorded with the greatest Megadeth lineup ever. Instant classic.
my favorite song :D



Awesome drumbeats dude! The way the song is played blows my mind man!
[Newest]Cryptic writings is one of my favorite megadeth album and its underrated no bad songs no bad lyrics just a very underrated album this song is the best intro song to any megadeth albums except holy wars

9Sweating Bullets - Countdown to Extinction
Love the way the singing doesn't go with the guitar playing at all. Also think the lyrics are kinda funny. In my top five no doubt.
I've just started listening to megadeth and I loved sweating bullets and holy wars.


Number 10 what is wrong with voters. This song is a megadeath masterpiece an awesome song. The best megadeth tune ever.
[Newest]Amazing! I love this song.

10Wake up Dead - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
One of the greatest thrash songs by this band... No other guitarist could dream of playing these solos


I think people are not really listening; otherwise this song would have been high up in the list. For those who voted Holy Wars, and only listened to Tornado and things like that: give this song a try. Give the whole album a try really. Let go of the preconceived notions about how you want this band to sound like or how you want metal to sound like for that matter. And listen. You will be surprised.
2 of the best megadeth riffs are on this song. The 3 solos are perfect. This should be on top 3.
[Newest]Best Megadeth song from best album

The Contenders

11Good Mourning / Black Friday - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
This song represent all the megadeth feelings back in 1986. Two songs in one. The complex of the first song, and the brutallity and the speed of the second, make this song one of the most powerful and amazing songs in Megadeth's large career. It should be on the top 10
Such a complex song. Beautiful intro followed by increasingly aggresive riffs. An awesome hardcore thrash song! The intro always gives me chills and I love the ending Shouts of BLACK FRIDAY!
One of the most beautifully written songs by the band. In the beginning, it starts out with a bit of a sad tone, but eventually it conjures up (no pun intended) and becomes one of the most legendary songs in thrash history. Easily Megadeth's greatest song. Also, a song from The System Has Failed passing this masterpiece?
[Newest]This must be top 5 at least

12The Scorpion - The System has Failed
the vocals on this song is amazing. One of the all time greatest songs ever


great song! Megadeth made a good job in this one


In awe of the lyrics and the vocals, the guitar work is truly amazing as well.
[Newest]One of the amazing

13Rust In Peace... Polaris - Rust In Peace
Great song! Who doesn't like this? Possibly their best song! Holy wars is still good though...

I wish Metallica was more like this...

And anthrax too...
Not in the top ten; are you kidding us? Or, are you deaf and can't listen to the lyrics, or the starting killer drum intro?
Best song on the best album out of Megadeth.
Awesome lyrics, awesome riffs, and Mustaine's voice sounds great in this one.
[Newest]Hard to believe this song isn't in the Top 10. Amazing Song

14She-Wolf - Cryptic Writings
1st song that I heard of megadeth.. and this song made me become mad for them..! m/
ultimate song... superb lyrics..!


Why is every1 so dull minded this should definitely be in the top 10

One look in her lusting eyes
Savage fear in you will rise
Teeth of terror sinking in
The bite of the she-wolf
Great song, great ending solo, heavy as hell... IĀ'm surprised itĀ's not in the top 10...
[Newest]Awesome RIFF & SOLO Deserve to be in top 10

15Countdown To Extinction - Countdown To Extinction
How can this song be so low on the list?
I know it has a bit radio-friendly sound to it, but it still kicks ass!
It is the perfect shot at man's urge to feel 'powerful' by killing innocent animals ruthlessly (Point blank, you're so courageous! ) and Dave has shown why he is "The" Dave Mustaine.
He said this in an iterview in The Warchest:
"Countdown to Extinction is more or less about how we kill off all our animals, the hunters are only going to be able to kill off one last animal, that's man! "
This song definitely deserves to be in the top 10.


It's a tough call between this and Addicted to Chaos but I'm have to go with this. The last chorus kicks serious ass.
This song should be in the top ten list

16Lucretia - Rust in Peace
A very good song from their best album.
It has the same mystical/fantasy style as Five Magics from the same album.
The last two minutes of the song (i.E. the second half), purely instrumental, is very well constructed, as well as the intro.
What why so low? The instrumental part of this song is amazing, that damn solo by Marty Friedman with Mustaine! This song must be high lik
I call Marty's solo on this song the best Megadeth solo there is. It just fits so well with a great groove to it. It reminds me of oldschool video games soundtracks for some reason. Definitely one of my favourite Megadeth songs. Very underrated.
[Newest]Definitely one of their best songs ever. Love the solo too!

