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Michael Jackson is the king of pop
Elvis Presley is the king of rock
Metallica is the KING OF MUSIC
METALLICA! That's sums it all. World of metal would never be the same without them. They've been through it all, creating masterpieces, even had their downfall. Yet they still came back strong with stuffs like Death Magnetic. They've played pure thrash, heavy metal, ballads etc.. You name it. Black Sabbath influenced them but that's can't be a reason why they can't be better. Nobody can deny their epic products especially in 80s.. Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets is truly masterpieces. Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Pantera, Judas, Anthrax, Ozzy, should be place higher or at least in top 10. X Japan is a great band but their place is unacceptable. Newer band such as A7X, Disturbed, Lamb of God, Slipknot & COB should be in the list but definitely not in top 10. G&R, Korn not even metal in my humble opinion. Linkin Park can GTFO & kiss every single band asses.. Should be write off forever.
I remember that day in 1983 when a friend of mine came at home and told me "listen to this":he had recorded "wiplash" or"metal militia"(not quite sure)on the radio the evening before. I kept silent for a while after listening and had a look to my friend. I guess we realized something huge and amazing had just happened in the metal sphere. I rushed to the nearest record-dealer to buy "Kill' em all", Metallica's first LP, and may have listen to it a thousand times! Then we saw them live twice (once at the "heavy sound festival of poperinge, Belgium) with unforgettable Cliff! The following albums are so great and impressive! (Ride... Master... Justice)As many, less conviced with the black album (except sandman & wonderful"nothing else matters"of course)and following load and reload but bought them in spite of everything cause Metallica is Metallca! Anyway, in 2008, they signed they lost nothing of their ill-temper and genius with "death magnetic". Sometimes when I remember that day in 1983, Ican't help telling to myself:"we weren't mistaken. Some years later Metallica has become the greatest metal band of the world and of all time!
[Newest]Iron maidens way better than Metallica, metallic as crap, master of puppets the worst song I've ever heard ( no offense )
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2Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden are one of the most revolutionary and original metal bands in the history of metal! Not only are they a huge role model for other bands such as Metallica but they are original in terms of lyrics and song meanings. Their songs aren't about sex and drugs but usually about mythical stories. Their signature songs captivate the audience with a slow and delicate introduction which jumps into a fitting arpeggio of melodies and riffs which makes up the concerts which are voted one of the best!
This band made me love Metal! Come on man, Iron Maiden SIMPLY THE BEST. Metallica is great, but come on its Maiden!
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest

In my opinion
They are the gods of metal.. Metallica is also amongst the best metal bands but even metallica is inspired by maiden
[Newest]Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
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3Black Sabbath
These guys are the reason why all heavy metal bands are born..
I mean come on!
I think these guys should be in number 1 in the first place!
Come on! Black Sabbath created metal. How come Slipknot is higher... They suck!
They are the god of metal how come they are at 9th position this is nonsense
I don't believe it ozzy is the best metal artist in the world
[Newest]Why are these heavy metal creators even in the third place?
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No band even compares to these guys. Especially not Metallica. Metallica holds the distinct honor of being the single most overrated metal band of all time.
True, but Metallica only placed a boulder in their path, the moment they asked Dave to leave. With dave in their line-up they would have been far more ahead then they are today.
Iron maiden, black sabbath, slayer and judas priest all deserve recognition, but Megadeth is my favorite of all time. Slipknot, x japan, disturbed, and avenged sevenfold are not deserving of this list. What a joke!
Who the f is x japan. A snowball's chance in hell they're better than megadeth. And also megadeth>metallica because megadeth stayed metal their entire career. Metallica TOTALLY sold out after and justice for all
Sorry to tell you this but megadeth did not stay metal they're entire career listen to risk or super collider they're hard rock albums
[Newest]Should be number 1 best in metal every other band gets slayed in the competition. The creators of thrash.
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5Judas Priest
Judas Priest is the best Metal band, there's not another better. They're called Metal gods, thing that others can't be called. On the top with them Black Sabbath has the place, and after them, shall be Iron Maiden and Accept.


Please tell me why Judas Priest is notnumberone... I mean tht voice is like WAy out there.. NO DUPLICATIONS! I mean I may only be 17 but I know JUDAS PRIEST was the BEST!


I can't understand why JP is on 7. You people are insane. Really. JP and Iron Maiden should be the first two. Get metallica out of there, RAM IT DOWN!
[Newest]No. Avenged Sevenfold should NOT be in front of Judas Priest. Avenged Sevenfold shouldn't be anywhere NEAR the top ten. Vote Priest!
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6Avenged Sevenfold
I don't like it that people think that in order to be great, you have to be such and such years old. Newer bands can be just as great and even greater than these bands from the 80's. Since their very first album they've been god-like. Even when they switch up their sound, it still sounds incredible. Great performers, great people, and definitely one of the greatest bands ever.
Perfect band is all I can say, we can found the greatest screamer, MATT SHADOW, we can hear a greatest riff by SYNYSTER GATES, and the drummer icon and the best voice, THE REV.. ZACKY also give a big dealing with the guitar by his left hand, and not least, JOHNNY CHRIST, without him play his bass guitar, AVENGED SEVENFOLD song will never perfect...
Avenged Sevenfold is the best band I have ever heard. It is not very inappropriate, beside from the slashing and cannibalism in one or more of their songs. Its a nice mix of instruments, and I think adding the violin in more of their songs would be sweet. Their songs are beautiful at times and just awesomely awesome. I wonder why this is not number one. IT SHOULD BE!
[Newest]Avenged Sevenfold is a band of pure genius. Even after the rev the greatest drummer died, they managed to find another great drummer. That just goes to show you these guys are pure genius. Best band EVER!
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Pantera should be in 1st. Their songs are hardcore and fresh still today. A true metal band of all time... Don't judge me that's the fact.
Have to agree that pantera should be first I mean darell shreds at the electric guitar I mean he is insanly good I can only play like 2 or 3 of his songs they are really hard and you can't forget about phil anselmo
Pantera rocks Cowboys from Hell was just pure metal amen
[Newest]Here's the truth. Legends come first. Bands like Avenged Sevenfold x Japan etc don't deserve to be compared to the bands like Black Sabbath megadeth pantera iron maiden slayer Judas priest etc. They are the creators of heavy metal so quite righteously must be placed higher. Anyways Pantera May not be THE best metal band but it certainly is a hell of a kick ass
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Too many fangirls voting it seems. Slayer are probably one of the greatest metal bands ever and avenged sevenfold are above them oh dear
Slayer surely is number 1... Lame people dunno why its so down to 16... Slayer is best band ANGEL OF DEATH is one of the best song in the metal history... SLAYER are the direct reason for DEATH METAL... Slayer should be at least within top 5! SLAYER METALLICA SABBATH MAIDEN JUDAS PRIEST COB PANTERA MEGADETH DREAM THEATRE MOTORHEAD are definite top 10
Slayer at 16? Whos x japan? Slayer is the best metal band ever.. Metallica, black sabbath, judas priest, iron maiden, megadeth, cradle of filth, cob, log all come after Slayer
[Newest]There's a reason why Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth, ARE the 'Big Four', and why Avenged Sevenfold ISN'T. The ONLY four bands, that could work together, to cover an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SONG, by Diamond Head: Am I Evil!
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9System of a Down
Serj tankian is one of the best metal vocalists of all time. These guys deserve to be just a little higher on this lest
not as traditional as iron maiden, megadeth etc. but farout these guys have created their own sound and made some amazing music. I love system
I simply love toxicity! It's awesome! They should really be number 1 like really I mean yeah
[Newest]Most versatile metal bands ever
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10Dream Theater
The reason that a lot of people don't like DT is because they aren't musicians - which is OK. However, I feel that they are definitely underrated, although I was actually surprised to find them 12 on the list; they are really not that popular. But I am a bit surprised that they are below SLAYER and SYSTEM OF A DOWN! I mean, this IS a metal list which does include nu and death/really heavy thrash metal but those bands are way too evilish and scary and screamy for me. I, however, would strongly recommend anybody (particularly Metallica and rush fans, but anybody nonetheless) to listen to the WHOLE SONG Pull Me Under or even better, Octavarium. At the very beginning, when I first got into DT, I only really liked and had heard of the songs Pull Me Under and Panic Attack. I loved them both, and I wanted to know more songs by this band, because they were so great in my opinion. SO, I came to this site, and I looked at the top 10 DT songs. Octavarium was on the top of the list. I went on iTunes and listened to the preview... HATED IT. I was like, "Wow this is really stupid and makes no sense at all why is this so high on the list? " But, I figured there must be a reason that this song is so liked, so I put on my new beats (got them that day), and listened to the whole thing on grooveshark. I paid strong attention to the musicality and the lyrics and everything, and oh my gosh, I loved it. So much that, with the remainder of an itunes gift card that I had, I bought the whole album (you can't buy the song on its own). What a fantastic decision that was.
How is Dream Theater 14th!? Dream Theater pushes progressive metal to the limits and offers KILLER drum solos and riffs in all of their songs and not in a couple of their hits
14th!. Well I think the people who vote here is too young to understand Dream Theater
[Newest]Favorite metal band, period.
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The Contenders

