Best Metal Songs

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Master of Puppets - Metallica
Damn straight -- gotta love looking up this list and find the number 1 song to be what I'm listening to right now
This is one song that will be written off as best in every place!
amazing solo, classic riffs, super sexy bass, hard core drumming!
whoever created this song is a genius!
Master of Puppets is easily the best song on this list. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Hallowed Be Thy Name, in fact I had quite a bit of trouble choosing between the two. However, I went with the former because Master of Puppets is simply genius. The vocals and the guitar blend like salt and pepper, and the solo is wonderful as well. This song will leave an impact on you. I promise.
[Newest]When you think of metal how can you think of anything but this song
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2Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
This is not only the best metal song but in my opinion, the overall best song ever. This tune never gets old and rocks just as hard as the first time you hear it. Every time maiden puts out another live album this song just gets better and better especially with the addition of Janick Gers on 3rd guitar.
I guess almost every existing metal band covered this song already, and there must be a reason for that.
And the reason is simple, best song on this planet.
That intro alone is Epic! Everything in this song fits together.
Every instrument has his special moment here.
This is #1 in metal. To show how overrated Metallica is just look at the top ten, 3 songs. Master of Puppets deserves to 10 but not 3.
#1 Hallowed
#2 Painkiller
#3 Iron Man
[Newest]The 'Magnum Opus' of all things Maiden! Beautiful, heart-wrenching, and empowering all at the same time! And one more thing: In 1963, they passed a law. You can have a list where the top metal song isn't by Metallica!
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3Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth
Best metal song ever. Nothing comes close. This is coming from a huge Metallica fan. Trapped Under Ice should be a distant second.
Nothing comes oar to this? That's a joke. Keep your opinions to yourself.


One of Megadeth's masterpiece. This should definitely be in the top 3. Dave Mustaine did a great job. Never heard of "X Japan".
just listen to it... you don't have to do anything else, just listen... and then you will know why holy wars should be #1
[Newest]If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, this would probably be my biggest consideration. It is metal perfection.
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4Chop Suey - System of a Down
An energetic, heavy song that will leave you wanting more. Tool is a pretty good band but this song was worth a Grammy. System of a Down is the only modern metal group that can rock hard and be poetic at the same time.
LONG LIVE SYSTEM OF A DOWN! Best 20th century band. This song has everything. Melodic voice. Heavy guitar playing and John Dolmayan with his crazy drum playing just stands out.
This is the only 20th century song to be listed in the top ten. Really proud of SYSTEM OF A DOWN.
[Newest]The main riff is clearly copied from the final part of Slayer's "Postmortem"
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5One - Metallica
There's just no contest. It's Metallica all over, a classic metal band simply themselves, but this is by far their best song.
Did anyone ever listen to the lyrics? Yes, it has VERY much meaning. It's about a soldier who just wants to pull the plug on the life support machines. He's been through hell and back in war in the video-- no arms or legs. It made me really think after watching it. It's touching, too. Just watch the video.
No list containing best metal songs ever is complete without this great song in top 5.