17Five Magics - Rust In Peace
Its unbelievable the way they can mix power and melody at the same time. It brings many different feelings at the same time. I think it should be on the top ten, this song is epic
Best Megadeth Song, one of the best heavy metal songs ever. Makes me remember the Metallica songs. The solo is incredible, the drums equally. Megadeth is great! m/
Probably one of the best songs to ever be heard by mankind, I thoruoghly believe that the song originated from Mt Olympus, until one day when dave mustaine step down from the heavens, took on a human form and presented five magics as a gift to the human race.
[Newest]Why isn't this in the top tens?!?! This is great it is so epic and leads up to the big bang. it great!

18Head Crusher - Endgame
off their new album end game
it is a brilliant song easily top 5


Fast, brutal lyrics, great combination of notes. What's more, "head crusher" is a violent song, which reminds the name of the band, "Megadeth".
It's only on 18th?! Okay, it may not be the best but it deserves far more recognition than this, it's such an underrated song
[Newest]Megadeth's most aggressive song, no doubt.

19Angry Again - Rude Awakening
I wasnt a real big fan of Megadeth until this album, and Angry Again is what sold me into them, so this is definitely Top Ten, great riff, great vocals, great theme.
Great song. Nice pace, Awesome chorus.
Jack Slater ranks this #1!
[Newest]Great chorus should be top 10

20Addicted to Chaos - Youthanasia
Can't believe this is so low in the chart, definitely in my personal top 10. Can train like a beast to this too, always gets me pumped up, especially when it gets to the part "remember when you said one day you'll walk alone"
I've been a diehard Megadeth fan for the majority of my life and I love every song mentioned prior to this one but Addicted to Chaos ranked 34 really, really there is definitely something wrong with this picture considering it should be at least in the top 3.
The riff is amazing. The lyrics and vocals are outstanding, a personal favorite of mine and should be recognized more.
[Newest]I have addicted to this song.

21Take No Prisoners - Rust in Peace
take no prisoners has everything you need for a metal song. heavy distortion, awesome singing, great solo at the end and not much repeated guitar riffs.
Have you all even heard this song? This is some heavy-duty thrash metal at it's peak. From the start to the end the songs is hell exhilarating and is a perfect soundtrack for headbanging
This song is an amazing song from one of their best albums it has a badass bass fill and awesome solos. It migration not be as good as Holt wars but this song deserves a higher ranking
[Newest]This song is under rated, the drum fills, bass solo, amazing riffs and lyrics. Probably my top 5.

22My Last Words - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
I LOVE THIS SONG! It's not my absolute favorie, but Megadeth's my favorite band and I can't really choose just one. I couldn't believe it was this low on the list though so I HAD to vote for it! Come on, People! ITS A SONG ABOUT RUSSIAN ROULETTE! How can it be in 28th?!?!
How is this not in the top 10?!? This song is near perfection. And the last like 2 minutes of this song is like 26 orgasms at once. YOU! NEXT VICTIM! YOUR TURN TO DIE!
Completely overshadowed by the more popular songs on the album. The intro is amazing, the main riff absolutely insane, guitar solo is damn good, and the chanting at the end is just epic. Also, Dave Ellefsons bass Playing on this song is ridiculously good!
[Newest]This is the most underrated Megadeth song.

23Sudden Death
This is actually a lot better than half of the songs in the top 10. Epic riffs and mind-blowing solos and shredding. It's easily one of their best songs, up there with classics like Peace Sells, Holy Wars, and Wake Up Dead.
THis is probably going to be the best song on the new album. Can't wait to buy it!
Probably the best song out of their more recent albums. It wouldn't sound out of place on Rust In Peace.
[Newest]Definitely would get your blood boiling. No other Megadeth song will get you pumped up than this.