Slipknot below x japan? X japan doesn't deserve top 10 list!
Slipknot is awesome. They're not just about kicking ass or being hardcore, they have strong and well thought out ideals coupled with a great sound.
Slipknot is one of the best bands, if not the best metal band in the world. It songs are amazingly played and the lyric are just epic. The best combo for me. Plus I like the masks
But don't forget that masks are not what make them awesome man. Intense power, anger, mind and body is what makes Slipknot. I wouldn't say they are the best, but I would say they belong at about 10 or 9.
[Newest]Slipknot at 1st place!
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disturbed rules! but I mean come on! I've looked at the band rankings and most of you are morons. first ozzy osbourne was declared the king of metal a few years ago. second its not about the stupid message the song gives, its about how badass they can be with a guitar and drums. Also most people who have known the older bands and listened to their music would agree that they truly invented the music of metal. And You buttholes who say " Ohh but the newer bands are way better ", SHUT UP! you don't know the true meaning of rocking out.
Well, judas priest gives no message at all. Still more badass at guitars and drums than disturbed. Listen to painkiller album.
I like them too much to have an complete impartial opinion. :)
Go ahead Disturbed. You're the best new metal band which I listen until now.
David Draimans voice is strong and beautiful its just sex to the ears
Dan Donegan is a master on the guitar
John Moyer is a beast on the bass
and Mike Wengren is the best drummer of the newer metal bands
in my opinion
[Newest]No matter what number on the list, Disturbed is still the greatest
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Haha, Death should be top 10 easily. Avenged Sevenfold? Seriously? LINKIN PARK? Well, I'm just saying Death slaughters most of these bands. At least Pantera and Megadeth are in a quite fair spot.
Death being this low on the list is an absolute joke. Every song by Death is amazing, Chuck's vocals are just incredible, and you can't forget the fact that this band practically started DEATH METAL. Which is one of the biggest sub genre's to Metal.
I am feeling so Symbolic about death. Death mixes a perfect pitch in their music.
[Newest]Death should be at least 5
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14Bullet For My Valentine
Only one word is enough for them. The best band ever, however I'm unhappy to see them so down here. Vote for bullet. Let bullet devour you. Metal, metal, metal...
Their songs are really very very good. They have given a new meaning to the metalcore genre. The voice of Matt Tuck is awesome. The riffs and solos of Paget are impressive, Jay does a good work on the bass and the drumming by Moose is just too good, I mean the way he blends the double bass with the drums is really impressive.
They should at least be in top 10 if not in top 5.
Those who have not listened to them, please please Listen to these an you will know-
Waking The Demon, All These Things I hate, Tears Don't Fall, Your Betrayal and Hearts Burst Into Fire.
Bullet For My Valentine for the win.
The list is rigged...
Guys just listen to their songs...
The best of the best... How could it not be in the top 3?
[Newest]Should be number one
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15Lamb Of God
Why is this 19th?
this is one of the best...
lamb of god deserves more...
In my opinion every band I've seen so far deserves to be acknowledged on this list. Every band I've heard on it are brilliant. Maybe some wouldn't be considered metal, but those bands are still awesome. Lamb Of God are one of the best. I think that the new and old metal types of metal on this list should be divided up, as they do sound very different. The bands that stand out to me the most have to be Slipknot and LOG at the minute, although that doesn't mean to say that the others are bad. Randy Blythe's scream is by far the best here! Listen to the dongs 'Set To Fail' and 'Now You've Got Something To Die For' trust me, if you're a true metal fan you will love them. Oh and by the way Linkin Park are in fact nu metal, well Hybrid Theory and Meteora anyway and they are an excellent band.
Lamb of god is the best band of them all, because their songs are like math, They count out every note in the riffs and makes them like a puzzle. Incredible to listen to! EPIC!
[Newest]LOG should be top 5 on this list uber-talented drummer and guitarists plus versatile lead singer not to mention remarkable song writers
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Too much love for these guys, they deserve to be way further up.
It's Motorhead. When talking about the best metal bands not including this one is equal to blasphemy ( if you're religious) or idiocity ( if you're not religious)
True, Lemmy says that he doesn't think Motörhead is metal. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's right. Listen to an album like overkill or ace of spades, and tell me that isn't heavy metal! They were the pioneers of speed metal. Plus the punk influence they had served as a thrash metal inspiration. They are easily one of the most influential metal bands of all time


great band, underrated 'cause they sing in german..
Music is so different to any other metal band in the world. Puts on the best live shows ever, and you never get tired of listening to their music. Just plain Amazing! Legends!
Best German band ever. Best Industrial band ever. Best performances live ever. Many awesome song ( Du hast, P, Ich will, Moskau, Ich tu dir weh, Rosenrot etc)
[Newest]One of the best Band of all time!
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Yall' know nirvana, ACDC, van halen, red hot chili peppers, and 30 seconds to mars isn't metal right?
The should be within the top 5, with iron maiden, megadeth, Metallica and black sannath. If anyone needs further reminder of the awesomeness of this band, listen to their new album
Come on. At least the top ten. Nirvana, van halen, red hot chili peppers are all not metal. I'm not saying that they are bad bands but this is a metal band list. Also, how the hell are slipknot and linkin park above Anthrax. The most underratted band in the big four.
[Newest]I hate Dream Theater. We'll bring Anthrax on top.