[Newest]Should be in top 4 at least. Best is MOP though

6Art of Life - X Japan
To start off, I really like the way this list is going, I'm glad to see Master of Puppets, Hallowed, Painkiller, Holy Wars on the list... Angel of Death by Slayer and Caught in a Mosh by Anthrax would be great too... Maybe some Motorhead in there... But X Japan is the all time best... X Japan goes heavier than "Art of Life" on songs like "Blue Blood", "Orgasim", "Stab in the Back", "X", "I'll Kill You", "Miscast", "Standing Sex"... But "Art of Life" is epic! It's not even my favorite (I really like Silent Jealousy and Kurenai) But It deserves to be at the number one spot... Its 30 minutes of blistering riffs, epic vocals and brutal drums... Without any bull----.
Come on Guys! This Song is Awesome! It has Brutal Drums pounding throughout the song. It has has soaring vocals reminiscent of Queensryche, And There is even a part when the orchestra is exchanging with the guitars, I've never heard that before. This Song is COMPLEX, IMAGINATIVE, AND POWERFUL! If this is too soft for your taste, then listen to "Stab me in the back", "silent jealousy", "I'll Kill You", and "kurenai", then you'll see these guys can rival up with the likes of Metallica or many other bands. PEACE
I like the big 4 of thrash, Iron maiden and all that for real man, but seriously, you guys need to listen to this without hate and with understanding. Why the hate for a band you don't know?
~Half the drummers on this list can't drum this whole track and play the entire piano solo.
~Dual guitar solo for more than 6 minutes which where not all is shredded
(come on guys, shredding is just scaling up and down)
~The notes for the vocals are too damn high man, at par with Judas Priest
~The whole concept of the song is mind blowing
[Newest]For me, this tops them all. master of puppets was the song that got me into metal, but for me x Japan is the best.
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7The Trooper - Iron Maiden
This song is TOO good not to be in the top ten. Although my favorite Maiden song is Infinite Dreams, I say that The Trooper should be in the top ten because of how legendary, and just how recognizable, it is. And come on, is there anything better than The Trooper live? No one forgets the moment Bruce runs on stage in the red jacket waving the Union Jack!
WAY BETTER THAN ENTER SANDMAN. This is a heavy metal anthem and one of Maiden's greatest songs for their greatest album
eddie is beast in this picture bro. this is definitely my fav maiden album and song, and fav song ever. maiden will live forever!
[Newest]This is the first iron maiden song I ever heard. It is what got me in to this genre. I first heard it when I was like 4

8Enter Sandman - Metallica
Finally on top ten! I just love this song! One of the best! And why there's no Pantera on the Top Ten?


MAN... ENTER SANDMAN... Has become my one of the best song for last 3 years... But I love arieals by SYSTEM OF DOWN... I'm just waiting for ENTER SANDMAN 3 TO RELEASE...
This is my favorate song of all time and I think it should be at least on the top 5. I m a great fan of Metallica and I even love master of puppets. But personally this is my opinion. I Mean this song has everything. The Intro, the solo, the lyrics, the drums. IT Is PERFECT!
[Newest]I would prefer this one to Master of puppets

9Fade To Black - Metallica
Best song ever should be higher than master of puppets. I love the slow beginning and then when it increases in tempo and volume and then just ultimately finishes it all off.
Guitar riffs, solos, drum rolls, vocals, this song's got something to teach man...! Awesome, no words, out of this world!
One of the best song of mine. I love intro and outro solos.
Really intro and outro of this song is mind blowing...

[Newest]My fave song from ride the lightning
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10Painkiller - Judas Priest
This is one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard. A masterpiece in the heavy metal genre! You don't live if this song doesn't give you shivers.
I think is the best song of metal ever, it should be at least in a better place than "Art of Life"!


HELL YES! Love the solo and the lyrics, great song in general!
[Newest]How is this masterpiece not in the top ten? Great guitar, awesome vocals, amazing drumming.

The Contenders

11Iron Man - Black Sabbath
How is this not number one? I mean, Metallica rocks hard and all, but on the other hand it's IRON MAN BY BLACK SABBATH. Without this song, there would BE no metal. It should at least be top 3. Seeing it at number 19 makes it hard to take this poll seriously.
This is Black sabbath! Why aren't they number one? Guns N' Roses isn't even metal but they are on here!
Black sabbath is the best band in the world, Iron man is their number one project (maybe except of paranoid as well)! Hello to all B. S. fans from Azerbaijan!
[Newest]Why is this great song all the way down here? This song kicks ass!

