Top Ten Metal Master Beyblades


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The Top Ten

Meteo L-Drago
The best power absorber and stamina+attack bey
Looks like a royal bey
High speed
Best attack and balance bey I have ever seen close your eyes and buy it. It can throw hell kerbecs also..
It's one of the best beys that I have ever seen. It destroyed my twisted tempo and it went out of the stadium. I recommend this bey.
[Newest]I have meteo l drago it is awesome
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2Galaxy Pegasus
Galaxy Pegasus is the best. Beaten Diablo Nemesis, Earth Eagle, Dark Bull, Strom Capricorn, Meteo L-Drago, Lightning L-Drago, Basalt Horogium, Phantom Orion, Jade Jupiter, Hell Kerbecs, Ray Unicorno, Rock Giraffe and every other beyblade in the world. I have all the beyblades there are today. Here's the story of how I became the Legendary Masterpiece of the BeyUniverse:I was just picking a beyblade to fight with my best friend, Eric, he chose Jade Jupiter, and I choose the Galaxy Pegasus, then we start. Jade Jupiter came rushing to me, but when it bumped it fell of the stadium and got STUCK on a WALL, then he wanted to use his Mercury Anybis against my Galaxy Pegasus, then the Mercury Anubis came rushing to me and I ran and then bumped to the Anubis and it came flying off the stadium. Then he uses Ray Unicorno, it bumps on to me, but my power was still at max, then I bump into the Unicorno and it was at half power, literally! Then it came rushing to me but it bumped into a rough part so it stopped spinning. My BFF was legend at this until I stopped him. Then he used Phantom Orion and it hit me but I was still over 3/4 power, so I bump into it and it got him on the same power on mine, then he bumps again and then his was flying all over te stadium. Then he used his Earth Eagle, it was afew bumps, then I defeated it. Next was his ULTIMATE SECRET ATTACK BEY, it is...
THE HADES KERBECS! "Your going down, sorry if I break your ultimate attack bey, but I gotta be the Legend. "He told me, but I just quit being his best friend. But it wasn't JUST Hades Kerbecs, he used his ULTIMATE SECRET ATTACK FORMATION. Hades Kerbecs, Storm Capricorn, Meteo L-Drago, Poison Serpent,
Scynthe Kronos, Evil Capricorn, Diablo Nemesis, Rock Giraffe, Burn Fireblaze, Rock Leone and Gravity Destroyer. "That's Cheating Punk! "I yelled at him, but I had a surprise of my own,6 Galaxy Pegasus, es,7 vs 11, not bad. The Storm Capricorn stopped spinning after 5 seconds, what a loser, so it's 7vs10, the Diablo Nemesis came rushing to me at full speed, but I ran and rushed to Gravity Destroyer and hit it, then I rushed to the Rock Leone, but it bumps on me but my power is fine, then the other Galaxy Pegasus came for the Rock Leone and defeated it with only 1/2 of it's power. Rock Leone flew out of the stadium. Then my other Galaxy Pegasus got hit by Hades Kerbecs and was destroyed, but whatever, cause it's 6vs9, then my original galaxy Pegasus went to the Poison Serpent but instead the Poison Serpent goes away and then after that the Poison Serpent hit's it's own teammate, Burn Fireblaze, and destroys it, then I hit the poison serpent and it was destroyed then the Hades Kerbecs hits my Galaxy Pegasus twice and destroys it, then Gravity Destroyer came to my Galaxy Pegasus and that Pegasus was at the 3/4 power, then my other Galaxy Pegasus rushed to it and he Gravity Destroyer was cracked. Then Rock Giraffe came at full speed and destroyed my Galaxy Pegasus but also destroyed itself. Then Scynthe Kronos stopped spinning. Then Meteo L-Drago fell off the stadium because of loss of control. Then Evil Capricorn was flying off the stadium because Hades Kerbecs hit it. It was the final battle, who is the best. I'll give you a clue. Me. Then Hades Kerbecs hit mine and then I had 3/4 power, and then I bump into Hades Kerbecs and then it flew off the stadium and then it went through a wall,
It was amazing. I am BeyLegend, no one can beat me. I put my bey in the fridge every night and the power increases and that's how you"Train"your beyblade. All the fun for a seven year old, so peace out people and vote for GALAXY PEGASUS and you can beat my new best friend, and when you are, I'll pay for your bills, make you lunch, and give you beyblades, especially many Dark Wolfs and Poison Serpents, oh, and the poison serpent he used in our battle was mine. VOTE FOR GALAXY PEGASUS, IF YOU VOTE FOR ANYTHING ELSE I'LL MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE. Just kidding, but PLEASE VOTE GALAXY PEGASUS!
It rocks and it is a great attack type and anyone who was got it should get it ASAP because it can kick butt and will never lose so if you are looking for a good beyblade to destroy anyone at all it is the one and it can kill the strong and weak beyblades in less then 1 minute and it has a cool metal/ fusion wheel and the energy ring and face bolt and other parts of it do not look to bad. It is one of the best beyblades in the world no joke. I got it a few months ago and I love it It. It is unstoppable! Without a doubt it has excellent defense, stamina and balance too!
It's a good bey with great attack power I have checked this and its really cool it shoots the other bey flying and it moves really quickly
[Newest]It is so cool it could jump around a it would look like a thousand star booster attack
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3Basalt Horogium
It is the best defense bey. It even has a good stamina, and it jumps every body. Buy it!

