Top Ten Metal Screamers

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The Top Ten

Mitch Lucker - Suicide Silence
R.I.P. mitchell Adam Lucker. You will be missed.


Mitch lucker is the best
Best screamer mitch adam lucker
[Newest]Best there will ever be

2Oliver Sykes - Bring Me the Horizon
Singer from my favourite band, and he can scream like a madman!
He can successfully scream through anger, pain and pure emotion, fantastic vocalist in all areas
He Screams so awesome! Like a god

3Orion Stephens - In Dying Arms

4Alex Koehler - Chelsea Grin
Alex Koehler must be at 3..
I like her voice scream @sulthon_indie

5Phil Bozeman - Whitechapel

6Adam Warren - Oceano

7Eddie Hermida - All Shall Perish

8Jake Luhrs - August Burns Red
Hee should be higher on the list
Jake is clearly the best screamer I ever heard! He's able to combine very deep shouts and highscreams like no one else! Abr was the first metalcore band I absolutely fell in love with. Indonesia is clearly my favourite song of all time and it's the first one I actually screamed to ^^

9Jonny Davy - Job for a Cowboy

10Matthew Tuck - Bullet for My Valentine
Look, I really like Matt and Bullet for My Valentine, but reality is that Matt doesn't scream. Bassist screams in this band.
Great screamer. Just gives me chills

The Contenders

11Geoffrey Ficco - The Faceless

12M. Shadows - Avenged Sevenfold
Matt just has something that makes his screams so pure. They give you so much energy if you hear them live, and that makes him the best screamer of our current area for me.
Amazing. That's all I have to say

13Philip Labonte - All That Remains
Any band that makes me memorize every vocal and every scream has my vote no matter what
Phil's an amazing vocalist with a great technical ability!

14Jimmie Strimell - Dead By April
What!... Jimmie Strimell deserves the number one spot and I bet nobody's better than him. His screaming is so awesome that it makes you feel alive every time you listen to it. Just listen to the song 'Real and True' by Dead by April and you'll know what real screaming is all about. By the way his clean singing rocks, he's not only the best screamer, he is also the best singer. I feel so bad he's not in Dead by April anymore, the band still rocks, but without Jimmie it's incomplete. And at last I wanna say thanks to Jimmie Strimell for such great songs that changed my life, I will always see you as a good friend. Everyone hail Jimmie Strimell!
Tman! He's just awesome! (Y)
Jimmie Strimell! Jimmie Strimell! Jimmie Strimell! Jimmie Strimell! Jimmie Strimell! He's no. 1 and nobody beats him, the best screamer out there, the best (clean singer), simply The Best. NOBODY has the talent that Jimmie has, he's just undescribable. Best screamer there is, there was, there ever will be! @JimmieStrimellSuperfan

15Austin Carlile - Of Mice & Men
Must be at top 5 screamers! Austine is awesome!
Are you serious... Austin Carlile is the best screamer on this list sure oli sikes is a good screamer but nobody comes close to Austin I mean look and listen to all of the songs my understadings Ohioisonfire O. G loko second sebiring the list goes on.

16Dani Filth - Cradle of Filth

17Tim Lambesis - As I Lay Dying
What a pity what happened, such a great vocalist and band and then... but I will never forget the brutal screams and the great influence this voice was to me.


18Corey Taylor
I'm not just saying this because they are popular, but Corey should easily be on the top ten. 99% of the metal screamers I here all sound too similar and only have one style. They either have a high pitched annoying scream or a low pitched scream where they aren't even pronouncing the words, and with both you can't even understand what they're saying. Corey has adjusted his scream with every album and they are all amazing and you can actually understand what he's saying.
Corey Taylor is the greatest screamer of all time. Hands down.
M. Shadows can't scream! But I'll give that he can sing but Corey can scream awesomely plus you can actually hear what his screams say unlike most of the people on here

19Petri Lindroos - Ensiferum
There's just something special about his screams...
One of the few on this list that is actually in a metal band.

20Jeffrey Wellfare - Capture the Crown

21Chris "Fronz" Fronzak - Attila
Why is this here

22Spencer Sotelo - Periphery
This list is BEST screamers, not most popular. While Spencer isn't my favorite, I adore his harsh vocals. They hold so much power. Also his cleans are that of Icarus, I mean, he can hit notes higher than Haley Williams...