12Angel of Death - Slayer
I'd say Angel of Death and Master of Puppets are tied for my number one. But this song needs to be in the top 2. Come on...
I'm not a big fan of Slayer but this is by far the best metal song(along with Holy Wars, Walk, Master Of Puppets ^^ Caught In A Mosh) this song has so much energy and aggression. And that breakdown... It just kills. This is the definition of metal song. Also someone please tell me how the hell is a Slipknot ^^ an Avenged Sevenfold song ahead of this.
Creepy because this song it's just too original... No one ever made a guitar riff like that.
[Newest]Angel of death one of the best metal songs ever should be 1

13Forever Winter - Antim Grahan
Antim grahan is the metal band of Nepal. Even I am not from Nepal I appreciated them and their songs. Forever winter sounds sounds somewhere ile cradle of filth's song and music is so fantastic. People should listen this song before giving vote to others
Forever winter
Great black metal song
By Antim Grahan
I am Nepali and proud to BE fan of this
Hey you all American and European White ass
Actually Antim Grahan is Nepali word In English
Its means Lunar Eclipse got it
Great song ever I really have to appreciate it what a song so good screaming and fantastic music I just listened it and now I am going to listen their others song. Very good song
[Newest]Deserves top 5 at least

14Paranoid - Black Sabbath
If you don't listen to this song then you're missing out on a lot its one of the first songs that got me into metal and I can't stop listening to it most days.
You guys are all wrong. The best song is the one which started it all. And that is what Paranoid is. It really sucks that bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Korn, Slipknot and even Linkin Park (who I don't see how, can be classified as Metal) are ranked ahead of Black Sabbath-the band who were the godfathers of Metal
I don't think that you even know anything about genres and their classification... Linkin Park is by far one of the best metal bands of the era... I guess you haven't listened to their Hybrid Theory album and if that's not enough then listen to their latest album Hunting Party... and then you will admit that War, Rebellion, Mark The Graves, etc. Are some of the finest Metal songs of the Rock and Metal genre...
This song is amazing, I learned to sing it by heart! And it's the first song I beat on Guitar Hero 3 on Expert, I really love this song!
[Newest]Should be in top 10

15Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold
Words can't describe how good this song is. Though I'm surprised Afterlife isn't on here
Great effin song deserves top ten status. Lets all vote them in guys
I kept searching for an Avenged Sevenfold song and I'm very surprised to see it so low on the list! Should be much higher than 11!
[Newest]My first metal song when I was 10... A masterpiece by Avenged Sevenfold... Should be on top 10...
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16Cemetery Gates - Pantera
This is one of my all time favourite songs. Everything about this just blends into a perfectly made song and the solo near the end is mind blowing. I listen to this at least twice a day
Some parts of the song are a bit slow, but this has THE BEST guitar riff in the history of metal- if you disagree, you don't know what a guitar riff is.


Great song great guitarist I love this song when I first heard it it gives the right feelings and dimebag one of the best time of all guitarists.
[Newest]One of my favourite songs

17Holy Diver - Dio
Long live the legend Dio who threw songs like this will never truely die. Rip Dio
RIP Legend, lock up the wolfs, all fools sailed away, should be on list too
I would put this at about third

18Raining Blood - Slayer
*facedesk* Slayer at 76. Wake up all you Slayer fans. This is below Linkin Park, A7X and all those poser metal bands (Deftones and SOAD are good though).
After I'm done listening to it, the only negative thought I have is "darn... If only they added a little more to that song to make it longer..." But I guess that would take away from the beauty if the song if it were longer
Sorry, but this is one of the best songs in history. And I don't be only metal, but also if you include classic rock like floyd, zeppelin, Beatles. Even Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner. If you listen to it 10 times, you will not forget this song for your lifetime. Tis is not musik, this is a world.
[Newest]This is pure metal. It is what metal wishes it could be.

19Walk - Pantera
When someone mentions the metal genre, the first band that pops into my head is Pantera. There isn't a band out there in my opinion that's more metal than that, and had more of an effect on a dying genre during the 90's
This should be way higher, its got a better riff and better lyrics than half the top 10 songs on this list.
Sad people are sad. Why the hell is this song below "Tears don't fall"-Bullet For My Valentine? People have screwed up taste in metal music. Walk by Pantera is a masterpiece and yet it is at 17. I have lost faith in this world.
[Newest]This is the best Pantera song on the best Pantera album! ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?!