He is the strongest and it beets all the bey battles. It even has great defense so it can beat rock leone, storm pegasus, storm capricorn, it beats meteo l-drago. It is 10 times stronger then meteo l- drago. You got to listen to me or not, you will get the bey, that is much more weaker then basalt horogium!
Awesome bey the fusion wheel's weight is 42.88
And that might be the heaviest. It looks very classic and romanden
Basalt horogium is amazing because of its fusion wheel. No beys can not defeat Basalt horogium. And the tip is very good it is the sharp tip. Let me write the names Basalt horogium can defeat. Counter leone, storm pegisis, lightining L-dragoand etc.
[Newest]I own it and is the best bey ever! It beat all the other beys I own
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4Hell Kerbecs
Hades kerbecs is a rocking top. It has all kinds of powers such as stamina, balance, attack and defense it can smash any beyblade in the whole universe.
Hades kerbecs rocks it defeated all my beyblades. It has all kinds of qualities such as stamina, attack, balance and defense. It is very very worth buying it.
This is the best beyblade ever. It can defeat every bey. It is extremely good if it is in boost mode. Don't even think once before buying. Close your eyes and buy it. If you think twisted tempo is a tough cookie, then just use the sliding shoot technique. Moreover it is a maximum series beyblade due to its fusion wheel which is 50 millimetres wide. This is the widest non 4D fusion wheel. It can even defeat 4D beys. One good customisation in which hell kerbecs can be used is Hell Kerbecs BD145 EWD [boost mode]. It can defeat every bey in this mode.
[Newest]My Beyblade is well kerbecs is has one piece
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5Earth Eagle
It has amazing defense plus stamina it moves gracefully and it beat a lot of beys such as flame libra, rock leon, rock orso and gravity destroyer
Earth eagle is number 1! It spins smoothly around the stadium super well. One time he had so much stamina that he was spinning after my best stamina type {its a lie he's beaten it every time}. One time he beat all of my 8 beys with only one launch easily. Last but not least he has perfect attack, stamina, and defensive power.P. S he always goes around the stadium a lot!
Earth eagle can beat hell krebecs, counter leone, flame libra and poison virgo.
[Newest]Earth eagle is so lame

6Ray Unicorno
I have ray striker. It is super. I like it very much in bey blades. It attack has broken my brothers rock leone spin track.
Very strong in attack and very good in stamina
I am going to buy this beyblade so cool
It is strong enough to defeat meteo l drago and twisted tempo I saw it in youtube

Ray unicorno is cool because it has both stamina and attack power you got to get it it has a rubber coated performance tip!
[Newest]It's very great I use it a lot of time it has a cool design and it's too awesome so I love it a lot!

