Top 10 Melodies of A R Rahman

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Kadhal Rojave (Film - Roja)
Awesome this song came very long back but it 'll be in top for very long in future also. I love this song very much because of the saxophone played at the stating has no match still. I am a big fan of A. R. Rahman Always...
All time favourite song, very touchy especially the female chorus is awesome. It still stands as the number one composition of A.R. rahman. Really fantastic
A masterpiece romantic song. He got best music director national film award in 1992 for this movie. Roja is his first film.
[Newest]The creator of the divine and eternal music in the world. He has already proved that. May the whole world listen to him.

2Munbe vaa (Film - Sillunu Oru Kaadhal)
Beautiful romantic melody
Great composition
Great rendition ay shreya ghoshal
A beautiful song sung by shreya ghoshal
I love this song
Even I don't understand Tamil
Oh amazing it is
[Newest]Its was a awesome and mind blowing song and I love the song very much

3Ai Ajnabi (Film - Dilse)
Truly amazing composition from A ARE Rahman. Dilse broke all previous indian music album selling records.
These are very beauty
One word hats off

4Nahin Samne (Film - Taal)
Nahin Samne is a soft romantic number from the movie 'Taal'. Heart touching melody. Enjoy it!
It is the best one..i love it
My one of the favourite song! I love it! Hats off to A R rahman sir!

5Bombay theme sound track (Film - Bombay)
Real classical touch of A ARE Rahman. The soundtrack was included in The Guardian's "1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die" list.
No words to explain it... his best

6Jashn-E-Bahaara (Film - Jodha Akbar)
Again mind blowing melody from A ARE Rahman. At every time he brings something precious to our soul.
mind blowing man great...
Amazing song... Beautiful composition...

7New York Nagaram (Jillunu Oru Kadhal)
It takes you to a different world altogether.
This is my most favorable song. I have ever heard song like this such a extra ordinary composing by AR gi
Wonderful song and lyrics hats off to rahman ji

8Vellai Pookal (Film - Kannathil Muthamittal)
Beautiful Song.
Deserves to be at the top.
This is a song where I felt bad when I first listened that I didn't know this earlier. Definitely one of AR Rehman's best work.
This is such an excellent song which can make a human.. "Calm N Quite"
[Newest]Its an amazing compose by a r rehman... Hats off

9Pyar Ye Jaane Kaisa (Film - Rangeela)
His first original Hindi soundtrack started from Rangeela. Nice song for romantic souls.
This is such a wonderful song and ever green hit of a R. Rahman

10En Veetu Thottathil (Film - Gentleman)
Great melodius romantic song from Rahman.

The Contenders

11Vennilave Vennilave Vinnaithandi Varuvaya
From Minsara kanavu.. Such a beautiful melody..
This should be on top three..!

12Jai Ho (Film - Slumdog Millionaire)
We cannot say it is a good song... It is the best of the best onces
This song is compose very nice thanks to a r sir

13Vande Matram
Always great our national music storm. He deserve oscar man
It's my nation, my beat m my everything, jay hind
Its greatest song of A R Rehman Thanks for giving song for our nation
[Newest]We proud to be an Indian...

14Marghazhi Poove (Film - May madham)
Nice to hear in spring season

15Tum Ho & Tum Ko (Rockstar)
Truly Lovable song, the melody remains deep inside your heart compelling you to click the repeat button! The lyrics and the marvellous vocals add to the adorable background score, How can you not love the song!
Few more master pieces of the ar rahman sir! Even I don't understand Hindi, these songs pull strings inside me.
The most romantic song I've ever heard!
Salute you mr. Rahman

16Innum Konjam Neram
This song is from Mariyaan, really such a romantic song in Colloquial tamil language.
Fantastic song among all those

17Phir Se Udd Chala (Rockstar)

18Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

19Kannuku Mai Azhaghu
Something incredibly beautiful about the Song.. is it the amazing lyrics, or the subtle romantic video or the amazing voice...
It has to be the composition.. ! Should be in top 5

20Puthu Vellai Mazhai (Roja)
This is my all time favourite. It takes you to heights.
Superb song. Great rahman
What a song! I like it..

21Nadhiye Nadhiye Kadhal Nadhiye
Best song... It has
So much feel

22Pachai Nirame (Alaipayuthey)
All tyme favourite movie... I love it... Every time I listen to it I am just transfered to the world of love... And love only...
Madhavan acts so well
One album.. for all the music you need in a relationship :) Spectacular Video.. ages ahead of its time.. IF anyone could have given a video worth the song.. its PC Sreeram

Vote it up guys..
This really needs to be in the top 10 list..
Such a beautiful love song by ar sung by the soothing and soulful voices of chithra and hariharan..
Just another AWESOME song by the maestro..