20War Pigs - Black Sabbath
There's way more to a metal song, than how heavy it is - and that's what most people ("metal-heads") tend to forget, or choose to ignore. War Pigs is the best metal song (in my opinion), purely because of how powerful it is. I'm no Vietnam War buff, but I think everyone knows that America made a huge mistake of invading Vietnam, and War Pigs takes advantage of this. It makes America look evil and stupid, which was, of course, bound to be embarrassing to America, hence why the name of the album was then changed to "Paranoid". The song was powerful enough to force the band to change the name of the album, which is just the start of why this is the best metal song.
Best Black Sabbath's song and for all who didn't know, they wanted to call 'War Pigs' to their album Paranoid but they weren't allowed. This is probably the most influential song of heavy metal and for sure one of the greatest, if not the best.
This song got me into metal, used to listen to it heaps! Still do. Now I listen to Metallica, pantera, rage against the machine and more. But my two faves are Black Sabbath and System of a down. Yeah boi!
[Newest]A cult song. unabashedly heavy metal and thus a classic

21Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Not that you only put ozzy in 25th place, you also put my favourite song and what me what metal really was. Hes the prince of darkness and you're the Freak of metal. I'm ten years old and I respect metal. DIE!
I genuinely can't believe this isn't in the top 10, the riffs and solo are spectacular, the lyrics are deep yet uplifting. It's a celebration of descent into madness. It's a great song that gets everybody up and headbanging. This song is adored even by people that don't like metal, it transcends the genre. This is a true defining song of metal, it deserves to be way higher.
I love rock and this is one of my very favorite songs, how is it number 36 when crap like x japan and dir en grey are in the top 20. Ozzy is one of the greatest metal artists of all time and this is his best song with the killer solo by rhoads, this ranking is unreasonable!



22Cowboys From Hell - Pantera
All Together... Run for cover!!!
Best Pantera song but overall best metal song of 90's. I respect Metallica but Enter Sandman isn't my favorite but add this and take away Sandman and you have a great top ten.
This song is better than walk in my opinion. Well in fact, it's better than any other song in the top ten

23Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold
A song that can catch every ear in the world. Perfect vocal, perfect solo, perfect drumming, perfect everything.
The greatest solo ever to be played, the greatest, most beautiful and well written lyrics to ever be sung, added with a fantastic orchestral part, you can't beat it. I'll tell you one thing, it's better than Master of Puppets. For sure!
it's awesome that such a great solo has been written by a band as young as the avenged sevenfold! Let's vote for them! Go on so guys!
[Newest]Should be much higher. Amazing song!

24Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
I listened to most of the bands a lot. Some of the songs shouldn't be in the top 100 that's for sure. Also, the songs chosen from some bands make me cry... Why would you place any of the Bullet for my valentine songs of the 2nd and 3rd album in the top 500 metal songs? A Top ten song for me would be Hand of Blood.

A lot of Bands are way underrepresented, just because they are not Angloamerican I guess... Where are In Flames, Rammstein, As I lay Dying, Enter Shikari, Bring me the Horizon, Apocalyptica, Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, Parkway Drive, Trivium?
Best LIVE song EVER, they have everything of you want for a song.
Metallica is so overrated, Maiden deserves 10 song in the top 25.
This song should be in the top 10. The solo is just epic and the intro is so amazing. This song is one of the best song by iron maiden, and probably the best metal's song that is ever written.
[Newest]I just love this.

25Tears Don't Fall - Bullet For My Valentine
Bullet for my valentine is amazing and should be way up there. Listen to this song and their new songs like alone and your betrayal and you'll see what I'm talking about woo BULLET!
Bullet for my valentine is one of the best metal bands ever, this song definitely deserves higher place in in the list.
[Newest]Bullet For My Valentine... bang on

26The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
Greatest Metal Song from one of the best bands ever!
The best intro with the greatest vocalist ever. Bruce Dickinson is an artist who paints with words.
This list is ridiculous. Metallica have three songs in the top ten? Yeah, one is to be expected, two is acceptable, but three? That's pushing it. And what the hell is x Japan? Iron Maiden are the kings of metal, and this song deserves to be higher on this list.
What a song. I am horrified that this isn't in the top 10. It really is one of the best songs out there.
How somebody could make a piece of music sound like that is beyond me.
[Newest]This is one of the best metal songs ever, second only to Master of Puppets.