7Gravity Destroyer
Gravity destroyer is brilliant bey that can spin left and right now that's cool
It is one of the best beyblade and it defeats meteo-l-drago easily when it rips left
Its epic I never lose with it and I beat basalt horogium every time all 57 times its epic buy it now it rocks
[Newest]He's just so awesome

8Rock Leone
He is an awesome beyblade that can beat meteo l drago trust me vote for him and buy him instead of all these choices please do it for rock leone


Rock leone is the best beyblade in the world its spin track is amazingly strong too!
This guy rocks. I bought it 2 days ago. Awesome bey. No joke, it beat 1 Basalt Horogium, 2 Rock Giraffe, 1 Gravity Perseus, 3 Burn Fireblaze and 1 Lightning L Drago. It is attacking type. You should buy and upgrade it. My brothers bey also rocks but it is L Drago Destroy. It is also a good bey but always lose to me.
[Newest]It is a good Beyblade

9Burn Fireblaze
It has awesome stamina cause it has a metal sharp tip
I AM SHADOW, ONE OF THE BEST BLADERS IN INDIA. And burn Fireblaze IS MY BEST BEY. I HOVE 50 beys including Meteo l drago, Rock giraffe, hell kerbecs, galaxy pegasus, ray unicarno, diablo nemeses, earth eagle, basalt horogium, etc and BURN FIREBLAZE DEFEATED THEM ALL
If you use a defense performance tip, 125 or higher, burn from this and the rest of these parts from this bey or cetus, it like unbeatable
[Newest]I have it and is a boss

10Rock Giraffe
Awesome bey rock fusion wheel gives him an edge because defends it
Very good Rock Giraffe is a great bey due to it having the ability to right. Rock Giraffe also has a unique color scheme being all yellow, Overall Rock Giraffe is a great bey being able to hold it's own in battle with defense
Rock zurafa is the strongest bey ever. It defeated my earth eagle please vote. Best beyblade
[Newest]Wrong name it is rock zurafa

The Contenders

11Big Bang Pegasus
Big bang Pegasus has an amazing speed. It can defeat many beyblades like Meteo L-Drago, Earth Eagle, Poison Serpent etc. It has four modes.
This is very good at the speed get one it defeated Meteo L Drago in just 1 minute please buy it it is available
Big Bang Pegasus is pure awesome! It has so many modes! Such as: omnidirectional attack mode, barrage attack mode, smash attack mode, upper attack mode and final drive.
[Newest]I like it and it is my favorite

12Gravity Perseus
Gravity Destroyer is a great bey due to it having the ability to spin left and right. Gravity Destroyer also has a unique color scheme being all black, and sorta purplish. Overall Gravity destroyer is a great bey being able to hold it's own in battle with defense and counter-attack.
You know my gravity destroyer smashed hell kerbecs with a special move. And its stamina is also great. Its my favorite beyblade.
You must buy it because it is amazing it spin both the sides and has 2 attacks in its energy ring must buy it
[Newest]I try to fight the diablo and the diablo was broken into peices

13L-Drago Destroyer
L drago destroy is the best bey in the world. It can absorb the opponents stamina. Plez buy him. It broke my cousins earth eagle.
It can absorb the Energy of Other beys and his His Energy Ring is metal! That's so awesome!
L-drago destroy isn't metal masters BUT IT'S STILL THE BEST it beats even meteo l-drago and OWNS eagle final survive for the win!
[Newest]This is sexiest bey

14Sol Blaze
Sol Blaze is the ultimate its rare and unique performanse tip gives it ultimate stamina and its legendary fusion wheel gives it equal attack and equal defense. It is the ultimate BEY!
It rocks
Its tip has 5 stamina and 5 defense
Thus it is the best balance bey ever
And defeats every other bey
It is the best in my building
Sol blaze is rare beyblade
[Newest]Sol blaze rocks. My sol blaze eclipse broke my cosmic pegasus. You must buy it. Its also cool.

