Best Melodic Death Metal Songs

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The Top Ten

Everytime I Die - Children of Bodom
I remember banging my head and the headache which followed the first time I heard this all-time killer...
And trust me headaches from metal music makes you happy!
Best melodic death metal song in the world!
Every time I Dies is the best paragon for the genre. just by listening to its lyrics and you'll feel the ambience, its instrumentals are all unique
[Newest]I'm crazy about this song

2Darkest Time - Norther
Norther are absolutely amazing... Their newest stuff is absolutely brilliant and they are definitely worth a lesson for anyone out there searching for a new band to listen to
Fantastic improvisation. This is called true melodic death metal. This is one song you can listen to all times. Fantastic stuff norther!
The best song ever of course
[Newest]As a scientist, I express it like that: Darkest time=Best Norther Song Norther = Best melodic death metal band = COMPLETE AWESOMENESS

3Mortal Share - Insomnium
Insomnium is a great band with some of, if not the best melodies in melodeth. This is an epiphany of Insomnium's greatness and definitely one of the greatest examples of Melodic death Metal. My personal favorite with one of the best apprehensive intros with the riff starting alone and the drums growing in intensity, Great stuff!
Beautiful song with truly poetic and with meaningful lyrics. True to the melodic death metal genre at the same time. A real melody and masterpiece that sets a new standard in music.
Good song. I like 'The Killjoy' and 'The Day It All Came Down' more though
[Newest]What an intro... it kills me!

4Lost to Apathy - Dark Tranquillity
One of the very first metal bands I started with, and they still sound just as good as ever. It seems a lot of metal bands today that were once great have been releasing semi-good albums. (hypocrisy, dimmu borgir, soulfly, insomnium etc.)
In my opinion, this is one of the best bands out there and I am surprised Dark Tranquility is not much much higher on this list! I mean seriously! We are talking about the creators of death metal here!
In my opinion one of the best songs ever made. It should take the place of the two metalcore songs (what? ) on the list and be in the top eight at the least.
[Newest]This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. The opening grabs your attention with its beautiful sound, and then the song comes at you full force with Mikael Stanne's amazing growls; combining to make a song like no other.

5Colony - In Flames
Colony is B.M.D.M.S. E! Best. Melodic. Death. Metal. Song. EVER! I mean, WOW! Every single time, I hear my brother listening to this song. I ask him why is he listening to this, and he only says: BECAUSE IT'S THE BEST IN FLAMES SONG EVER! IT'S THE FATHER OF MELODIC DEATH METAL! I listened to it. My brother was right
In flames are great new /old whatever they are the gods of melodic death metal... Crawl through knives}
My favourite song of the album. This deserves the top spot. Jotun should be number 1, though. Bar the metalcore, this is a nice list.
[Newest]Super, but every time I die is the best

6Heroes to Us - Kalmah
Kalmah deserve much more than what they are getting. Their music is persistent in quality. Over the years, from Swamplord to Seventh Swamphony, they have maintained there playing style. Enriched with break-taking riffs and meaning lyrics. THEY FAR BY DEFINE THE GENRE, THAN ANY BAND.
Awesome solo. Kalmah is the best.
Kalmah is the best band ever... Period...
[Newest]Best riffs I ever listen in my life..

7Nemesis - Arch Enemy
Surely Arch Enemy should be in the top 10. This song is one of my very first MeloDeath metal songs and will forever be one of my favorites. It is the absolute EPITOME of an angry song. You want to give off some steam? Listen to this, man. You will not be disappointed.
just hear it, and you will be a different person


This is just an awesome song! This song is what got me into melodic death and just death metal. You will never get tired of listening to this song.
[Newest]It should be the first

8Weather the Storm - Insomnium
Best melodic death metal songs I ever heard. Very very underrated. Should be number one. Insomnium is the best metal band. Really cool songs
Why is it so below in the list? This song that enlightens a fire inside me every time I listen to it... why is it so underrated?

9The Pursuit of Vikings - Amon Amarth
The only guy I know who can growl so hard that he's gonna spit his insides out..! GUYS and they sure know how to bang their heads...
Amon Amarth owns In Flames and COB! Pursuit of vikings is 100% should number 1. One of the best song of all times! I don't know songs which similar good
Awesome song. I remember listening to this band while reading 'Eaters of the Dead' by Michael Crichton (really fit in with the story of Vikings.

10Deadnight Warrior - Children of Bodom
Killswitch engage isn't even melodic death metal o.0
They are metalcore, not even close to o.0
COB are the kings of all melodic death metal as well as all the metals.. !
Their songs are preferred by metal listeners as well as non listeniers... the songs they write and sing are the best songs and they drink and sink which makes them even better... !

Instead of in flames I think this song should be on top.
[Newest]I think their best song is

The Contenders

11Are You Dead Yet - Children of Bodom
Amazing solo! and best COB chorus... Dis song is surely one of the best melodeath songs ever... COB RULZZZZ!


Children of Bodom (with no doubt) are the kings of melodeath!