23Chino Moreno - Deftones
All of these bands are stupid scream/metalcore bands. Such a shame that he passed away but come on.
The all-time champion of the loud-soft dynamic! I swear, there are times he makes me wonder whether those screams are sounds being made by a human (check out "Fireal" for a prime example).

24Mike Hranica- The Devil Wears Prada

25Jeremy McKinnon - A Day to Remember

26Helge Stang - Equilibrium
His extremely high-pitched screams as well as very powerful growls are amazing

27Michael Bohn - Issues

28Brendan Murphy - Counterparts

29Caleb Shomo - Attack Attack!

30Chris "Motionless" Cerulli - Motionless in White

31Hansi Kursch - Blind Guardian
He's not a typical screamer but he screams pretty often and his screams are awesome - full of emotion, powerful, melodic and always spot on. The scream to 'Fiddler on the Green' is 10-11 sec long and is brilliantly crafted. He did some screams for other bands as a guest musician, which means he's really good. He screams even more live, and maybe even better - I guess the crowd inspires him.
Demons & Wizards - My Last Sunrise, Fiddler on the Green, Poor Man's Crusade;
Blind Guardian - The Last Candle, This Will Never End, Bright Eyes.


I love his skills, specially on studio. Here's the guy who records 1000 voices for every song, creating vocal layers so dense, beautiful and high that will blow your mind.

Check Mirror Mirror, Bright Eyes and Valhalla.

32Matt Heafy - Trivium

33Jari Mäenpää - Wintersun
One of the best screamers in my opinion, and his clean vocal are excellent, too!

34Steve Marbs - Dark Funeral

35Craig Owens - Chiodos

36Jens Kidman - Meshuggah

37Alex Good - Texas In July

38Jerry Roush - Glass Cloud

39Andre Bravo - In Alcatraz 1962

40Xander Bourgeois - Secrets

41Doriano Magliano - Woe, Is Me

42Scott Barnes - In Fear and Faith

43Freddy Cricien - Madball

44Roger Miret - Agnostic Front

45Ron Reyes - Black Flag

46Mattie Montgomery - For Today

47Rob Halford - Judas Priest
Stand by for exciter! Damn, Halford brought us some high notes over the years and still can sing those every concert. Come on, do I need to talk about the guy who performed Painkiller...he's the metal god and we all know it. And he's such a nice guy that usually he lets the crowd sing Breaking the Law in his place. Yeah, that's how nice he is to his fans.
56? Listen to songs on Stained Class, Defenders, and Painkiller. He was and still is the best screecher there is.

48Ryan Clark - Demon Hunter

49Jared Warth - Blessthefall

50Nergal - Behemoth
His grows, screams and all of his technique are vicious
This list has been taken over by emo scum.

51Lord Worm - Crytopsy
His scream at the end of open face surgery owns em all

52Tyler Konersman - Tear Out The Heart

53Winston McCall - Parkway Drive

54Jon Oliva - Savatage
He's one of the masters on this list and he screams a lot although he's not a typical screamer.
Try: Hounds, Hall Of The Mountain King.


55Ian Gillan - Deep Purple
The Master. Hands down. 'Child In Time' is legendary.
He was the first metal screamer and the first singer who became famous for his screams so he should be #1.


56Jarkko Ahola - Northern Kings, Teräsbetoni, Ahola
His intro scream to 'Don't Bring Me Down' by Northern Kings is epic.
He loves screaming and does that on almost every song.


57Rody Walker - Protest the Hero
His screams kill me inside. This man can do everything right in a metal band that instrumentally, well, does everything right. In Sequoia Throne he delivers unique sound, and terrifying lows and highs in Bone Marrow, but I must say that Goddess Bound has the most intense harsh vocals. To counterbalance his smooth croons, he hits unhealthily high notes (In the corner of my eyee! ) following right before gravely lows (on the tip, on the tip of my tongue). Honourable mentions: Periphery, Number Twelve Looks Like You, and DEFINITELY Vildhjarta which I'd add if I could (because we all know two screamers is better than one).

58Eric Adams - Manowar
Ok, most can't stand Manowar and think they're a funny act, but let's face it: Eric Adams can sing really high, loud and include the best drive ever at it. Although the years passed and he lost a few of his power, we're talking about a dude that drinks beer while screaming some really hard notes (check The Absolute Power DVD). To add more, his "normal voice" is beautiful. That's the way a true heavy metal singer must sound.