15Phantom Orion B:D
Its just invincible bey it spins for 7 minutes it can change modes between attack and stamina it is the best stamina bey with ball bearing in it which makes it unbeatable. Through this bey I had defeated all the metal fusion metal master and metal fury beyblade
THIS IS THE BEST BEY AND I KNOW IT! My friend had me launch Phantom Orion B
And he launched his beys over and over and phantom had 57 battles! If you think Phantom is the best please leave a like! I'm very glad they didn't put
Galaxy pegasus as first!
This bey is great. Phantom Orion is my favorite and best Beyblade because of it's bottom. It beat samurai ifret. He is down at the bottom. I also relish him because he has attack mode and stamina mode. Also my little brother gets mad because he knows he is going to loose. In conclusion phantom Orion is the best because of its bottom the B part
[Newest]My phantom orion's longest time spinning is 7 minutes. Phantom orion rocks.

16Rock Zurafa
It has a very super performance tip
Rock zurafa and rock giraffe are the same thing same with grav. Destroyer and grav. Perseus
Best bey ever made

17Nightmare Rex
No I have a nightmare rex and it beat gravity destroyer just y tow hits
I haven't seem this bey but I herd it has awesome powers but gravity destroyer attack is stronger
Has a awesome spintrack and awesome designs. Nightmare Rex can beat glaxy pegasis but can't beat fang leon

18Diablo Nemesis
Diablo Nemesis Smashed my friend's Tornado Battler into PIECES.
This broke poison serpant
And broke apart phantom Orion
This is the heaviest Beyblade it defeated basalt horologium in 1 minute any Beyblade does not stand a chance to diablo nemesis
[Newest]Diablo nemesis the best blade of masters

19Infinity Libra
Infinity Libra was banned for a LONG while until the fixed the fusion wheel issue that made it insanely powerful. Now its power is very powerful and still a good match. It is like a twin of the thunder libra which has a very similar fusion wheel. So I would say this bey should at least be in the top five.
Do yu people know how mush power infinity libra can bring!? It was banned for its power until they removed a few of its fusion wheel parts then it was a fair fight but any way IT IS INSANELY POWERFUL!
Infinty libra is awesome it defeated my grand cetus with a stadium out cool.
[Newest]Infinity libra rules, it won against my burn fireblaze and twisted tempo

20Fang Leone
Top of them all amazing cracked cerbecs big bang best ever top contender
It is best bey to play I love this one
I launched fang leone 1 time and launched storm capicorn 3 times and fang leon won
[Newest]One of the best lion beyblade ever!

21Thermal Lacerta
I need love thermal lacerta but I wish I could beat my brother rock zurafa and I need 2 find his special move solid iron wall and another on but I forgot it so that's what I wanted 2 say about thermal lacerta tnx[:
He's really strong he knocked my flame libra easily
Thermal Lacerta is amazing and deserves to be in the top 10 at least.
[Newest]It beat zurafa and galaxy pegasus, needs to be higher

22Blitz - Unicorn
Should be in top five
it is legendary and the fastest beyblade
The best attack type. It can change attack to defense.
Best bey of beyblade metal fury written by (masamune)
[Newest]Strongest of all of hope

23Grand Cetus
I have the green one. He is awesome. I really like the face bolt. I love the tip. He spins for a long time. I have had him for now 2 weeks. I have always wanted him. I got him in a double pack with hyper orso. He is awesome too. I have wanted a defense type beyblade. I got it. I got the two pack at Toys R Us.
It rocks to the core of the earth
Grand cetus is the best bey

24Rock Aries
Rock Aries is the best bablade it blocks attacks has good balance, stamina and defense in a stadium it can defeat ray striker, meteo l-drago, and earth eagle it must get at least 5 in the least

25Evil Befall
It rocks because my galaxy pegasus smashed it into pieces that looks like small rocks
I like evil befall can I buy it
It is the strongest bey in the world so if you don't buy him your a loozer