24Hook in Mouth - So Far...So Good...So What...
Needs to be in top ten what people
F, is for fighting
R is for red, Ancestors' blood in battles they've shed
E, we elect them
E, we eject them, In the land of the free and the home of the brave
D, for your dying
O, your overture
M, will cover your grave with manure
This spells out FREEDOM, it means nothing to me
As long as there's P.M.R. C
Best lyrics ever
My and Mustaine's favourite Megadeth song. Easily the best of their third album and in my opinion their best overall. Ellefson's bass combined with Mustaine's semi-aggressive voice really makes for a great combination. 10/10
F, is for fighting
R is for red, Ancestors' blood in battles they've shed
E, we elect them
E, we eject them, In the land of the free and the home of the brave
D, for your dying
O, your overture
M, will cover your grave with manure
[Newest]Please put this in top ten!
Best lyrics ever from Megadeth!

25Washington Is Next! - United Abominations
What?.. Why so low?.. Among megadeth's best!... No doubt!
Kickass song!... Broderick solo!... Awesome lyrics!

I'd say their best song since Holy Wars... its that good
SEXY song... everything is amazing... the lyrics, the solo, the riff...
[Newest]Are you kidding me?
Best song since Peace sells!

26Mechanix - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
I'm grateful to Metallica to kick out MUSTAINE during their early days or we wouldn't have had songs like Holy wars..., in my darkest hour and MECHANIX.
Forget it, we wouldn't have had MEGADETH itself. MUSTAINE is GODLIKE.
LONG LIVE MUSTAINE. LONG LIVE MEGADETH. Hey guys go and vote for MEGADETH in the "Greatest Rock Band of all time" post. They are placed at a pathetic #44.
Ah this is the great song made by dave mustaine I like both
FOUR HORSEMEN and MECHANIX but tempo of this song makes us go CARAZY!
One of the best head-banging songs, it deserves to be in top 5
Anyone who wants a reason for a leave, should certainly listen to this song.
U will surely get your neck sprained listening to this, got mine.
Speed metal at its best.

27Skin O' My Teeth - Countdown to Extinction
Not Top Ten? Come on! Mind you, My Megadeth top ten has about 40 songs in it! Awesome band.
Actually I could have voted for any of about 5 songs on this album. This and Peace Sells.
But Who's Counting?
Oh, you are.
Sick opener to a classic heavy metal album. This song set the tone for this whole album and the riffs are amazing! It's the first megadeth song I learned on guitar and it's an absolute classic and is quite underrated. Should be top ten!
Starts off with a smoking riff and just a great story about Mustaines wild ways and struggles.
[Newest]Listen it. You will understand me

28Public Enemy No. 1 - Th1rt3en
Easily the pinnacle of Megadeth's creative renaissance. Powerful performance by Mustaine and co but Broderick hits the roof in this one setting new paradigms to judge his standards
If this had been released earlier- I'm pretty sure it would be in the top ten! Gangster, drinking, gun tottering chimps? AWESOME!
My favorite song by Megadeth. I love the music video with the chimpanzee and Al Copone as the theme. Overall, it's just a great song! I think it deserves better than this. It should be number 1! It's also kind of catchy. Definitely one of their best hits!

29Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
How is this song not even in the top 100? Easily the best track on the first album. Raw, fast-paced, and one of the best Megadeth riffs. Maybe not number 1, but definitely in my top 10.
How about a little respect for the title track to the album that started it all for THE greatest band in the history of speed metal? Awesome riff and solos, fun vocals... It's my theme song!
This is sad this song should be in the top ten because its awesome and heavy
[Newest]Their best song, it is brutally fast and is one of the hardest (heaviest) riffing songs ever made. The song just is pure badass

30Set the World Afire - So Far, So Good... So What?
Its one of Megadeth's ultimate thrash songs! Needs to be at least 3 or even 2 in the top 10
Intro reminds me of fallout 3 and megadeth is unreal so this song is definitely one of the good ones, but hell all of megadeths songs are greats
The intro is awesome... Totally kickass. Meaningful lyrics permeated with mustaaine's crazy guitar work. Just 2 god

31Train of Consequences - Youthanasia
Maybe the most underrated metal album of all time. 7 or 8 great songs on this album, but this one, with its
Unique guitar inro stands out from the rest. Great, great song, and badly missed in the live set.
Do Megadeth listeners rate this? This is right up there in the top 10. Am I missing something here. Obviously not Dave's greatest song but great song technically as always. Is it too radio friendly?
THIS IS EPIC AS HELL! I DON'T UNDERSTAND how people could even rate this bad. It's an epic track on a powerful album. Every single guitar riff is awesome, and the lyrics are epic.
[Newest]This song deserves much higher rating than 25.
Come on guys