Check Battle Hymn in Leeds, 1984; Hail and Kill in NYC, 1989; Heart of Steel in Lisbon; or a video comparison between his performance both studio and live.

59Bruce Dickinson - Iron Maiden
Yeah, yeah, I know this one got old too. But Bruce delivered some of the best performances ever in the history of metal singing. Well, I just saw the last Rock in Rio (2013) and the little guy just nailed Aces High, first song of the encore. Come on, if he can sing it by the end of a 90min concert, I'm sure he still got it. It's incredible how his voice changed over the years, kept getting better and he managed to improvise even more on his live performances. And when you think all of this wasn't enough, he can sing one of his best solo tunes sitted in a damn limousine. Yeah, that's what he can do.

Check Total Eclipse, Hammersmith 82; Aces High, Rock in Rio 85; Hallowed Be Thy Name, Raising Hell 93; Tears of the Dragon, Limousine 94.

60Daniel Heiman - Lost Horizon
He might be singing in an alternative band right now, but hey, you don't need a long career in metal to deliver classics (Halford had a terrible Project with that dude from Nine Inch Nails, but we love him anyway). Daniel has some of the greatest and probably the highest screams in the history of metal, which led to create a cult of fans around the world. And the dude just released like 4 álbuns in the process, but you should definitely check the Lost Horizon albuns, where he got this best of those lums. There are just a few live performances recorded, but you can listen to this marvelous voice and what a loss he leaving metal we have to live with.

Check the final part of Heart of Storm; check Heed rehearsal live in studio; check the famous facemelter scream from Highlander - The One (although I prefer the nanana parts).

61Mats Leven
The swedish screamer, with a long list of albuns recorded in diferente bands. Mats sang for Malmsteen, Therion and others, Always delivering perfect drive and high notes. I'm such a fan of his voice that I just don't care where he sings, I just go and grab it, knowing it'll be nice. And he does covers too when he's like on vacation or something.

Check Malmsteen - Seventh Sign (LIVE! ); Sons of the Staves of Time (Therion DVD); Queensryche's Queen of the Reich cover

62Carlos Zema
A brazillian guy who keeps going from band to band, Always singing great. He sang for Heaven's Guardian and Vougan in Brazil, did some gigs with Metal Mike, sang for Outworld and now he's in Immortal Guardian band. Better check him, this guy can sing both death metal screams and highest notes, which is definitely rare.

Check Heaven's Guardian - Killing Night; American Metalhead by Metal Mike (he totally kicks Sebastian Bach's girly voice); his singing in the streets with Immortal Guardian.

63Geoff Tate - Queensrÿche
Yeah, he doesn't have the drive. But he sang Queen of the Reich and Suite Sister Mary, so who cares. I might like his past more than the present, since all his classic singing is left behind his career. I'll cheer to the past and Geoff brought us some of the greatest performances ever in metal singing.

Check Eyes of a Stranger; The Killing Words; The Prophecy.

64Iuri Sanson
Singing for brazillian band Hibria, Iuri is a great performer. You should check him in Tiger Punch and listen to his skills. He can run like Axl Rose through the stage but sing way better (not hard, since it's Axl the diva).

65Oliver Hartmann
He sang for At Vance and Avantasia, and got a solo career (this one isn't metal). But go listen to his Eye of the Tiger cover, or his work on Avantasia's Sign of the Cross, I Don't Believe in your Love or any other song. Beautiful voice (check My Everything is You from his solo career), powerful one.

66Randy Blythe - Lamb of God
Godly vocal range; highs, lows and everything in between. Randy has also been the frontman for death metal band, Cannabis Corpse- a marijuana-based parody band of Cannibal Corpse. He has, on Lamb of God's latest album, also used clean singing in the song Insurrection.

Listen to songs like; King Me, One Gun and Ruin.
This guy has to be in the top ten! I would seriously doubt a list that places Randy Blythe as the 62nd best screamer.
What Randy is in 36 place!? He should be in top 3 at least really what

67Danny Worsnop - Asking Alexandria
Best singer/screamer out there. Isn't anyone who done it better, before he lost his voice.
Easily the best screamer out there...

68Chester Bennington
The best screamers I think
Best screamer for sure! FOR REAL!

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