24Lukka Chuppi
30 for lukka chuppi! Unbelievable! Just hear it once... Has to be in top 3
Come on guys! Just hear it once... Has to be in top 3

25Tere Bina (Guru)
Guru's Tere Bina is the best AR Rahman song ever.

26Ennai Kaanavillaiye Netrodu
Stunning song from the 1996 movie "Kadhal Desam", starring Abbas, Vineeth and Tabu. Sung by S. P. Balasubramanium, this creation of ARR remains one of a kind, along with all other songs of the film.

27Maahi Ve (Highway)
Its one of the best
It's a one of the beautiful song from his album
Try this once. I'm sure you'll love this!

28Thendrale Thendrale Melle Ne Visu
It is the real melody... The song that you should listen before sleep

29Paarkathey Oru Maathiry (Ambikapathy)
Awesong song. It is very different melody

30Masakali (Delhi 6)
This one is my favorite for some special reason. Yes, he has too many good songs, but to me, the mixing and instruments used in this one, the vocalist's style, the effects, EVERYTHING goes into one box and then comes out as a perfect compact song, a masterpiece that is very easy and pleasant to listen. I haven't come across another single composer who has done this kind of thing with such perfection. Truly masterful. Hats off to the maestro!
! Did you notice the beats. I fell in love of that drops of water in complete silence.

31Rehna Tu (Delhi-6)
This is one of the most beautiful songs anyone ever made!
One of the best...

32Dil Gira Dafatan (Dilli 6)

33Patakha Guddi (Highway)
One of rahman's best composition.
One of the best in recent times.
Best of his album

34Mannipaaya (VTV)

35Aise Na Dekho

36Azhagiya Cinderella
Dreaming about his girl as a cindrella
Very cute song... In dis film, all songs are beautiful...

37Ennavale Adi Ennavale
Exceptional romantic song... Probably one of the best music you would here

38Anjali Anjali
I am surprised that no one had mentioned this song. It is one of his masterpiece

39Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan - Kisna
For me this is the best romantic song by AR Rehman.. If you have not heard about this song then first listen d song and you will definitely feel that this is best and deserve place in at least top 5.

40Muskura (Yuvraaj)

41Nenje Yezhu (Mariyan)
A Melancholic & Inspiring song
I like that song so much

42Poraale Ponnuthayi (Karuthamma)
Heart wrenching song by Swarnalatha

43Vidukathaiya (Muthu)
A beautiful sad song

44Mausam and Escape (Slumdog Millionaire)

45Enn Uyir Thozhiye - Kangalal Kaidhu Sei
Best all time romantic song...
The best song I know of!

46Dil Se Re
How this is not there in top10.. ! Short memories!
Truly AR Rahman!

47Kannalane (Bombay)
I like it songs

48Moongil Thottam (Kadal)

49Aaromale-Ye Maya Chesave

50Padakali (Yodha)
A song from AR Rahman's first & only malayalam soundtrack. The upbeat rhythm and vocals make this instant classic, especially for malayalees.

51Ringa Ringa (Slumdog Millionaire)
Awesome track! Nice dance number also!

52Sandana Marbile - Nadodi Thendral
One of the Best songs... AR Rahman in his prime

53Minnale Ni
Helped me cope through some of the most emotional moments in my life

54Pachai Kiligal Tholodu
The layers in this song are Amazing.. add to that the mindblowing lyrics and Kamala Hassan in duel role.. one amazing song

55Chinna Chinna Azhai - Dil Mein Chota Aasha
This got to be greatest First song by any artist... in the times list of 100 great songs.. this is argubly the most heard song in Tamil.

56Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera
Every Indian must listen this song
Patriotism is conveyer neatly so touching
The best song ever.. Not just by AR Rahman.. the best overall!

When I first heard this song I just felt it was really very different from all normal songs. One of the most beautiful works of A.R. rahman. Only one of its kind. Very awesome song
The most romantic song ever... at first you can't feel this song but after you listen for quite some more time, you can't stop listen to it... I am serious, pleased give it a try
Great song, I love this song
Hats off arr

58Dil Se
Dil se is perhaps his best... Right from chaiyya chaiiya n jiya jale to aye ajnabi n satrangi re... I like all his albums till swades... Afterwards... Xcpt jodha akbar don't appeal to me... Also theme of bombay is divine... Its difficult 2 choose a favourite.. I would say impossible... But still for me... Dilse title track, chaiyya chaiyya n yeh hasin vadiyan n kehna hi kya would come closer...
This song should definitely be top ten if not in top five, come on! The bass line throughout the song, JUST MIND-BLOWING. Also Rahman's vocal was unique and unmatched. Vote for this guys!

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