32Ashes In Your Mouth - Countdown to Extinction
One of the all time greatest riffs in heavy metal. Awesome song... Great lyrics, definitely one of Megadeths top 10 songs ever. Just brutal!
This is honestly one of the most original songs I've ever heard, Sod cannot compare to this song. This song has every reason that makes megadeth amazing.
Just a great song and one of Megadeth's top 5 riff's ever!
Mustaine shows his incredible talents in this song.

33The Conjuring - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
I refer to the first three songs of Peace Sells as "the triumvirate". It is the best opening to a metal album (while the actual best album would be Master of Puppets, or The Number of the Beast).

Wake Up Dead -> The Conjuring -> Peace Sells. And the centerpiece of that triumvirate is, well, in the center: The Conjuring.
This is a hard core tune in topic and musicianship. Despite Mustaines feelings about not wanting to play this song live anymore, its one of the greatest thrash metal songs ever and deserves to be played just for the amazing guitar, bass and drums.
EPIC beginning, beautiful riffs. This song should be top 5! If you listened this song live in 1988 Essen, Germany, its by far the best concert performance Megadeth has had. That's how I fell in love with this song! Highly recommended to all Megadeth fans! DAVE MUSTAIN IS GOD.
[Newest]One of the best riffs ever in the middle of the song. POWERFUL

34Youthanasia - Youthanasia
Just #47? Who would believe?... It's just... sadnest in my heart you know... so i... I vote for You-thana-siaaa! :DDD
great song! they sound so much different in this album...
This is pathetic. This song should be in top 10 without a doubt.
[Newest]Are you kidding me..45? This is the most true song of all time. Mustaine spoke the truth.

35Last Rites/Loved to Deth - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
Damn it, 98 place? It's got awesome intro, with greater vocals and riffs
Best song from their debut album

3699 Ways to Die - Beavis and Butt-head Soundtrack
Were not ready to see you yet.
99 ways to die
Were not ready to see you yet.
Millions of humans die every year to gunshots. Guns=evil The song is just the best!
Anger, speed, solo awesome!
Definitely the heaviest Megadeth songs made, one can't help but bang their head when listening to this song. Also, this is one of the few songs that is impossible to listen to quietly, even with the volume turned low. Definitely a classic!
This song is so underrated... one of the most heaviest songs of metal in general and vocals sound great!

37Kill The King - Rude Awakening
This song intruduced me to Megadeth and it's pretty good. I don't know why it's so down in the list
Why this song is on 38... I mean come on!
Kill the king! The king is dead, long live the king! I AM THE KING!

38Of Mice and Men - The System Has Failed
Where the hell is this song??? This is one of my favorite Megadeth song. Top 10 for sure!!
Great song. I love the poem and book too, so the chorus is familiar. Simple lyrics but deep meaning, I think this song should be higher
Not their best album, but this song is an unbelievable combination of power and melody.

39The Skull Beneath the Skin - Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good
I'm completely vexed that this song isn't at least in the top ten. In my opinion this song is one of the best Megadeth artwork, if not the best. The lyrics, the instrumental are all almost perfect.
The very creation of Vic Rattlehead revealed in this song. One of their first, one of their best. Mustaine proves what he is capable of throughout the entire song.
This is the song of Megadeth. Every riff in this song is like the best riff I've ever heard.

40Looking Down the Cross - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good
What, this is easily the best KIMB song. Haunting intro an vocals, great guitar riffs and epic solos! We all know that every single Megadeth song deserves top 10, but it can't be that way.
Best megadeth song completely underrated and should be in the top ten
This is simply put, Megadeths greatest ever work!
EPIC in every way imaginable
"Looking down the cross- Speak no EVIL! "

41Black Swan - Th1rt3en
Great chorus, great guitar, amazing singing, definitely best song from Th1rt3en, give a listen if you haven't
Whoa! 86? Way underrated. This song absolutely rocks. Rips you apart, from A to Z.

42Reckoning Day - Youthanasia
Awesome song, start liking it more each time I listen to it.