Linkin Park and Bullet For My Valentine better than Tool? What's wrong with you people!


No Offense, (which means get ready for an insult) but it seems like a profound number of people who listen to Metal here has no regard to the suspense mystery and intelligibility of the songs.

I am not surprised that Tool is not in the Top Ten; not many people appreciate them, not many people understand them, not many people appreciate lyrics (if you do you will have great regard to what the hell they are singing), and not many of them has reached that great switch of perspectives...

I wager many of these people don't listen to classical music.
What does it have anything to do with Tool?
It means you are not resilient. You only like Metal. That is all.
Tool is one of the most talented and original bands of all time, of course my favourite ones would be Metallica or Iron Maiden but I noticed bands like Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and System of a Down are on the top ten, when actual talented and awesome bands like Tool, Motörhead, Dream Theater, Anthrax, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Opeth, Manowar, who deserve to be higher than those bands are on awfull positions, please don't vote for stuff like Bullet for my Valentine, Linkin Park, All That Remains or The Devil Wears Prada, you may like them but they don't have the history that a band like Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin has and they are higher, seriously? Without those two bands and Black Sabbath metal wouldn't even exist.. so please vote for important and talented metal bands, not for emo easy making stuff, that can be good but not epic
[Newest]Though they are mainly metal/prog-metal, with some effort on alt metal and alt rock tunes. They deserve to be higher on the list. Not the most guitar heavy band but thoughtful and powerful songs better than some above them on this list.


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20Ozzy Osbourne
How is ozzy only 29 th behind linkin park and dragonforce. He is the prince of darkness and the king of metal. At least number 5!


GRR! Ozzy was the one in my life who showed me how heavy metal was good and I'm only ten years old. Give a hurray for awesome songs like crazy train, mr. Crowley, no more tears, let it die, gets me through and the rest of his but road to nowhere. I hope this made you think he should be number one.
Man ozzy should be higher than this. Without him none of these guy's on the countdown would even be here. And he can still rock hard!


[Newest]Really 19? In my opinion top 10

How the hell is Dio not higher on the bloody list?
He was one of the founding fathers of what we call metal!
Hail to the king! M/ Dio started the evil horns, had an amazing voice, was on Black Sabbath, and wasn't a cocky bastard about it! You guys need to stop voting up the latest popular trend and vote for the guys that have lasted!
Most people in this time probably don't know. He created awesome singles, popularized the sign of the horns, joined Sabbath, and is one of the best vocalist of all time. As it says OF ALL TIME, Dio should be on the top! RIP Dio.
[Newest]Dio should at least be in the top 10 because of the amount of badass he has, and then I'm not even talking about his influence or legacy

This is the greatest Band ever. They should be in first place by far, man. The difference from other bands is that most of them have like 3 songs that are outstanding, AC/DC has over 10.
Well they are not even a metal band and you did not look at the name of the list.
This right here is the definition of epicness. Bon Scott and Angus Young, kings of their craft. Even though they are not metal, I have to vote for them they are my favorite band hands down
Metallica are just overrated! They are not even near AC/DC and I'm a Metallica fan but still AC/DC were the ONES that gave metal a whole new dimension!
[Newest]Best metal band ever

23Children Of Bodom
I think COB is the best of all ever. And Alexi (The Wildchild ) is guitar guru, I just can't but help listening to them even I can't think of heavy metal without cob... Love you!
Why 18th? Is this some kind of joke! Children of bodom don't deserve to be in the top 20, they deserve to be in the top 3! People should consider looking at the advantage that this band has. They melodic, fast and skilled! Alexi and Roope have absolute technique and speed. Watch the bodom beach terrot solo lesson and see how talented Alexi is. COB IS AWESOME AND THEY SHOULD KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! NOT MY FUNERAL IS ALSO A GOOD SONG TO PICK UP CONSIDERATION
My personal Favorite band of all time I Loved all their albums.
Their new album is okay, its meh it has some cool solos and guitar playing.

Bloodrunk was awesome though, I don't know why fans complain about it.
I've loved bodom since Something wild and They really progressed their style A lot into a great band.

There is a reason The ESP guitar website puts Alexi Laiho's Name above george lynch, Jeff Hannamen ( slayer), Gus G ( ozzy), Stephen Carpender ( deftones), Mycheal paget ( bullet), Will Adler ( lamb of god), Ron Wood ( rolling stones), Max Cavaleria ( Soul fly, Sepultara)
[Newest]Children of bodom should be top 1
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At least they're higher than before, but this still is not acceptable. Mikael is probably the greatest vocalist in metal alive being able to go from epic death growls yo sweet harmonizing singing. Just look up the songs "the moor" and "burden" and you'll see what I mean
Opeth rules! Anyone who think A7X and Bullet For My Valentine is metal should be decapitated and mutilated! Bullet For My Valentine and A7X are NOT metal. They are both metalcore and metalcore is not metal metalcore is hardcore hardrock both of those are not metal and combining two non genres of metal together does NOT give you metal. And no just because wikipedia says metalcore has extreme metal influences and hardcore punk doesn't mean it's true. HCP is black flag and misfits and EM is cradle of filth and new dimmu borgir and metalcore has non of these. Trivium, As I lay Dying, Unearth and Killswitch engage are the only metalcore bands that are actually metal.
The completness of apparent uniform uneducated/uninformed nature of the community voting on this list is the most apparent by Opeth's exclusion from the top 3. Easily the best band on this list, although to all the Metallica haters, you are kidding yourselves if dismiss the incredible legacy left by that band's first 4 albums. Opeth itself initially sounded like a similar ( much more complex) Metallica clone as so many other bands have. To call metallics entire career in summation equal to the #1 spot is ludicrous though. Opeth's consistency in producing excellent music that demands and rewards repeat listens is unrivsled
[Newest]I love this band so much. Mike Akerfeldt is just a genius. People need to know them.