26Diablo Nemisis Xd
It is sick it is the the worlds heaviest beyblade and because of that most of the time it will win. It weight's about 62.5 grams. It has two modes mormal (attack) and ultimate balance (because it is a balance type anyway) but I just think you should buy it.
Amazing, it has attack and defense the performance tip can be changed to either mode. It has several modes and is a 4d season bey.
Hey! That's a have a extrafa under her X. D

27Hades Dark Pegasus
Where can you get that beyblade at?
Its a good bey that spins both the ways it defeted my diablonemesis, phanthom orion and even l drago destructer intopises and basalt don't think about it it become in powder

28Killer Beafowl
Killer beafowl rocks its spintrack gives it an incredible boost the tip has awesome stamina and it looks awesome
Killer beafowl is an extraordinarily powerful bey with its high stamina clear wheel, offensive and defensive track and of course its toptier stamina tip making it go to the maximum 5 he is a great bey after all.
Evil befall can defeat a thunder leone, thermal lacerta, earth virgo, eath eagle, gravity destroyer, grand apricorn, galaxy pegasis, spiral capricorn and you can change it to an attack type or defense type and it's balance is super good I defeated and upgraded beyblade with Evil Befall. You should really buy it. I like it. Its super strong.

29Cyclone Herculeo
This beyblade is the best it can destroy l drago and ray unicorn it has to be on the top ten list
Cyclone herculeo is a good beyblade it defeated my galaxy pegasus, basalt horogium. Rock leon, and all the beyblades
Cyclone herculeos defeated ray striker, cyber pegesus and it looked great defeating them.

30Storm Pegasus
Its an horrible beyblade my 2 storm pegasus have been breaked
Its cool. It broke my gravity and nemesis by two hits

31Twisted Tempo
Cool and very nice beyblade, it rocks and it balanced its a legendary bey
I have twisted tempo and never been defeated it has defense like a brick wall
Yes it rock actually it should be at 1 place men
[Newest]It's defense and stamina is unmatched!

32Poison Serpent
I have seen it knock an opponent out of the arena in the middle of a match. I wouldn't say it's the best but it does have quite an amazing bit of skill.
I know it is a good beyblade and also that it can destroy meteo l drago and it will become the 1st bey to beat meteo l drago
I like to play with it

33Thermal Pisces
Best blade in the world especially the stamina it has and also the kind of blade it is. I also like this magnificent blade it it is good in attack as well as stamina and defense. This beyblade is excellent because it is good looking as well.
Thermal Pisces is absolutely amazing, fantastic at attacking, defending and keeping balance. And it rocks.
I bought this bey and its so col I have never lost a battle! It has ultimate attack, defense and stamina. Its the most awesome bey ever. It beat storm pegasus, galaxypegasus, gravitydestroyer, ray striker and lots. So please buy it and vote!

Variares is the best it shines like mars its great nemesis doesn't stand a chance against variares even gingka can't defeat it please give more votes it deserves to be the first
I getting the bey blade it didn't come yetso but it's good the best beyblade in the world vote for it and it stels others beys stamina
Best bey ever creamed my sisters best bey my an hour.P.S. My sisters bey sucks

35Ultimate Meteo L-drago Assault
Great Bey destroyed my lightning l-drago and even knocked out flame byxis awesome Bey.
This bey is awesome it can aslso beat meteo ldrago

36Spiral Capricorn
It is the coolest beyblade in my opinion. It defeated meteo l drago, twisted tempo, l drago destroyer, phantom orion and galaxy pegasus. It has a solid attacking power. I must think it should be in the first.
What is it doing here it should be at destroyers place. It can every other Beyblade and is in the maximum series because of his metal flat tip and the screw wheel has great upper attack
I have that beyblade, and it is just ' AWESOME!
I agree that spiral capricorn should be first!