27The Four Horsemen - Metallica
68th?!?!? Really? This is an amazing song that is deserving of at the very least a spot in the top ten. Easily the best song off of Kill em All and my personal favorite from Metallica. PEOPLE VOTE THIS SONG UP, IT DESERVES TO BE HEARD!
One of the best songs ever written... Deserves a place in the top 20s
Metallicas number one song (my opinion)
One of Metallicas most underrated songs but this song rock. From the intro and then the thrushing along the speed with which the guitars are played is so awesome it just draws you in and makes you visualise what they are talking about. This is an example of fine art. Metallica forever
[Newest]I love this song! AMAZING!

28Stricken - Disturbed
This song is AWESOME! but it only starts to get good about... 1 second into it! This is the song that got me into metal!
"You walk on like woman in suffering, won't even bother now to tell me why.. "
"Into the abyss will I run"... Disturbed RULES!


[Newest]I already voted for Slipknot BUT I would also vote for this one too. it's one of the most epic songs when it comes to metal.

29Before I Forget - Slipknot
listen this song & make a metal mood
This one of the best metal songs because this makes people want to listen to metal! Like me this song made me star loving metal!
Ok its not the best... Metallica megadeth and iron maiden are above slipknot (even if I like slipknot more) they are greater metal all time one.. Slipknot are more new but they have made their own genre.. Even if its called metal... The screams corey does and the bridged to clean vocals are great... Especially in this song... This sogn would deserve the top 10 list.. Even if its new it has the metal taste in it... Believe in slipknot they will be the best metal one day... For me the list would go like this: 1. Master of Puppets (Metallica) 2. Hallowed be thy name (Iron Maiden) 3. Symphony of destruction (Megadeth) 4. Before I Forget (Slipknot) 5. Paranoid (Black Sabbath) 6. Beast and the Harlot (Avenged sevenfold) (another good metal) 7. Chop Suey (S.O.A. D) 8. Back in Black (AC/DC) 9. Tears don't fall (Bullet For My Valentine) 10. Painkiller (Judas Priest)
[Newest]24? Where your brain?

30Ace Of Spades - Motorhead
Really? If it wasn't for Motorhead most of the so called "Top Ten" metal songs would never have existed. Motorhead is the reason that thrash metal was culminated. If you don't believe me watch 'Lemmy-The Movie' and see for yourself
wow this is unbelivable... this is top 5 material and something like art of life shouldn't even be on this list
It's a classic!
This song rocks, more than "Chop Suey - System of a Down"
[Newest]This song is the definition of metal and people still voted for the mainstream Metallica just because they have the word "Metal" in their band name. I mean come on guys... Come on...

31Wait and Bleed - Slipknot
This was literally THE song that got me into metal a few months ago, no more sad months listening to Linkin Park... If it weren't for SlipKnoT and Wait And Bleed I would never have been into metal... Everythings perfect... The vocals, the drums, bass and guitar, the tempo, I just love the whole song it's so aggressive and just great for letting out your hate!
I will wait and bleed for this to be #1 were it should be


Its very deserved to be in top ten, oh God every part of this song is brilliant, totally genius. The vocal can't be explained.. Too great
[Newest]Every time when I don't know what to do or don't have anything to say, I start to sing this song.. it's amazing and makes me wanna jump and scream

32Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
I didn't think anyone new this song but it is awesome the creepiest riff ever. Every day is the BLACK Sabbath day and keep it UNholy!
It was the best song of the First Metal album ever, for the is the best ever, or at least should be on top 10
This is the greatest metal song ever. I'm glad there weren't a lot of Megadeth songs
[Newest]And metal was born...