Don't want no revenge
Ain't no payback time
There ain't no getting even
Here comes the reckoning
Here comes the rechoning day
Awesome intro to the Youthanasia album! And awesome song! One of my favorite Megadeth songs. SHould be in the top 20's!
Killer killer hard hitting guitar riff that drives the whole song.
[Newest]Awesome Song Riff and solos Should be in top 15

43Rattlehead - Set the World Afire
The album is called killing is my business not set the world afire
It's pure thrash, it's fast and full of great riffs and solos


4413 - Th1rt3en
39?! What the hell people? This song is easily int he top 20! Think about it. Most megadeth fans of today's generation started listening to them at 13. It's a classic! Give it a try pretty please.


This song is great! Must be in top 10
This song is such a classic! I guess it needs time for people to understand it, but I think this is one of their best, because it is actually melodic whereas most of their songs are fast.

45The Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed With a Kiss - Endgame
Idgaf what anybody else thinks, this is their most correctly organized and most structurally stable composition. Not to mention, its just straight up badass!
Wonderful song. Magical.

Mustaine at his best
This song has a lot of instrumentals in a great combination.

4644 Minutes - Endgame
Rank 37? That's a crime! Oh.. So that must be why its 37 :p

Seriously though, how could a song with such powerful lyrics like "hot blood running cold as ice" not be up the top?
30th?! This is my second favorite Megadeth song! I know I am only 8 and I just started listening to Megadeth but after Peace Sells, this is my favorite song.
This song has the best solo! Why is on no 27... Deserves to be on the top 10

47Devil's Island - Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?
Awesome song with some killer riffing at the start followed up by a powerful chorus, wouldn't say this is their best (that is reserved for Hangar 18) however this is up there.
What? This great song is No.64? This must be a joke.


Love this song! Amazing, fast vocals, guitar, base, excellent drumming, and a mind-blowing solo. Why is this rated so low?

48Foreclosure of a Dream - Countdown to Extinction
This song is amazing! How can this not be even in the top 60?!?


What the hell is it doing down here?... Their 2nd best song of the album COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION no doubt
What is this song doing here at the back? Should be top 10! -and stuff like take no prisoners is better?
[Newest]WHAT!? This song needs to be way on up there. Gotta be one of the best.

49Never Walk Alone...A Call to Arms - United Abominations
Never let you walk alone, I love you when your still hating me...
Awesome song how could it be 54th?
Really? Come on!
This is on my top ten on 5th.
It has EPIC riff!
How the hell is this not in first place? Its pretty fast, has the well placed solo near the end, and the lyrics are beast... Best megadeth song ever in my opinion... This or mechanix

50Paranoid - Nativity In Black

51Architecture of Aggression - Countdown to Extinction
this song is one of the most beautiful songs of megadeth but it's horribly underrated! up megadeth for life!
Best song on cte.

52Dread & The Fugitive Mind - Rude Awakening
Insane, godly and seriously one song that deserves to be higher! The drumming is flawless, vocals are maddening and of course the chorus is one of megadeth's best. Putting this song here is an insult to megadeth who consider this song to be one of their best! Vote for it or else the metal gods won't be pleased.
This song should've been in the top 5. I am quite surprised. This song has a very unique intro and good guitar works and has an amazing solo.
I think is the best solo of megadeth after tornado of souls! So nice lyrics and I hear it about 10 times per day!
[Newest]Best solo ever. The drumming is insane and the riffs are addictive.

53The Right to Go Insane - Endgame
Hey, have you ever listen to it? It's unbelievable that this song is not in the top ten... amazing instruments, a progressive song, like five magics.
I'm voting on this one because it just can't be so low. I'm no saying it's a top ten song, but it's great and should be way hihger.

54This Day We Fight! - Endgame
Completely mind blowing. You'll break your neck headbanging to it! Still I don't get why this one and Dialectic Chaos are separate tracks though.
This song is freakin sweet, how is this and "Bite the Hand" so low, its Megadeth at it's heaviest


It is a crime that this is behind 44 minutes. 44 minutes belongs in Super Collider- enough said

55A Secret Place - Cryptic Writings
I just heard this today, it's so awesome

56Into the Lungs of Hell - So Far, So Good... So What?
The guitar is awesome and one of the best solos I've ever heard
Awesome song with tons of cool guitar!
Needs to be higher, I mean come on. The guitar is just so good in this song

57Die Dead Enough - The System Has Failed
This is my favourite megadeth song.