25Linkin Park
The old linkin park yes, Hybird Theory and Meteora are awesome. However there latest stuff I wouldn't call metal.
Linkin park is the perfect combo of Hip-hop and Rock (Rock and Rap -Mike Shinoda). However, it also has an amazing metal element to it that still remains in their new albums everyone complains about. (Victimized, Lies Greed Misery... ) Without Chester, this band wouldn't be on this list. This band is first on the alternative rock list. Nirvana is a good second place winner though. :P
Linkin Park should be higher, at least in top 5. Two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, are Linkin Park's metal album, but Minutes To Midnight is a little bit of Metal too.
[Newest]They're not metal, nor are they good, so it seems a little weird for them to be on the list of "best metal bands"
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26As I Lay Dying
What the hell is AS I LAY DYING doing down here?... Its obviously the god of all metal bands of all times. People have seemed 2 f'ed up their minds by just sticking their hearts to Metallica and considering them as the ruler of all times. Come on man, a ruler doesn't remain the ruler forever. People don't seem to have heard the quality of music that these guys produce. This is really very unfair... AS I LAY DYING definitely needs justice. Please vote for this wonderful band and if you don't believe me then hear these:
This is who we are
Anger and Apathy
Through Struggle
Darkest nights
Moving Forward
The kings of metalcore!
Come on guys! As I Lay Dying is one of the greatest and most special bands
Some bands don't deserve to be above these metal masters, like X Japan.
30 is very low number for this awesome band!


What is Japan X and Linkin Park doing up there when AS I LAY DYING is sleeping right here? It seems people still don't have enough idea about "metal". How could Linkin Park and Dragon Force be called metal bands man? Please vote 4 AS I LAY DYING! I am DYING to see it up in the top 5
[Newest]This is who we are

40?... WTF manowar are the true kings of metal the should be on top
One of the most underrated bands ever just listen to hail and kill or warriors of the world or die for metal or sons of Odin or Sleipnir almost most of there songs are awesome there the true kings of metal
No other band so purely represents the soul of metal. The first note I ever heard them play live sent a chill to my spine. The strenght and power of their songs are a whole other level, and all their songs drip with pure metal. So old, yet still so METAL!
[Newest]Simply kings of metal!

Okay as far as a list goes I don't know exactly where the placement of KoRn should be. But I know one thing, personally it should be just a bit higher than this. Jonathan Davis has an amazing voice. He can do a wide range of different things with his voice. And not only that but have you heard a lot of their music?! And no I am not talking about all of their overplayed songs. I am talking about the songs that you don't hear much. There is so much emotion put into the music. You can literally feel the anger, and the pain in some of their harder and softer stuff. And the crazy things they do with their instruments really makes their music very different. With Fieldy slapping his bass like a pro. And Munky is a exceptional guitarist. And takes different approaches to things. And the drums no matter who it was that was playing them at the time were amazing. I just think this band should be up a bit more on the list.
My #1. Best nu-metal band ever, great vox, awesome riffs and so much emotion and understanding. No words for the work of this band. I have goosebumps every time I hear the voice of Jonathan Davis. It's just embarrassing that KoRn wasn't in this top 200 before I added it. Their latest album, tPoT, is the best album ever made. The mix of Dubstep and Metal is just perfect. They're great inventors in the field of music. Much love and respect for this band.
Korn is maybe the best metal band of all time, especially Untouchables
[Newest]KORN all the way. no contest.. No other band comes close to them.. Jonathan has pure emotion in his voice, to me that's what I look for. Not to mention he is a great song writer. They should be number 1 hands down

29Five Finger Death Punch
AMAZING - Best Modern Metal Band on this list so far, in my opinion! And I know most of these bands! I am in love with every single song they have ever produced, they're all amazing!
Holy hell Five finger death punch are way better than all of the bands below pantera. They should be in the top ten.
How in the hell can anyone think that 5fdp is not top ten quality. I mean seriously. Between the vocal range and their emotional meaningful lyrics... They are one of the best.
[Newest]What they did to "House of the Rising Sun" was a travesty.

30Arch Enemy
If Metallica is the god, Arch Enemy is the goddess! WE WILL RISE! Angela Gossow's voice rules!
Only retards who follow rhymes think Metallica is the king of metal. Rhyming words don't reveal talent. Arch enemy is the perfect metal band ever. Voice of Angela Gossow, Drums and riffs make them unstoppable.
Arch enemy deserve the position of top 10... this band just too awesome

Trivium bloody best band ever!
Why so low?... Really very disgusted to see them in so low in ratings its the best metal I ever heard... And how come likin park become a metal band...
Ascendancy, Shogun and In Waves have to be the 3 greatest albums I've ever heard. Theses guys are also the best live musicians I've ever seen. They surely deserve number1!
[Newest]Trivium rocks! Take a listen to Vengeance Falls and you will vote for them surely.

32Iced Earth
I am sorry if I make a lot of people to get angry, but honestly I think that Iced Earth are 2 classes above every other band metal or not even classics as Iron Maiden and Metallica.
Dantes Inferno, A Question of Heaven, Coming Curse, Damien, I Walk Alone, Travel In Stygian, Gettysburg, Declaration Day, Pure Evil, Cast In Stone, The Hunter, A Charge To Keep, When Stars Collide, Anthem, Dystopia, Burning Times...
One of the best bands on the planet, so amazing, songs like Dracula, Ten Thousand Strong, A Question Of Heaven, Travel In Stygian and others are so amazing.MATT BARLOW on vocals the best metal vocalist after Halford and Dickinson.None can sing Travel In Stygian, A Question Of Heaven or Dracula like Barlow.Listen to their live album Alive In Athens it's insane.One word for this band EPIC.
Favorite metal band ever. They've got some of my favorite songs out there, and they're a great balance between iron maiden and Metallica. Great lyrics in all their songs and tons of meaning in their lyrics. Highly recommend listening to their night of the storm rider album or the glorious burden
[Newest]Great band. So underrated. King diamond is rad too.

33Blind Guardian
One of the best power metal groups in the history of metal. The vocals of Hansi Kürsch are simply wonderful. BG isn't the greatest band ever, but it deserves to be at least in the first 40.
Top 40? Are you kidding me? They are one of the top 10 greatest bands in terms of musicianship.


They are the only metal band I know that has been improving over time - every next album is better than the previous one. Altogether 10 albums and almost 30 years of exemplary musicianship. I just listened to their 2015 album and what can I say? - I have nothing but admiration for them! Similarly to other people, I'm also beginning to think that Blind Guardian are comparable to Maiden and Priest in terms of quality and consistency. And seeing them in #43 breaks my heart.


Metallica on top? Metallica died with Cliff Burton
Blind Guardian is still good. "Nightfall in Middle-earth" is best when live
Guardian is the only band that hasn't failed to amaze me on this list.
How are we under HammerFall, Manowar and Dragonforce?
[Newest]Where's Wintersun? If I can't vote for them, I have to put Blind Guardian

34All That Remains
come on people? why isnt this band even on the list? listen to some of their songs like this calling, six, the weak willed, the deepest gray, chiron, for we are many


Get your ears checked people
Singer = douche, rest of band = generic metal musicians. :P

They are invencible on stage, their sound is amazing, their set list is perfect, and the performing is awesome. Shall be at the top behind Judas Priest.


mad songs especially balls to the wall I love that song
The best German Metal ever existed.
[Newest]The Greatest Band in the music history of all times.

Helloween are the best power metal band in the world! only listen their EPIC saga "Keepers Of The Seven Keys", prepare to enter heaven!