37Lightning L-Drago
This beylades had best power of absorving the power of Beyblades it has the power of mixing the bey of lighting l-drago and meteo L drago they are mix together and they create a most powerful power that can beat every Beyblades in 5 minutes only, when lighting L-drago vs. Meteo L-drago match is gone the match will be tie. So vote for meteo l drago and lighting l drago
I love this bey it is very powerful it has dark powers it is the strongest beyblade
He, s a good attack bey and some times he beats scythe kronos
[Newest]A very good bey blade nothing more to say

38Beat Lynx
Beat Lynx is awesome has attack and defense modes plus his Spin Track is 4th heaviest.

39Thunder Libra
I love libra. Its so good and it beated pegasus, rock giraffe. Rock leone, l drago and earth eagle. This is the best beyblade so buy it. The colour is dark green.
Hey its me again the dude who wanted infinity libra on here. Thunder libra is kind of like a twin on infinity libra but a few fusion wheel modifications and the track and tip switch.
This bey chops every bey in my school... Pleas vote and it smashes my galaxy Pegasus. It's got really good defense to.

40Flame Byxis
Hi I'm Rafay and I have to tell you flame byxis can beat an earth eagle pretty easily not even killer befowl can beat it a bey can't absorb it trust me if you like this it can beat a twisted tempo if like this check out my comment of killer beafowl

Why is this in 38 it should be in 1 cause it beats l drago all the time and plus l drados spin stealing doest work on it cause it so tall and it has a awesome blue energy ring it just so amazing and it has really defense and stamia so vote for this bey and it will destroy anything
Flame byxis is awesome it beat my hell kerbecs and my galaxy pegasis without breaking a sweat

41Blitz Striker
It took out two beyblades at the same time. Spiral lyer and destoyer dome spiral fox.

42Grand Ketos

43Dark Eagle
Dark eagle is the best defense type that has ever been made

44Death Quetzalcoatl
This was the best balance beyblade I have ever used I recommend this beyblade to everyone who likes beyblades this beyblade also has an extreme attack and one of the only dragon beyblade that is a right rotating.
It is actually very awesome in attack mode. For me, my DQ has a force field around the stadium. Try It out.
This bay is really awesome

45Triple Battle Set Exclusive Meteo L Drago

46Scythe Kronos
What the this beyblades performance tip currently out oases WD and is just ownage
I think scythe kronos should be number 1 because its special spin track allows it to absorb the other beyblades energy. Its qwesome facebolt brings fear to anyone who crosses its path. The fusion wheel and performance tip are great for upper attacks.
Scythe Kronos is the best beyblade it beats galaxy pegasis every time it can win against all my beys and all my friends beys even tornadoes my Scythe Kronos has never lost.

47Poison Pegasus
This bey is really good. It has good balance and attack power. It can beat my meteo l drago vote for it.
Awesome, fast and has a lot of attack power vote for it. So col

48L Drago Guardian
Ldrago guardian's power is enough to defeat peagsis

49Ultimate Meteo L Drago Rush
Never heard about this bey
It's performance tip is so useful my Meteo Ldrago also use it

50Ultimate Gravity Destroyer
It's the best. It has beaten beys like meteo l drago and ultimate meteo l drago with ease. If I say this bey should be in the top ten. It has a lot of balance and attack. It spins lke a balance top which has high attack. It even defeated very strong stamina beys like Earth Eagle and Earth virgo. This is the best bey ever I saw.
Its must be in the top 5 and you put it in 52nd place!. It beats thunder libra galaxy pegasus and many more

51Flame Sagittario
Kenta is my favourite blader I like flash sagittario more than this but flash sagittario is not in this list so I will vote for this Beyblade

Everyone vote for flame sagittario
C145 with its claws are the best spin track ever and the flame wheel is the perfect stamina wheel.
This Beyblade gets stronger and stronger so vote for this Beyblade everyone please

52Mercury Anubis
He's awesome. Every time I battle with him he wins. Anubis beat twisted tempo, gravity destroyer, and meteo l drago all in one battle.
Mercury anubis has its own speed. It may lose sometimes but it rocks. It is one of the coolest Beyblade ever

53Tornado Heracleo

54Storm Capricorn
I have 12 beys In that Poison serpent is the best but my friend Bey Capricorn defeated poison serpent and my other beys in 50 sec
It has a very good attack. Its tip is so much stronger and it also beats the dark bull and earth eagle

55Wing Pegasis

56Dark Bull
It has great stamina and defense it defened a twisted tempo
It is a great bey blade
Can defeat any if launched properly...

