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121Gears of War - United Abominations

Awesome song love the intro, and the lyrics are just plain brilliant dig on military genocidal behaviour

great song great to play on guitar simple but brilliant!

Way underrated. More people would know how sick this song is if it got into the gears of war soundtrack.

They need to play this live more often.

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122Elysian Fields - Youthanasia

This song rocks all the way. They melody is amazing as well as the quality of the lyrics. I think that Youthanasia should be more represented on the top ten list.

123Fatal Illusion - Dystopia

Endgame sucks compared to this. This would be in my top 10, and The Threat Is Real is great as well. Sounds like a more recent, dark version of Peace Sells that you would hear in the soundtrack of a movie.

Crush the Head Crusher, Fatal Illusion is much better. If this continues, this should be the best album since Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction.

I think Megadeth has really got something good with their new more aggressive sound, they're moving in the right direction and soon songs from this album will be in the top ten.

Sounds better than super collider so I'm getting dystopia.
When I saw the track listing I thought that this album was gonna be called fatal illusion.
Good single

People have to get used to the new songs, then they will realise how good some of them are

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124New World Order - Th1rt3en

I think is one of the best song ever in metal history cause few very few who talk about this stuff

Best track of their new album. Important lyrics and boner making riffs.

I love it... Please listen to it and the demo then tell me it deserves more respect!

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125Deadly Nightshade - Th1rt3enV1 Comment
126I'll Get Even - Cryptic Writings

This song should be way higher than 105! Come on, it's not their best song but it definitely should be higher than it is right now! At least in the top 20's or 30's. Please vote.

I absolutely love this song. Best song they ever created other than elysian fields. I am a very huge fan of Megadeth. I'm glad I found this site so I could vote.

What.Dis song at least deserves to be in the top 15...In my list it would definitely come in the top 5!

This song and Almost Honest deserve way higher ratings.

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127Dawn Patrol - Rust In PeaceV1 Comment
128Shadow of Deth - The System Has Failed

Great lyrics and a great guitar!
The song would be better if Dave would do the vocals - rock2metal

129Tears In a Vial - The System Has Failed
130Disconnect - The World Needs a Hero

I wonder how this song could be so down in the list.. It has to be at least in the top 20

Why I am the one to add this one to the list
none of you have ever listened to this song or what?
probably the best dave solo

131Foreign Policy - Dystopia
132The Blackest Crow - Super Collider

Awesome song. Don't know why it's so underrated. Maybe people don't listen it because it's on Super Collider. You should give it a try.

133Me Hate You - Dystopia
134Anarchy in the UK - So Far, So Good... So What!V1 Comment
135The Doctor Is Calling - Risk
136Guns, Drugs, & Money - Th1rt3en

I don't understand why no one talks about this song. Seriously, it's great!

137United Abominations - United Abominations

I love this song. It's great. Good riffs, drums y vocals. UNITED ABOMINATIONS!

138Duke Nukem - Warchest

Best metal song ever... Give it a try... Will Blow your mind away... Also the most catchy tune ever covered by a band..

139These Boots - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!

An awesome song please give it a try

140Bad Omen - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

This is an underrated classic in my opinion. Just listen to gar's drumming in this one. This is as good as The Conjuring, one of the best of Megadeth. It's a shame Dave does not want to play either one live anymore.

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