Gr8 Song! one of the best on the system has failed
For me, the best song

58Captive Honour - Countdown to Extinction
Awesome megadeth song! Extremely underrated.

59Chosen Ones - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!

60High Speed Dirt - Countdown To Extinction

61Poison Was the Cure - Rust In Peace
59? Number 59? This is one of the most recognizable bass riffs in the world! The guitar is epic and also a great solo!, unbelievably not in the top ten...
Awesome song! Awesong riffs! Megadeth and Dave Mustaine are gods! One of the songs in the Rust In Peace album. Heck, the album is pure awesomeness!

Thank you Megadeth!
What a song. To me this song is the definition of thrash metal. Pure Awe when the riff explodes.
[Newest]Why is this so low? It has everything to be a top song not to mention Friedman's work here.


62Moto Psycho - The World Needs a Hero
Almost sounds like Dave is saying motor cycle instead of moto psycho, but a very cool song though

63Return to Hangar - The World Needs a Hero
Amazing song, it has a different vibe from the original, but definitely lives up to the first.


I love mega deth

64Blood of Heroes - Youthanasia
GREAT song! Seriously its true, it does get stuck in your head, just give it time. And you can tell right away that's it's a great song, definitely should be in the first 3 ranks.
an awesome song that gets stuck in your head and you want to hear it over and over again!

Why is it in the 64th rank this should be in the first 3 ranks... it ha awesome lyrics great beat nice music... my fave.


[Newest]This song should be in the first 10 ranks my opinion

65FFF - Cryptic Writings
This is an awesome song, people! Quick and powerful riffs, great lyrics, the works!
Even if not top 10, this song should be at least at the top 20, in my opinion.

66Mary Jane - So Far, So Good... So What?
So underrated song! Top 3 in my list.

671000 Times Goodbye
This is MY FAVORITE Megadeth song! It's great! The feelings, the lyrics, the solos... Only Dave Mustaine breaking up with his girlfriend on the phone while tapping his guitar!
I don't understand why it's at 70... It should at least be in top 20... Great solos, awesome outro! We ned more votes guys

68I Thought I Knew It All - Youthanasia
one of the melodic songs of megadeth

69Never Dead - Th1rt3en
Megadeth back to their roots here!
Certainly reminiscent of the Peace Sells/RIP era, and the riff, drums, solo, vocals... The riff underneath the solo is better than the actual solo in my opinion, and the solo is blistering!

Glad to have Dave back here!
This song, shows definitely that Megadeth is better than ever. It competes with a lot of their old school songs. This should be top 20 at least! It's riffs are awesome and it's brutal!

70Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) - Th1rt3en
This is an awesome song people... This is one of the few megadeth songs with lyrics that I can relate to... Wsdjafhalks asdkjghasdg kasjdhfg ksjdafh this quality thing sucks!

71Kick the Chair - The System has Failed
Megadeth's return to form is embodied in this visceral speed demon.
Love this one and especially it's solo! Can't fall asleep these days without giving this one a listen. Like the other commentator said, it's truly a "visceral speed demon".

72Victory - Youthanasia
Probably one of my fave songs of megadeth, defiantly deserves at least 10th in the top 10.
Dude how is this way down here 1 of megadeth best songs by far just listen to it

73Liar - So Far, So Good... So What?

741,320' - Endgame
Deserves at least top 15, best song by far on endgame, killer drums, killer riffs and of course killer solo. Love the entire song, especially the druns
Don't understand why this is so low. top 20 at least.

75Millenium of the Blind - Th1rt3en

76The Disintegrators - Cryptic Writings
One of my top 10 Megasongs. Fast and chugging riff, definitely best song Cryptic Writings. The solo not the greatest though...

77Back In the Day - The System Has Failed
Great song with awesome guitar listen to it
It's a pretty mediocre song until the chorus at the end. It deserves to be somewhere in the 30's.
I love this song it's so beautiful

78Dialectic Chaos - Endgame

79Endgame - Endgame
The chorus riff is so intense after it goes silent for a while, I honestly don't understand why this is 73rd and not at least in the top 20. Chris Brodericks guitar work in this song is amazing and his technique is impeccable. Just like everything else on Endgame really, Chris is a good replacement for Marty.
Why is this song so underrated? The riffs and the solo are amazing.