I hadnt listened the first song but I have no doubt that this song is the g8est song in the history of both children of bodom and melodic death metal
[Newest]Listen to this song it will change your life

12Only for the Weak - In Flames
This hit is even greater than The Quiet Place and Alias. The power in the bass and the yearning melody and song is what defines melodic death metal.
Best song from the gods of melodic death metal!
Best song in the genre of melodic death metal
[Newest]Great song all the way

13Withering Away - Kalmah
As far as repeat listens go, it's pretty hard to rival Kalmah, in particular the first 2 albums and the last, 12 Gauge -Hook the Monster's solo-yikes! And let's not forget The Blind Leader's solo from TWR.
Kalmah is not ONE of the best melo death bands out there... It is THE best melo death band ever!
A song to remember, no doubt. This song is mdm for sure.

14Cry of the Black Birds - Amon Amarth
A very good song by AA.. Good Growling.. And great Composition.
- GJ-Metal24/7

15Into the Woods - Insomnium
Insomnium is great too but In Flames deserve to be the number 1
Into The Woods is 1 of their best song

16Black Widow - Children of Bodom
This is one of COB's hidden gems. One of those songs you discover and it grows on you and you can't stop listening!
Piano Intro is Epic

17Murmaider - Dethklok
Blacker than the blackest black times INFINITY

18Inis Mona - Eluveitie
Class apart...! It is truly a master piece... One does not simply leave out INIS MONA... This song has everything excellent vocals, growling and to top it off, the use of bagpipes and flutes are extraordinary
One of the best songs ever. Amazing bagpiper and flute usage and awesome vocals!
Are you ducking kidding me?! Eluveitie is the best!

19Twilight of the Thunder God - Amon Amarth

20Hades - Kalmah
This is what I call melodic-death metal.
THis is real melodic-death metal.. Agressive and melodic
Songs like this make children of bodoms songs sound like pop/dance metal for kids, which most of them are.
This song should be in top 5... Best melodic death metal band besides COB m/

21Unsung - Insomnium
The intro is awesome.. My favorite MDM band ever.. :D

22Slaughter of the Soul - At the Gates
Surely should be among top melodic death metal songs of all time
Hey, doesn't anyone notice this great song from one of the best melodic DM in the earth?

I still vote At The Gates to be the best melodic DM band. GO!

23Trigger - In Flames
Hands down the best song out

24Nothing to No One - Dark Tranquillity

25Downfall - Children of Bodom
Pure melodic death metal Alexi voice was at its highest pitch ever in the songs. Also there is the fast double bass, a dual solo and a dark atmosphere. (Nearly melodic black metal)
I love the song! The Keyboard into with the guitar Riff is unbelieveble! That should be in the top ten for sure!

26Misery's Crown - Dark Tranquillity

27In Your Face - Children of Bodom
I think Sonic Syndicate (in "Denied") and Kilswitch Engage are not melodic death metal, are metalcore


I think quo vadis silence calls the storm is one of best melodic death songs
One of d best ever of COB

28My Curse - Killswitch Engage
I started listening to Killswitch Engage and Metalcore through this song... This will always be the special one.
Totally awesome song! One of their best and a reason why melodic death metal rocks!
Best song not melodic death metal but only metal...!

29Natural Born Chaos - Soilwork
Soilwork found the perfect balance of aggression and melody on this album. Heavy, experimental, and just damn excellent.

30Monochromatic Stains - Dark Tranquillity
I would like to know why lost to apathy, the best metal song ever made, isn't even mentioned on this list.

31Denied - Sonic Syndicate
Listen to it and you will be a CHANGED man! Amazing tuning and best of Sonic syndicate. vocals are outstanding. they are COOL and RULE. Chorus is AMA

32My Apocalypse - Arch Enemy

33The Day It All Came Down - Insomnium

34Angels Don't Kill - Children of Bodom
Fantastic intro, awesome lyrics...
This song is just... wow
This song, triple corpes hammer blow, and laser cannon deth sentince (dethklok) are my faves.

35End of Disclosure - Hypocrisy

36The Jester Race - In Flames

37Stabbing the Drama - Soilwork
awesome.. the vocals are super ragious

38Hate Me - Children of Bodom
Has a melodious solo which is quite impressive and catchy, this song should be in top tens!
The intro is Sooo melodious (laugh out loud)!

39Countless Skies - Be'lakor
I can't believe I had to add this song.. You all have lost your senses
The list is made up of worst songs I've ever heard
This song is just amazing.. The leads give that same feeling as like when you listen to songs like dance of death.

40Needled 24/7 - Children Of Bodom

41Death In Fire - Amon Amarth
Unbelievably underrated band, criminally underrated I would say. They are the highest amongst the top 3 melodic death metal bands of Dark Tr and Insomnium

42Thunderhorse - Deathklok
The song only consists of 5 different words but is still more metal than your body has room for!
That riff kicks you right in the nuts. Literally. Just listen to it and bang your head

43Jotun - In Flames
OH MY GOD! This song is severely underrated! This song includes one of the greatest riffs in metal history!
Oh please this song is brilliant!
Should be in top ten

44Maha Kali - Dissection
This is one of the top melodic death metal song for me!
Its truly amazing! It should be at top 10
Listen and vote metalheads!
By Astaroth Mort (Baphomet's Wrath)
This song should be there on top 10 not here
For my opinion, this song is truly awesome!
I think that there are better songs in the album Reinkaos...
But this one is still good

45A Fallen Star - Norther

46Heartwork - Carcass
I think Carcass's Heartwork deserves to be in top ten songs because it's really amazing.


