Top Ten Most Messed Up Eminem Songs

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Eminem has a lot messed up songs but this one takes the cake. It's basically Eminem fantasizing about murdering his wife.

Messed up... But still a masterpiece!

I just listened to this song. This was messed up. The whole time I was thinking what

Don't get the point of writing this song

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Yeah Relapse was a messed up album, but I didn't know what to think of this fantasy. - WonkeyDude98

This song is just sick. Eminem went way overboard on this song. I mean it's fantasy of Eminem being molested by his dad as a kid.

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Title of the song is self-explanatory. - WonkeyDude98

Possibly one of the few songs you shouldn't admit to loving

OK, this is the most, by far, DISGUSTING song I've ever heard. This is one messed up song.

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4'97 Bonnie and Clyde

This songs basically about what happened after Kim.

Has to be the worst. He takes his infant child to dispose of the mothers body.

53 A.M.

Love it but its messed up big time

It's basically about Em killing people while on drugs.

It's not about "Em killing people while on drugs". He created a serial killer persona for this song, he is not rapping as himself.

6Stay Wide Awake
7AmityvilleV2 Comments
8Kill You

Its not really that bad. He just says that if you f with shady, he will f'ing kill you

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Why would someone put stan up? The moral and story of the song is amazing, it's describing that you don't realize something until it's gone which is a huge life lesson, and the actual lyrics and the way he changes his voice to adapt to different characters shows how it's actually one of his best songs.. - adrianp_

Who put Stan in this list? This song is lyrically one of his best. You people know nothing about real music.

Em tells a story about a crazed fan who kill himself and his pregnant wife.

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10Buffalo Bill

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?Same Song & Dance

Who writes a song about kidnapping someone?

?My Darling

From this list, I liked this song the least. But why is Stan here? It's one of his best songs, it's a masterpiece.

Em has a conversation with the devil in this song.

Not with the devil, with Slim Shady, his alter ego that made him famous.

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Definitely not top 5 but I think it deserves this list.

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12Music Box

One of my favorite songs no idea why love how he is lyrically and how messed up it is

Just messed up. If you don't think so then listen to it.

13Bad Guy
14DripsV1 Comment
15Guilty Conscience

The messages in this song are god awful (not saying I don't love it because I do) I don't think it's his most messed up song but I deserves to be up here - DrNick

16Role Model
17Must Be the Ganja
18Love You More

It's about his abusive relationship with Kim.

19Ken Kaniff (Skit)

This has to be in the top ten this song is gross

20My MomV1 Comment
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