How in hell Helloween is 39? They created Power Metal, which is an amazing Metal Style, also they have the best members in this category, awesome composers, great vocals, bass, guitars and drums, mostly drums with Ingo amazing work. They deserve much more than poser bands like Slipknot and A7x
Any band that can lose their lead singer, after making two epic albums, help create new genre, but be followed by low rated let down albums, and then still somehow manage to make a come back with equally awesome music and equally epic singer should be way higher up on a metal list.
[Newest]Having this band this low is criminal. With overrated bands like Metallica and the other posers above that I'm not going to mention, Doubts my intelligence of the human race. Listen to these guys people. Listen to real metal.

37Guns N Roses
Most talented band as they only released 3 albums. Had the most high-profile songs of any metal band
40th? Heh really? Who made this list? Noobies? Come on youngsters, this band should be around the top ten and most of ya'll know it. I'm a guns and roses fan since day 1 and this band inspired lot of kids like me when it was our days.
Guns N' Roses must be on top it's like the best band everr and slash rocks Guns N' Roses to death and metal never die m/
[Newest]Guns N' Roses are great, but no metal!

38Amon Amarth
Is this even a pure metal list? Rock and metal are two entirely different genres of music. 3-4 bands among the top-ten don't even have their roots in metal. And those that are metal are all specifically heavy metal, except Slayer. Whatever happened to the variety in subgenres. Moreover, folk metal bands are nowhere to be seen. Not even Eluveitie or Wintersun, which show traces of melodic death metal and are deservedly more popular and talented than most other bands on this list. In Flames, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Opeth, Orphaned Land, Dark Tranquillity, Children of Bodom, Carcass, Insomnium, and the likes have shockingly found their places in double figures above 30! And I don't consider any metal list worth a dime without the likes of Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Moonsorrow, Eluveitie, Tyr, Amorphis, Anathema, Adorned Brood, Falkenbach etc featuring in it. And these either aren't even in this list, or they lie somewhere near the century mark. This list has clearly been created and voted on by the pop/rock audience, and is absolutely worthless.
Half the bands on this list aren't even metal. Amon Amarth kicks ass, and needs to be further up the list since we are talking about metal, after all.
Amon Amarth being out of the top 40 (instead of the top 5) only goes to show how underrated they are and/or unknown in the states. Give a listen to Destroyer of the Universe or Pursuit of Vikings and tell me how these guys are not rated MUCH HIGHER. Number one melodic death metal band on the planet Earth in my book!
[Newest]When I heard slave of fear song all of my body burn as like as flame...

The combination of Alex Skolnick and Chuck Billy make Testament a force to be reckoned with. They should be the fifth member of the "big 4." (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, considered the "big 4" of thrash metal, for those who don't know) They have been writing great music since the 80s and they are still writing great music. One of my favorite bands.


Why people voted Avenged Sevenfold?
Testament is the best!
Seriously.. Great band, great lyrics.. And absolutely the coolest bass sound in metal.. Blah blah blah haters.. Face it
[Newest]Is this seriously under Linkin Park?

They are great! These folks should be in the top ten! I know they are Swedish but they rock, if you don't agree you have never heard them.
The best heavy metal band!
They will be the last band standing on this list!

The big 4 get all the credit but the first people to play thrash or extreme metal venom. Metallica influenced almost every single modern metal band in existence and slayer gave birth to death metal with direct help from venom and anthrax who created Nu metal would not exist without venom. venom also directly spawned black metal. Only Black Sabbath who created metal and maybe Judas Priest who perfected it could possibly rank above venom. While I love them they definitely aren't my favorite but If were talking about "greatest" metal bands them venom must be top 3 possibly top 2


Formed in Newcastle, England in 1979.
Classic albums: Welcome to Hell, Black Metal, At War With Satan.
Metal changed to black

One of the best bands still going on in this decade. If you've never heard of them, look up their albums Once, Oceanborn, and Imaginaerum. They are such a creative band. They DEFINITELY deserve to be in the top ten. I'm not saying it's a crime if someone's not a fan of them, but more people need to look them up to begin with! Dark Chest of Wonders, The Pharaoh Sails to Orion, Devil and The Deep Dark Ocean, End of All Hope, Planet Hell, She Is My Sin, Ghost Love Score, The Phantom of the Opera (live versions), Storytime, Sahara, Scaretale, 7 Days to the Wolves, Ghost River, and Last Ride of the Day are just a selected few of their masterpieces. Not to mention they have some of the best songwriting of all time - the lyrics, which are heavily influenced by fantasy, are literally poetry, and that is no exaggeration.  
This is the best for me.
since the lyrics is not about evil, the concept is not about evil.
everything is great!
BEST BAND EVER PERIOD! How they aren't in the top 10 at least I don't know fajpfjgjeprvgj slipknot ahead of them WHAT?
[Newest]Yes. Why is this below papa roach. That is so sad.

43Cradle of Filth
Cradle of Filth should be in the top ten! My preference laugh out loud
Love the guys! I can listen to them forever hahahahaaha! (><)//
Their lyric can make a movie you know
[Newest]I think it should have its place-5th...

44In Flames
I would rather go to In Flames concert than to Metallica or Iron Maiden concert. To me they are the best band on this planet, tough they really should be in top ten at bare minimum.

Try listening to Slipknot's Psychosocial and then listen to In Flames' Only for the Weak and then explain me how In Flames number 28 and Slipknot 10!

They don't just make few awesome songs, their every songs is awesome and worth listening. If you would point a gun at me and ask me what are my top ten In Flames songs, I honestly couldn't tell you. There are just so many insanely good songs.

Everything about this band is brilliant: vocal, lyrics, melody, rhythm, guitar solo... And I don't care what people say about their new albums. They are as great as the old albums.

In Flames we trust!
In Flames doesn't make music. They create melodic poetry. Rhythms that make you want to beat someone up, along with lyrics that can give you goosebumps. Is and will always be my favorite music, they changed Melodic Death Metal. In Flames we Trust.
Why the Hell is In Flames down here! They created a new genre with their music.. You will never get a better listen to pure music.. it is the perfect mix of melody and metal.. I think they should be in the Top 10 metal bands of all time.. They ARE SO INFLUENTIAL! No in flames album has ever been bad, and the best part is every single album is different from all the previous ones.. The Best band of all time.. Too Classy..
In Flames we trust!
[Newest]To be honest I rather in flames to even Metallica... people don't wanna see the power of Swedish and Finnish music

45Marilyn Manson
Lyrically and musically I think his album trilogy of 'Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood' are the most complex and intelligent I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.
Absolutely amazing, such a shame that he is so understood to be 33rd.
One of if not the best stage man ever.. Been to 5 of his shows eachone one amazing.. Nothing bad I can say about him or his music I love it


[Newest]Lyrically, Marilyn Manson is one of the best of this day and age. His voice really turns me away from his music however

Why would you put dragonforce this low, as my favorite band that I enjoyed hearing most of my day to Through fire and flames, heroes of our time and soldier of our time, they deserve a place to be in the top ten. They put up some powerful notes that words can not describe even when herman li starts playing his guitar, YOU ROCK GUYS!
I Love Dragonforce because the notes they play is Technically hard And Love to hear them... Dragonforce rocks... Herman li Is Awesome Their finger skills is so good... And I want to meet them as me myself is a guitarist of a small band... Thank you
Amazing guitar solo, herman lee rock!
[Newest]Herman Li and Sam Totman... Best guitars...

