Top 10 Metal Covers of Abba Songs

Some metalheads like ABBA. Some metal musicians, too. Some people may like ABBA metal covers - the best of the two worlds.

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1Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - Yngwie Malmsteen

Thanks to a little thing called YouTube I was able to hear this...I genuinely like it! Abba and metal...who'd have thought it would work? - Britgirl

A song can't get more Swedish than this - the Swedish metal guitar virtuoso covering the most popular Swedish music act! Yngwie added a fast metal guitar solo and Mark Boals nailed the vocals - the note Mark hits around 3:33 is one of the best notes I've heard from a male singer. - Metal_Treasure

2S.O.S. - at Vance
3Waterloo - Nation
4Lay All Your Love On Me - Avantasia
5Chiquitita - Spiral Tower

This song is from the album "ABBA Metal - A tribute to ABBA" (2001). - Metal_Treasure

6The Winner Takes It All - at Vance

Plenty of face pulling and air-grabbing during this song (I kind of got lost in the power if it). - Britgirl

7Voulez Vous - Time Requiem

They made the song faster, added a typical metal drum beat and the song already sounds like a metal song and not like a cover. They also added an interesting instrumental part at the end with solos on different instruments. - Metal_Treasure

8Mamma Mia - Swedish Hitz Goes Metal
9S.O.S. - Fozzy
10I'm a Marionette - Ghost

The Contenders

11Lay All Your Love On Me - HelloweenV1 Comment
12Take a Chance On Me - Rough Silk
13Thank You for the Music - Metalium
14Voulez Vous - Morgana Lefay
15The Winner Takes It All - Swedish Hitz Goes Metal
16Gimme Gimme Gimme - Beseech
17Waterloo - Black Ingvars
18Gimme Gimme Gimme - Alexi Laiho
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