Carcass is a solid band for me.
It is the song that spawned melodeath period.

47Embody the Invisible - In Flames
The people on this site are all morons. Sometimes I could swear they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a car and an apple. Half the stuff here is metalcore.

48Death and the Healing - Wintersun
Jari really redefines what melodic death metal is, with clean and harsh vocals, yngwie sweeping aparggio solos, melodic riffs, clean riffs... Should be in the top 5
Way better than many other songs and bands on
This list...

49Morphogenesis - Scar Symmetry
This is a really good song! I'm surprised that this isn't higher on the list!

50What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse - The Black Dahlia Murder
Why are there so many CoB songs on this list? They are okay... For hard rock maybe!
The Black Dahlia Murder is really melodic death metal!
This song is much better than a lot before it
Great single by TBDM. Lyrics are great. Nice, heavy verses with an awesome melodic breakdown. Fluid solo to complete the experience.

51The Smoke - Amorphis
Finnish metal is brutal and yet delicate with a great portion of wisdome and culture in the lyrics.

52The Swarm - At the Gates

53Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
I wanted to vote for 'Twilight of the thunder god' by Amon Amarth but this just made me laugh so hard.
This is Heavy Metal, yeah Melodic Death Metal=Death Metal + Traditional Heavy Metal but Iron Maiden are not Melo-Death.


Laugh out loud well technically the song is about death and it is melodic...


54Become the Catalyst - All That Remains

55Debris - In Mourning

56Beautiful Death - Wintersun

57Aspect - Be'lakor

58Equivalence - Insomnium
A 3 minute song, but one of the most beautiful and perfect works of art I have ever heard in my life. I listened to this song by accident, and I'm so glad I did.

59Not All Who Wander Are Lost - DevilDriver

60The Unknowing - Omnium Gatherum
From the newest album "Beyond". I shouldn't have to add it, it should be already among the best

61Pikemaster - Kalmah
Such a powerful song with an awesome chorus.

62The Blind Leader - Kalmah
The guitar solo is probably one of the best guitar solos in the world.

63The Groan of Wind - Kalmah

64Thank You, Pain - The Agonist

65Victorious One - Norther

66Everfields - Omnium Gatherum

67They Will Return - Kalmah

68A Blinding Light - Blackguard

69Bed of Razors - Children of Bodom
Best melodic death metal song.

70Flame of Sadness - Thousand Leaves

71Nettlethrone - Within These Walls

72Evil In You - Kalmah

73Obtenebris - Skyfall

74Statutory Ape - The Black Dahlia Murder

75The Fate of Norns - Amon Amarth

76Alteration - Kalmah
Just listen to the solo and you'll listen to it all day long for the rest of your lives.. Awesome track.

77Take This Life - In Flames

78Closed Casket Requiem - The Black Dahlia Murder
THIS SONG IS BRUTAL! I have listened to it every time that I have been in the gym, and it turns me into a beast. The lyrics are twisted, the riffs are insane, the drumming is seizure-inducing... Definitely the best melodeath song ever

79Come Clarity - In Flames
By Astaroth Mort (Baphomet's Wrath)

80Embrace of the Endless Ocean - Amon Amarth
Top band, top song (been listening to them since 2003)

81The Science of Noise - Dark Tranquility

82The Trapper - Kalmah

83Abeyance - Be'lakor

84Throne of Ice - Before the Dawn
Simply amazing. Especially the intro.

85Vultures - Arch Enemy

86Dawn of the Great Rebirth - Incarnia

87Sixpounder - Children of Bodom

88Another Creation - Mors Principium Est

89Roundtrip to Hell and Back - Children of Bodom

90Lake Bodom - Children of Bodom

91Losing Ground - Disarmonia Mundi
This song deserves a way higher ranking! Absolutely riveting chorus and crazy guitar riffs!
Chorus is unreal.
Perfect balance between clarity and distortion.

92A Taste of Collapse - Disarmonia Mundi
Timelessly epic intro.
Great synergy between lead vocalists and pefect balance between clarity and distortion.

93Dead Night Blind - Thousand Leaves

94Blind Night Sorrow - Thousand Leaves

95Bullet Ride - In Flames

96As Long As the Raven Flies - Amon Amarth

97Nymphetamine - Cradle of Filth
Nothings better... This song feeds my soul... The growls are my energy... The melody triggers my rage... My entire body wants more filth... Cradle of filth are the best
This song deserves higher in the ranks.. Danny is very talented and hardworking..
The best metal song.

98Betrayed - Norther
Super death metal song with amazing riffs

99Kafir! - Nile

100I Ejaculate Fire - Dethklok

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