47Antim Grahan
Many of you may not have heard of Antim Grahan because its band from nepal. But If you give a try and listen one of the song then the real metal lovers can not stop them from loving this band. Listen to their songs like FOREVER WINTER or 300 and you will know what I'm trying to say
-Nepali Metal Lover
Antim Grahan is a ultimate metal band. I would really like to thank this site because through this site, I discovered Antim Grahan and now I am proud to be one of the antim grahan fan...

Hell Yeah... Antim Grahan take metal genre to new level... Shame to all those people who call themselves metal lover and do not listen to Antim Grahan.
[Newest]One of the best...

48Deep Purple
Amazing they help put down the ground work for all recent Metal along with Sabbath. They had the Original Metal in the 70's. Helped with two great albums in the 80's metal shred. Gave us the epic intro to the Battle Rages on in the 90's and In 2013 gave us an astounding progressive Metal album Now What!? Clearly they are one of the best metal bands of all time!


Technically good or not, I don't care.
They have so many good songs with good riffs and good guitars.
You don't have to be fast to be a good guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore
Is on my list of good music.
I enjoy their music, this is what heavy metal is all about!
53 on this list presently, this is a joke for deep purple
[Newest]Oh come on! These guys just 41?!?!?

49Machine Head
This band is just perfect. The instrumental is the most complex you can find, Robb's vocals are unbelievable in studio, such as live, and the lyrics are pure art. Plus, they adopted many styles throughout their career, so it's the best Thrash metal band you'll ever find!
Machine head should be a lot higher. Locust and halo are truly amazing songs. Their cover of hallowed be thy name is absolutely brilliant
Best live band I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. They just blow me away.
The blackening has to be one of the best metal albums of all time.
[Newest]This band should be in the top 20 they are way better than lamb of god

50Rage Against the Machine
Agreed, why the hell is this band down at 44, they are one of the most important bands of not only the 90s, but of all time. Very political, and very heavy. Definitely heavier than most of the bands on this list, and the lyrics are also controversial and heavy. Only Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden match up to these guys.
On his best days zach de la rocha would be lucky ( and I'm reaching) to occupy the receptacle tip of a rubber prophylactic filled by any of the latter band members you've just mentioned. And oh ya his politics suck ... JUST SAYING
Iron maiden are, always have and always will be my favourite metal band but RATM have really grown on me the last couple of months. Deserve the vote!


Come on people. Tom morello is a god. at least 30th, bare minimum
[Newest]Place 50?!?!?!? Pathetic place to put a band of true music

51Cannibal Corpse
This is an absolute joke. Cannibal deserves to be way higher on this list because no other band comes close to their brutal sound.
Pardon me? Who let A7X, Slipknot and X-Japan in the top 10? Cannibal Corpse started death metal, one of the most brutal genres in music history! Can't they at least be in the top 5? Or 10 maybe?
Great Pure Metal band right here. Their oldest albums to their newest ones are still brutal as ever.
[Newest]They must be first! They're unstoppable, last year they made a non-stop tour and almost every day they've played a gig... what you want more?

The sun has set on emperor but the music is still alive Ihsahn has started doing more progressive metal which is really good anyone who had not listened to emperor, or to Ihsahn, is really missing out this is some of the best metal ever.


I was young. Still are. Black.
Didn't expext Emperor to be here. They should be at number one together with Nile

This band stands for goregrind they're the most brutal band iv'e ever heard. They deserve to be higher than cannibal corpse!
The most brutal band I have ever heard exept Suicide Silence

54Alice in Chains
"Them Bones"- even ignoring the fact that Layne was the greatest and most original, distinctive male vocalists of all time- even ignoring the fact that virtually everything they did was pure genius, honest beauty... There is "Them Bones". Even that track alone would make them a notable case for a Metal Top 10. I mean it's iconic- you know it's coming and it knocks you down and runs over you like a thundering steam train of nihilistic existensial pain... it's raw, rough, agressive and you feel it in your chest. They are great music, and thankfully didn't find it necessary to 'fit in' with genre stereotype.
Lets get this straight. Yes these guys were in the grunge period, and were from seattle, but the nature of their music, particularly Dirt and Facelift, had very strong metal sounds. And Bullet For My Valentine and Linkin Park are not only not metal, they are also both crap!
These guys were not a grunge band. Jerrys riffs were pure metal!
[Newest]They should be so so much higher...

55Motley Crue
Why the Heck did they put Motley Crue in 59? Its just wrong man, they should be arrested for that kind of stupid stoned and dumb thing that they did. I know Ozzy, Guns N Roses, KISS, Scorpions, and AC/DC and other ones are good but Motley Crue is the best IN THE Best Metal Bands.
Another hard rock list crossover, but metal enough to be here. Some great albums, and a great show in Santa Monica.
They invented the sex drugs rock and roll lifestyle were the hell are they they are way better than avenged sevenfold, slipknot, and all that nu-metal crap
[Newest]These guys are technically metal since they're part of the glam metal sub genre. They are definitely one of the best glam metal bands along with Skid Row.


World. Wake up! There's more beyond mainstream music.

#The undisputed masters of underground music.
Meshuggah is the Best. We're talking about the best not about history or something like that.
They created an unique style which has been copied by countless other bands.

57Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage is definitely up there, their sound is unique without being too unfamiliar to the ears of metal fans.
Greatest band of all time every song s different unique and amazing Howard jones has the best vocals of any band. This deserves to be a lot higher on the list
Should be way higher. Howard Howard Jones sings like a god and Jesse Leech is just as good.
[Newest]Oh, come on! Really?! This band got a song into Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, for a reason! My Curse is absolutely AMAZING! Why are these guys at damn FIFTY-SEVEN! BEHIND Linkin Park, WHO ARE HARDLY ROCK?!