80Almost Honest - Cryptic Writings
This is one of my personal favorite songs by Megadeth! The riffs and the lyrics are so great! Almost Honest should at least be in the top 30.
Wow I thought this would be top 20 since it had radio airplay. Great song!

81Dance In the Rain - Super Collider
Number 83? Really?
Just because it's not thrash metal anymore, it doesn't mean that this song is bad.
In fact this is one of the best songs from Megadeth as it's really powerful and the meaning behind the song is very deep.
So stop being ignorant and listen to Super Collider and you will see that the whole album is a masterpiece!
Love the speed up in the first verse, the transition is awesome! Super Collider is a great album.
Best son on Super Collider

82Promises - The World Needs a Hero
I can't believe this song is down here! It's one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME! Come on guys!
And when we walk down the street wind sings our names in rebel songs... just listen to it! The lyrics, the melody-just amazing!
I think this song is a masterpiece please vote it
[Newest]The best slow song of Megadeth, so it's my favourite

83Psychotron - Countdown To Extinction
One of my favorite Megadeth songs! Should be at least in top 20. M/
Wow... watta song... really awesome one of the best megedeths songs... dave voice was massive...


845 Magics - Rust in Peace
Incredible muscianship on this song on guitar, bass and drums. The slow intro just builds into a thrash classic.

85Bodies - Endgame
The solo is just amazing and the

86How the Story Ends - Endgame
In top 20 this is must be!

Just AMAZING! HEAVY, THRASHING, MELODIC - RIPS from start to finish!

87Sin - Cryptic Writings
Sin should be way higher. In my opinion, this is in my top 20 favorite Megadeth songs. This song is probably the 3rd best on Cryptic Writings.

88Dread and the Fugitive Mind - The World Needs a Hero

89Crush 'Em
Crush em is great.

90Burnt Ice - United Abominations
Best Megadeth solo. Awesome. Dave is genius and he is master of solos. I can't listen this song with an epic headbang sometimes whiplash comes. It's best song of Megadeth.
This song has Dave's best and most monsterous solo.. not to mention this song absolutely kills... I would put this at #2 just for the solo at the end. No solo compares... the only one close is the solo on '1,000 Times Goodbye'.
This Song Is An Overall Great Song with an amazing outtro solo to boot. Mustaine can still compete with the best of them.
[Newest]Great comeback! Great thrash! Great solo! One of the best songs!

91Fast Lane - Th1rt3en

92Use the Man - Cryptic Writings

93Prince of Darkness - Risk
Awesome song. Great vocals, great guitar riffs, great everything!
Love dis song, is totally amazing. Great vocals, awesome intro. Beautiful.
Awesome song.. Only mustaine can do that! One of the best heavy metal band ever seen! But Hetfield is better though!

94Family Tree - Youthanasia
Definitely the most melodic and memorable Megadeth song!
This is sick...great bass line...great guitars...great vocals...great lyrics!

95Diadems - Hidden Treasures
I love the acoustic intro to this song. I reckon it should be in the top 40's! I think Megadeth should play this song live.
This should be in the top 30's or something! It's an amazing song. Please vote!

96Ecstasy - Risk
This is a very stylish song with great meaning... It should be in top 30 at least... THE SIN I BRING CALLED ECSTASY

97The World Needs A Hero - The World Needs A Hero
What? That song is awesome you poeple really don't understand

98Elysian Fields - Youthanasia
This song rocks all the way. They melody is amazing as well as the quality of the lyrics. I think that Youthanasia should be more represented on the top ten list.

99Vortex - Cryptic Writings
I hate cryptic writings but I absolutely love this song, please bring it higher and vote!

100Blackmail the Universe - The System Has Failed
Love this song!
Megadeth are gods the best thrash metal band I have ever known
Dave mustaine is unbeatable
No Mustaine is not unbeatable. Only 2 persons beat Mustaine:JAMES HETFIELD AND KIRK HAMMETT
This song rocks out as HELL
The riffs the solos and mustaine vocals are awesome
How can nobody on this site vote one of the best megadeth songs!
Take the time to listen to this one because I think there something very good in all megadeth discography!
Its powerful and exiting!

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