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101Sleepwalker - United Abominations

The funniest and most clever Mustaine creation. This song is a special one that they should play live.

This happens to be the first megadeth track I've heard and also the favourite.

The hells wrong with you people? This should be the best one! Ffck!

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102Promises - The World Needs a Hero

I can't believe this song is down here! It's one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME! Come on guys!

And when we walk down the street wind sings our names in rebel songs... just listen to it! The lyrics, the melody-just amazing!

I think this song is a masterpiece please vote it

This is way too low! - Kristoff16

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103How the Story Ends - Endgame

In top 20 this is must be! -

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104Dialectic Chaos - Endgame

What?...72? You guys kidin me?.. Eh?
Definitely among top 10.
One of the best instrumentals

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105Paranoid - Nativity In Black
106Last Dying Wish - Dystopia
107Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) - Th1rt3en

This is an awesome song people... This is one of the few megadeth songs with lyrics that I can relate to... Wsdjafhalks asdkjghasdg kasjdhfg ksjdafh this quality thing sucks!

108Liar - So Far, So Good... So What?
109Poisonous Shadows - Dystopia

Best song from Dystopia and one of their best songs in decades

How is this so low? definitely the best song from Dystopia. Great intro, wonderful chorus and one of the best solos from the new album (after Dystopia).

Very good song from the new album very melodic deffenatly worth a listen or two

110Super Collider
111Go to Hell - Hidden Treasures
112Burnt Ice - United Abominations

Best Megadeth solo. Awesome. Dave is genius and he is master of solos. I can't listen this song with an epic headbang sometimes whiplash comes. It's best song of Megadeth.

This Song Is An Overall Great Song with an amazing outtro solo to boot. Mustaine can still compete with the best of them.

This song has Dave's best and most monsterous solo.. not to mention this song absolutely kills... I would put this at #2 just for the solo at the end. No solo compares... the only one close is the solo on '1,000 Times Goodbye'.

Great comeback! Great thrash! Great solo! One of the best songs!

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113Family Tree - Youthanasia

This is sick...great bass line...great guitars...great vocals...great lyrics!

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114Beginning of Sorrow - Super Collider
115Prince of Darkness - Risk

Awesome song. Great vocals, great guitar riffs, great everything!

Love dis song, is totally amazing. Great vocals, awesome intro. Beautiful.

Awesome song.. Only mustaine can do that! One of the best heavy metal band ever seen! But Hetfield is better though!

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116Silent Scorn - The World Needs a Hero
117Don't Turn Your Back - Super Collider
118Diadems - Hidden Treasures

I love the acoustic intro to this song. I reckon it should be in the top 40's! I think Megadeth should play this song live.

This should be in the top 30's or something! It's an amazing song. Please vote!

119Gears of War - United Abominations

Awesome song love the intro, and the lyrics are just plain brilliant dig on military genocidal behaviour

great song great to play on guitar simple but brilliant!

Way underrated. More people would know how sick this song is if it got into the gears of war soundtrack.

They need to play this live more often.

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120Elysian Fields - Youthanasia

This song rocks all the way. They melody is amazing as well as the quality of the lyrics. I think that Youthanasia should be more represented on the top ten list.

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