58Born of Osiris
This is gonna be the future ruler of metal world; the "Metallica of the future". This band is very young and fresh so popularity is its biggest problem. But once it gets into the years of metal lovers, Metallica will be doomed. This band is worth hearing 4 its guitar, drums, screaming and keyboard skills. This deathcore band deserves a chance in the top 3 list. Hear songs like:
Follow the signs
Recreate, etc.
please vote 4 this band and hear the songs.
This band is certainly too young and unpopular but once it gains popularity, it will reach the top for sure.
Hear songs like:
Follow the signs
Open arms to damnation
Abstract art
Shaping the masterpiece
I was literally stunned and amazed at hearing Follow the signs. This deathcore band is so damn skilled and beautiful. I am sure that time will lift up this band! Please vote 4 this band!
Somebody lend me your ears so that I can inject some quality progressive deathcore music here! Listen to this band man! It will blow your mind! My suggestions to you my mates-
Follow the signs
The Omniscient
- Listen to them and your life will seem different. If you don't get goosebumps while listening to them, I'll stop listening to metal music!
[Newest]These guys are amazing

59Three Days Grace
Their awesome because I can't find a single song by then that I didn't like. I don't think they're the best to everyone cause there are other bands better but some of those other bands songs aren't good but all of Three Days Grace are awesome! Though it may not be the best metal band because not all of their songs are metal, most of then are hard rock, but they're still awesome
This is the best inspirational band I ever seen. They I Believe they should have shot right pass Linkin Park though. I think they are way better and deserve a better ranking. No disrespect to Linkin Park though, they have written some of the best songs I've ever heard also. Although with that said I believe if you would listen to every TDG album and song you'd have them in you're top 5 and possibly, as you're number 1 band. Because we have to be honest, its not a band on this list that has all metal songs. I believe overall, and by overall I mean all around potential and the quality and persistency of the songs a band writes. TDG makes in the top 5 easy. I wont go so far and say there better then the classic rock bands like the Beatles, but they do come close to those standards. And speaking of the Beatles majority of their songs are not metal. This my opion.
I think this is so lowly ranked because I wouldn't really consider it a "metal" band. It's more rock to me. They are very good, though.
[Newest]These guys aren't metal.

Kreator and testament keep thrash alive. Not like that rubbish Metallica and toxic holocaust
The soul of thrash

What can I say? They've been thrashing since the 1980s with no selling out whatsoever, and with 16 (16! ) albums to their credit, they are clearly showing no signs of slowing down. They are better than every single band in the big 4, and deserve much more credit than they get. Incredibly consistent, excellent musicians, and a sound that never grows tiresome, Overkill is easily one of the best thrash metal bands of all time. I LOVE THEM!
There is no more of a consistent thrash band than Overkill.

Seriously, complete jokes like: Dragonforce, Skid Row, Motley Crue, and Slipknot beat these thrash masters.

Epica should be in top 25!
One of the best fantasy-metal bands out there.. Should be a lot higher in this list!
Symphonic metal is jsut as mteal as any other metal, and my favourite metal sub-genre, with epica being one of the very best band doing this kind of music.

63Black Tide
Black tide is awesome! Should be a little higher than this, but I do kind of understand the placement. "That fire" is one of my favorite songs.

Although it was started on a T.V. show, the level of talent show by the band is greater the most on this list. Gene Hoglan, is one of the best metal drummers ever, and Brendan Small is an extremely good guitarist, together they create the MOST METAL MUSIC EVER.
This is the greatest Death Metal band I've ever heard of. They take everything which is brutal and make it into a song. For example, when the world needs a song about mass mermaid murder, they're there to make it real. Not only that, but the riffs in their songs will rock (or metal) your world when you hear them.
What can I say dethklok like gives me the adrenaline no other music gives me it makes me mad and happy at the same time, also I love lifting weights to their bad ass riffs and lyrics. Dethklok kicks ass.
[Newest]There's no comparing Dethklok to anyone on this list they are in a league of their own. I would have expected them to be much higher on the list. They are constantly evolving.

65Dark Tranquillity
Completely underrated - icons of a whole metal sub-genre (Gothenburg Sound)
True mucicians, beautifuls melodies. They're so perfect.
Listening to them right now gallery one of the best death metal album ever

There's no comparing mastodon to anyone on this list they are in a league of their own. I would have expected them to be much higher on the list. They are constantly evolving.
One of the best metal bands to play! Ever! No other sound can compare to their own. They changed the world of music to me. Songs like crack the Skye, the last baron, and oblivion have gave me a new outlook on progressive metal, and music in itself. Please give them a listen because they deserve a little respect for the music they create and for their technical mastery!
I have no idea how to describe this band in english... It's sort of a mature, and heavy sound. My favorite band of all tinme!

[Newest]What? You guys are crazy

What these guys are making some of the best thrash ever recorded right now. Their last 4 albums are unreal. Tempo of the Damned, Shovel Headed Kill Machine, The Atrocity: Exhibit A and Exhibit B; The Human Condition are absolute mammoth albums that stack up against anybody. Seriously these guys deserve more recognition.
Oh come on dudes! Every single track of Exodus is a masterpiece! Just listen to bonded by blood, shovel headed kill machine and the least Blood In, Blood Out!

They started the music that we call folk and pagan metal, I can't write down how I feel when I listed to their tracks but I think Mother Earth and Father thunder are very proud of them!
They are the black metal creators and pioneers od viking metal too. Best extreme metal band.
Possibly the best band of all time

69Sonata Arctica
Sonata Arctica have had a popularity fall with their newest albums, The style is more mainstream and love related from before when there was more anger and moral choices. They still holds one of the two best albums ever made in the "power metal" genre. Winterheart's Guild and Reckoning Night. With their stunning preformance with "The Cage". Great band, but I understand the low rating, since power metal is not really a popular genre.

70Papa Roach
How come paparoach so low here.. They should be top 50 at least for sure.. They far better than Linkin Park or Green Day
This Band is so awesome

Metal was supposed to be hard, all these bands are so soft. Mayhem is one of the only real metal bands on this list. Honestly all the other bands talk, but mayhem did, and still does. Real metal is mayhem.
I miss dead. I guess he would have wanted to go out that way though. One of my most favorite bands of all time.
Hail Darkness, hail dead
I am in love with the old lineup... The se mysteriis dom santhanas album is the best metal album ever.. With dead on vocals

Chad Gray is a beast, no way around it he is a better vocalist than most of the singers in these bands are. Honestly it's because the bands being "Nu Metal" that Mudvayne and Korn are so low. Even though they are more alternative metal than nu metal. Back to Mudvayne, look at some of their older stuff Dig, The End of All Things to Come, World So Cold, Happy, Determined, Just.. Anything off their first 3 albums is great. I don't know about their new stuff I haven't heard any yet. As for their hiatus, Chad is now doing albums with Vinny Paul in the band Hellyeah so give them a try too, they're pretty good.
Should be at number 1. Chad gray has best voice among these band. This band have created some epic song does not deserve rank 54.
The reason know one votes mudvayne is because know one knows not a lot about them or have listen to them like they all have heard the song not falling or scream with me look them up trust me you wont regret it

73Dimmu Borgir
Dimmu makes Behemoth look like Hannah Montana.

Every single track they play gives me goosebumps 63 is nothing... They are the kings of death metal

Yes! Although they were called grunge, they are pure metal. So amazing!
Borderline metal at best. They are mostly grunge.


They are way too low there. Sabaton MUST be on the, at least, top 25. They are one of the better known ones, and 40:1 is great. I'm actually Polish.
Many metal bands are good, but Sabaton is great because they teach you history. Most of their songs are about the history from 15 century to nowadays. Also they play well, it's another reason to choose this band.
Sabaton is the best band, just needs more fans
[Newest]The best band ever!

