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Melanie actually only has 6 songs and her voice songs.

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1 Dollhouse Dollhouse

Dollhouse is the first Melanie Martinez song I heard. My friend was really into Melanie and was playing this song while we were hanging out. I looked Melanie up on YouTube and fell in love with this song and Pity Party. Dollhouse first, then Pity Party, then Cake, then Mad Hatter

When I showed this to my friend, she thought when it says 'I see things that nobody else sees' was when Melanie would pull out a knife in the music video... - kaitlynrad11

Dollhouse, Pity Party, Cake, Mad Hatter, Crybaby, Soap, Alphabet Boy, Bittersweet Tragedy, Tag You're It, Play Date, Milk and Cookies, Mrs. Potato Head, Teddy Bear, Pacify Her

I love this song.this is the first song I ever heard of Melanie Martinez' is amazing

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2 Pity Party Pity Party

Over all the other songs in Cry Baby (I like them all and they all have such great lyrics with hidden messages and meanings. I love it), I feel I just relate to this one the most. It has a chilling, but still catchy rhythm.

I love all her songs, but if I had to choose on it would be this one. I relate to all her songs, but this one is the one I relate to the most. I love Melanie

Dollhouse is great. But Pity Party is definitely my favorite. It showcases Melanie's vocals beautifully and I really like the lyrics.

The first song I heard that I remembered by Melanie. I love all the others but this is definitely my favourite.

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3 Mad Hatter

"You think I'm crazy, you think I'm gone. I know you're crazy too, I know your gone, its probably the reason that we get along." This is the verse I always think of when I think of my friend and i. I am really eccentric, and at first I didn't think she was. We've known each other our who lives but honestly this song is about our friendship. Any way I LOVE this song, because I AM CrAzY!

Got stuck in my head for a week after I listened to it for the first time... and I loved it

Best people are the crazy ones! It's true - Camilo

This is my friend's absolute favorite song!

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4 Mrs. Potato Head

I don't see why this shouldn't be higher up. This is Melanie's favourite song on the album - this song is pure excellency and amazing. The tune goes really well, even if talking about serious events.

Such a amazing song. Has a great message as well. Should definitely be higher up

Her best song, and by a million miles. The message is beautiful, the wordplay is genius, the tune is flawless. Enough said.

It is everything in this world. it just couldn't describe me more

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5 Carousel Carousel

This song is very soothing to listen to. The part where she was trapped on the ride and started blowing chunks had to be my favorite. I loved her voice there. There's just something about it I just loved. This song is my favorite and in my opinion should be up with Dollhouse and Pity Party.

I am in love with this song.. There's something about it that makes everything magic, it's also American Horror Story season 4 Freakshow's theme, which I adore as well! With no doubt my favourite Melanie Martinez song.

I could listen to this for hours. I love this song.

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6 Cry Baby Cry Baby

I think it should be first, I mean come on we all love Crybaby!

One of the best songs on the album!

This song is the best it really is

I can relate to this song sooo much and it's just such a great song.

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7 Tag, You're It

What? Why is this so underrated? I love this song so much it's so creepy and I just love that

This song is so catchy and a little mysterious. It can be creepy at times but the whole song is just so soft and lyrical which is basically Melanie's voice.

This song is amazingly catchy! I love how creepy it is. It is also sad.

It is creepy but I still love it

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8 Alphabet Boy

HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1 its way better than dollhouse and all those other ones - lollipopper135

Why is this tenth?! It should be at least 2nd!

I love this song it is so expressive

It's so hard to choose my favorite! She has amazing songs, but I ended up choosing this song :((( don't hurt me please

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9 Soap Soap

I thought this was supposed to be number 1 because this has a unique sounding and many people can agree that this is a song that can be replayed over and over again.

This song is my favorite by Mel, its just so relatable and true! A lyrical masterpiece

This is my favorite Melanie Martinez song because it is a metaphor about a greater meaning, about saying and doing things you're not supposed to, trying to erase that 'history'. Its symbolism is so meaningful.

"Now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap" - Catacorn

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10 Milk and Cookies

I can't believe this song isn't even on the list when there's just a bunch of songs that were just covers on The Voice. I love how its sort of like a part 2 of Tag, your it.

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11 Sippy Cup

I love this song, why isn't it higher? I made a poster is my room that says - "And syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup". - Catacorn

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12 Training Wheels

How is this even in the top 10 this song is one of her worst - lollipopper135

Seriously is this in 12 place it is beyond awesome!

This is literally describing the realationship between me and my bff. No we are not lesbian, but I would do anything for her and would like for us to get closer.

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13 Cake Cake

This is my third favorite. I was completely obsessed with this song for weeks!

This is probably my second favourite

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14 Bittersweet Tragedy Bittersweet Tragedy

I adore this song, and I'm sad that not many people seem to talk about it.

This song is just so beautiful it's sad that it isn't talked about as much

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15 Play Date Play Date

WHY IS THIS SON 15th place it is amazing

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16 Pacify Her

This should have been in the top 10 because it really is a unique song, which outshines most music nowadays.

It is really a good song too listen, too plus I never heard her voice that good when she sang this song! - jaaaa

I love this one. Should be in the top ten. Relatable and really catchy and beautiful

Seriously this is such an awesome song

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17 Toxic Toxic

It was for her audition on the voice, I liked melanie's version better than britney's. - Catacorn

It's not her song, but it was her audition for the voice. - spongebobgymnast2

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18 Bombs On Monday

Why are you so grumpy! It's Monday

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19 Birthing Addicts

Best unofficial song hands down and it has an amazing massage I can't believe she wrote that when she was 16

This song came from her soul it's real and I have it. It should be higher that 19

She is addicted to seeing babies being born...maybe she should be a midwife?

20 Too Close Too Close V 1 Comment
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