57Legend Galaxy Pegasus
I have this bay and legend galaxypegasus fusion wheel is bigger than hades fusion wheel I have kerbeces and it throw it out of stadium

58Mad Gasher

59Legend Cyber Pegasus
It has awesome power it is fast and believe it or not it defeated my storm pegasis, leone, aries, ray gil, unicorno
I have this bey and it beat my ray unicorns and rock leone

60Storm Aquario

61Kreis Cygnus

62Poison Scorpio

63Burn Sagittario

64Earth Rex

65Ray Pegasus

66Rock Pegasus

67Dark Libra

68Fusion Hades
It is the greatest bey in the whole world it destroyed my meteo ldrago and galaxy Pegasis and twisted tempo and hell kerbecs and more into pieces
I only have it and Diablo nemisis left thanks to fusion hades by 66 beys were destroyed
He beat my sol blaze

69Evil Gemios

70Dark Poseidon
Dark Poseidon rules. Firstly its facebolt has 2 blades on the side giving it a stamina boost then the energy ring is see through blue and shaped like aquario giving it awesome stamina and a bit of attack. Secondly dark has 12 blades that come out and if a bey hits one of those blades its a K. O then the spintrack is 145 giving it great stamina. Lastly the wd/wide type is a combination of stamina and defense. That's why I think Dark Poseidons the best!

71Ray Serpent
Ray Serpent is an amazing beyblade. It's performance tip has an amazing stamina. It's energy ring and fusion wheel is also very good. I don't know why it isn't added to the top ten list?!

72Hyper Orso
It is an amazing beyblade. Its fusion wheel is very good. It also has a very good resistance power. Its spin track is also brilliant. The spin track has two modes- attack and defense. Its tip is a roundballtip with gripping power.

73Flame Horuseus

74Legend Thunder Libra
Me and my libra are the undefeated champs it beats my mates earth wolf, burn fireblaze. And galaxy Pegasus is num 1 on this list my thunder libra chops my galaxy Pegasus.
This is the best bey I ever used. I beat all twenty kids in my neighborhood with it.

75Prototype Nemesis

76Prototype Leone

77Poison Virgo

78Screw Capricorn
Its almost the same as Strom Capricone but its stronger then Strom Capricone
IT has superb attk

79Pirates Orojya
It defeated many beys that my cousins use and it is a very strong bey it broke my cousins guardian reviser and even super rare beys

80Tornado Leone

81Flame Tempo

82Inferno Sagittario

83Inferno Gasher
Its Awesome because it could defeat my Ray Striker very easily plus in 30 seconds! I recommend everyone to buy this bey blade!
This bey is so cool it beat my earth eagle.

84Flame Pegasus

85Evil Kerbecs

86Cetus Quake

87Galaxy Destroyer

88Flame Bull
Very useful and speedy

89Twisted Kerbecs

90Thermal Destroyer

91Samurai Ifrit
It beat my brothers wing pegasus a lot of times.

92Dark Avenger

93Rock Scorpio
Best bey ever. it can beat every thing!

94Hades Gil
Very nive bey overall

it has very nice attack and for me has never lost

95Diablo Kerbecs

96Torch Aries
The best ever it has beaten all my beys

97Earth Herculeo
Best defense type I ever used.
IT is a solid bey

98Ultimate Meteo L Drago
I think it is a best bey. It also beats lightning l drago

99Flame Serpent
This guy is very very good if well trained can be an attacking stamina type
It is the best it has great stamina and it beat my dark wolf

100Bakushin Susanow
Because it is very fast and has loes of stamina

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Updated Saturday, April 25, 2015

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