What dumb ass put nirvana on this list it's a great band but it's grunge rock not metal
Nirvana is the one who broke punk
Did a lot in few time
If kurt is still alive then nirvana must shook the world today I bet..
Not a metal band
[Newest]What? They are grunge

In fact their sounds are the best folk metal I heard till now.

78Symphony X
Symphony X Is awesome. This band has so many songs that once you hear them you can't stop listening to them. songs like Inferno (Unleash The Fire). This band should be ranked higher.
Seriously, how are these guys below Three Days Grace? Anyone who disagrees should be forced to listen to the entire V album on repeat for 20 hours a day until they understand what they are missing
Love this band. definitely above a7x or three days grace. Seriously people.. Romeo is such a talented guitarist.

79Rise Against
Guys, how could this band is not in the list! This band has all the power, riffs, vocals and lyrics. This is the best band and it is modern band. We should give them a credit for what they deserve.
Rise against is not a metal band, they're a punk band pure and simple, and a very good one at that.
Best punkrock band ever. But doesn't belong in this list because it's not metal

80Burzum has new meaning...
King of Black Metal
Until the light find us

Ritchie Blackmore, the king of guitar solos, so below. Unbielivable
Are you kidding me this dio and blackmore
Shameful that Rainbow are so far down the list.

are you serious big sound great song writing this has to be a lot higher
I never like metal before, but I became the great fan of metal after hearing the song, In my defense (Avantasia).
Probably one the best power metal bands! Nothing' more to say bout that.

83Parkway Drive
How is Parkway Drive this low down! Easily the best metal band as they are so consistent. Every single one of their albums are excellent and they are awesome live. These guys brought me into the metal genre and I have never turned back. If you have never heard this band and are a fan of metal. I seriously recommend this band. You won't regret it!
Best Band to have ever created music, great aussie blokes who also tour around poverty stricken countries as well
I wonder why there are not Even in the list..!
Just Listen To Them They Are Awesome..
The Vocal, The Double Bass Drummer! Man Will Blow your Mind!
[Newest]Just listen to "horizons" and "blue and the grey". They are pure metalcore band ever

84Old Man's Child

This band is great... They have beautifull songs... They are simply awesome! Respect! :X ( they are more awesome than Bullet For My Valentine
These guys ( well when Max and Igor were there ) were the sh! T. From the slums of Brazil to Metal Gods. Arise, Beneath the Remains, Choas AD and Roots are all masterpieces
One of the heaviest metal bands of the 90's After Max left who cares though.
[Newest]So awesome! Why not so much higher on the list?

Simply put, Gojira is one of the best metal bands in the past decade- Between their strong lyrics, powerful guitar playing, and one of the best drummers hands down, they are a powerhouse that deserves a spot in the top ten. For God's sake, these guys made me regain some respect for France! (their home country)
You should just listen to these guys, the drummer is simply one of the best on earth, the songs are just brilliant and badass.
The Duplantier Brothers are a deadly duo.
Brilliant band.
[Newest]Gojira is top 30 come on...


These guys are literally, one of the best bands on this list... Along with the insightful lyrics, the amazing vocals, and great instumemtalization I'm gonna say they deserve top 25

I LIKE THIS BAND'S EVERY SONGS... Welcome to the land of questions
Welcome to the isle of lore
Where the veil came crumbling down

There it all began, the germination
Unveiling a cryptic door
There it was revealed, hopes and aspirations
Unclosing an enthralled door

Escalate the sense
Enhancing to join the dawn

I close my eyes, Inis Mona
And reminisce of those palmy days
I moon o'er you, Inis Mona
As long as I breathe, I'll call you my home

20 years I have walked your barrows
Years of emulous youth
I followed the path of the wise

There it all was sown, the inspiration
Removing the seven seals
There it was revealed, enigma and freedom
Unclosing an unseen door
Best rhythm in the world! Best melodic music combination ever!
Inis Mona is probably the best song in the world and you say this band is No 133? Are you kidding me?
[Newest]This band just awesome... this band deserve the position of top 10

90The Acacia Strain
Highly underrated simply due to be pigeon holed into the hardcore genre. Heavy, destructive music.
The baddest band ever. Pure brutal sound!

91Suicide Silence
This band must be second below bloodbath and why isn't Chelsea grin on the list they should be third... This list isn't well organized!
Suicide Silence... Always my best... I fisrt listened to suicide silence and I was shocked by Mitch Lucker's voice but now he's no more. Still I love Suicide Silence very much, forever
This band is awesome! Rip Mitch lucker

92Six Feet Under
Chris barnes is an amazing vocalist and their sound is so damn brutal

93The Human Abstract

94Unleashing Vengeance

95Van Halen
Really? All the way down here Van Halen is the king of guitar with out him there would be no tapping of metal VAN HALEN RULES ANYONE!


Eddie is GOD! There is no one else like him and there never will be. 45th place on this list is a shame. X Japan in 4th!?!? I don't think so.
Such a classic band. Should definitely be in the top 10

96Rhapsody (Rhapsody of Fire)
The most epic and brilliant band in all of heavy metal. Kings of power metal and one of the few non-disastrous attempts to truly fuse classical forms of music and heavy metal. The first two Rhapsody albums represent the band's classic signature sound and the pinnacle of power metal, while the last two full Rhapsody (of Fire) albums represent a by and large successful move to a more refined and modern sound. A few albums in between fell short, but records like Power of the Dragonflame are undoubted power metal classics.

What? One of the best death metal bands and not among top 10?

98Nine Inch Nails
Ok, I'm only 14, but I love nin. I've been to one of their concerts before and they sound pretty good live considering how produced their music is. I can't believe they aren't higher on the list. They outrank those screamo bands by far.
Nine Inch Nails best Industrial band ever!


Trent is very original in his composing and use of new sound.

Half or more than half of the bands in this list aren't metal at all. Just look at names like Bullet for My Valentine : it's Melodic Metalcore. Guns 'n' Roses? In what world is that metal?
It's not popular band, but personally, I think it's one of the best melodic death metal in the world. Just listen to: Through the shadows, Inertia, Down with the sun.. Incredible
No popular but are really a talented band, they put some of best lyrics in their songs, very melodic. Great band.

One of the best guitarists on the planet at the moment with some of the best phrasing I've heard in a long while. Massively proficient and all around better than most of the bands above on this list.
Not only is Bulb ridiculously talented himself, his production skills are second to none in the industry having worked on the first Animals As Leaders album and the new Veil Of Maya album.
What I can't believe is that there are bands such as AC/DC, Bon Jovi etc ahead of bands like this. They are also great bands, I agree I listen to them myself but explain to me how they are metal, they are rock guys.
Anyway Periphery are great, listen to so many songs try, Insomnia, Make Total Destroy, Scarlet, Buttersnips etc its true Djent and Prog Metal!

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