33Back In Black - AC/DC

That's sadly truth in part I am 23 and my favorite band ever is AD/DC! They Rock All the and they showed the path to many others.
What is wrong with you people? Never heard ACDC? Highway to Hell, Back in Black, T.N.T... This song hat to be at the top ten at least.
How in the world is this song so low? I'm 15 and AC/DC is my favourite band and some of the bands above this can't even be classified as metal. Back in Black should be in the top ten. This song is one of the best known songs of all time. Even people in my school recognise the intro.
[Newest]Well its hard rock not metal, but still my favourite, it kicks ass

34Toxicity - System of a Down

35Psychosocial - Slipknot
Psychosocial always makes me feel better when I'm angry or/and sad. Another song with a message well said.
This is the song that introduced me to my favorite band ever made, Slipknot. This is one of the many songs that I wanted the radio station to play over and over again. Sure, before I forget may be a little better then this already epic song, but contrary to the top 10 METAL list this wins out.
Best song they ever did, a lot of people say Before I forget is better but this just does better.
[Newest]Best metal song ever and epic riff!

36Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth
What the hell is this song doing on 36?.. Great lyrics and guitar from mustaine way better than chop suey... You call yourselves metal heads and you put chop suey on top 10?.. Bitches
I heard this song and I started to listen Megadeth's songs. This song is awesome! And you can play the riff easily.
NUMBER 51! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This is one of the best metal songs ever, for me it is top 10 material and if you people can't see it you are no real metal heads.
[Newest]47? What the hell is wrong?

37The Glass Prison - Dream Theater
Total kick ass song. And it has a great meaning behind it. I think the only reason this is not in the top ten is nobody has listened to it because its so long.


This is BY FAR the best METAL song I've ever heard!


the best son in the world a 100% dream theater
[Newest]I'm really glad this epic song is on the list.


38For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
I expected this in the top 10, this is better than Chop Suey, if you really care about cliff talent vote this up
But it don, t seems like someones care
This is one of the best metal song. Why it was here! Better than slipknot or system of dawn's songs! Who is your expert to choose like this!
[Newest]This totally deserves to be in the top 5

39Seek & Destroy - Metallica
This song should Seek and destroy it's way to the top five!
One of Kirk's best solos.


40Ride the Lightning - Metallica
WHAT NUMBER 41 Your ALL Crazy Just Listen to it


Ride the lightning number 41 I get goosebumps whenever I listen to it's solo
Listen to it first. And then look at this list and you will feel the same as me. And I feel like what the heck!
[Newest]The best metal song ever

41Angels Eternally Burn - Antim Grahan
What! It should be on top 5. It is the best metal song I have heard and the piano's sound strikes my mind. Very good screaming with good lyrics. Just listen once! Proper heavy metal! This song rocks, more than "Chop Suey - System of a Down"

42Peace Sells - Megadeth
Peace Sells should at the very least be in the top 20, it's easily one of the best and most recognizable metal songs of all time, not to mention an absolute classic. It's up there with Holy Wars, Hangar 18 and Symphony of Destruction, if not better than those 3.
Every time I hear this song I smile and get loads of energy same with holy wars hope to see this in the top five!
Come on the opening bass line was used for the MTV news cast for like 10 years. Face it Metallica isn't nearly as good as megadeth a should die in a hole. And not to mention that album they did with Lou Reed. Barf.

43Laid to Rest - Lamb of God
I'll admit, there's better songs than this on the list, but come on! Lamb of God slays balls on this song! Oh and for the love of metal, Bullet For My Valentine are NOT THRASH! Grow some balls and listen to proper metal
Not my favorite lamb song but they deserve higher spot
Are you kidding me this should have been 1st

44300 - Antim Grahan
Antim Grahan is just fabulous. I am from denmark. And have never heard of such good song ever. This is the best piece of music ever created. The guitarist seems awesome. I will listen more from these guys

45B.Y.O.B. - System of a Down
Great song, explosive intro and riffs. In my opinion, it is the best System of a Down song. It definitely deserves to be in the top ten.
System of a Down's best song in my opinion. Don't know how it's only 47th but Chop Suey! Is 4th? Don't get me wrong, Chop Suey is a great song, but B.Y.O.B. is so much better


Best System of a Down song by far. I have no idea why it's only 47. Should be in top 20 AT THE VERY LEAST.

46Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold
Such an EPIC song! How on earth can this not be in the top 5! Synsyster Gates is no doubt the very best!
My second favorite song on their nightmare album. Of course being first, "Save Me".
Probably the most under rated song on this list.
[Newest]Best song ever. It should be #1

47Dance of Death - Iron Maiden
This song is just one of those songs that does everything right, and it has so many epic moments that it is impossible for me not to rate it as the best song ever. Why is this at number 37? (Also, why is Master of Puppets number one? No matter how many times I listen to it it never seems to grow on me, and just sounds like another generic thrash metal song).
The Lead of this song defines true Metal if this is not on the top 10 spots this site is seriously screwed
... This one of the best song ever made. This song tells a whole story. I'm not a metal head but for me this song rocks... I don't want to criticize other songs but this is one of the greatest song I've ever heard... And steve harris is the est lyricist in the world... God save pop music...
[Newest]Dance of Death deserves to be in the top 10. Beautiful intro, awesome lyrics

48The Devil to Pay - Iced Earth

49Duality - Slipknot
SONG (blind by korn is sweet as well)
Legendary Song. This should be number 1 with Psychosocial.
Ultimate vocals and raps - Corey
Killer guitars - Mick and Jim
Awesome bass - Paul
Epic drums and percussions - Joey, Shawn and Chris
Greatest song of all time. EPIC!
The way that Corey sings this one is amazing... LOVE IT

50Creeping Death - Metallica
I know that metal is the best music and there a lot of unbelievable metal songs and bands, but Creeping Death #54 really, really, I mean come on even the worst Metallica song is better than any System of a Down song considering their singer sucks, and who was the other band in the top 10 list, Japan X who the hell are they, I've been a hardcore metal fan for almost thirty years and I've never heard of them. Put some real metal songs and bands on the top of this list, and where the hell is Testament and Savatage at, it's safe to say that this list is totally bogus.
Com-on people how is this song not in the top 25 I mean 92 honestly best song by Metallica by FAR so can someone tell me why this is not in the top 25. To love this song you have to understand the meaning I get that but still listen to the guitar its not the heaviest song I've ever herd but I'm only thirteen and I'm telling you that this songs amazing and not many thirteen year olds listen to metal in canada so take my advice
This song is epic. It has got everything (if you won't look on drum track - Lars sucks), and this solo <3 It should be higher.
[Newest]Simply enough the best metal song ever in my opinion

51Battery - Metallica
This song beats down all of the above!
Great song of album master of puppets... Its my favourite song I like its starting very much and this song deserve number 1 position... With some Metallica songs like the day that never comes, one... Metallica forever...
? Battery, ride the lightning, for whom the bell tolls, the four horsemen are so low.. Black Sabbath and slayer fans are jelous of Metallica as they are more popular than black Sabbath and slayer... I like black Sabbath and slayer also but Metallica is best and my favourite...

522 Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden

53Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
A great song which really which sends a message that women can also be great metal vocalists, its a shame they couldn't produce more songs like this.
I don't hear all kinds of metal...So I've a poor knowlege about uploaded songs...But I swear you its a beautiful rock song...
Not sure this song belongs in this company - but its cool

54Beyond The Realms Of Death - Judas Priest
There is so much Metallica on this list - I think I'm gonna be sick. Sure I like them, but it seems to me that they're considered as the gods of metal even though they have about 4 actual metal albums and the rest are just either sellout country crap or a weird mix of ridiculously disorted guitar sounds and a clutter of kitchen utensils. I just don't get it. There aren't a lot of Sabbath songs on this list, and what about Judas Priest. They've been making beautiful heavy metal for 40 years straight and you people can only scoff up a handful o their songs. I think that hallowed be thy name is better than master of puppets any day. AND WHERE'S ALL THE MOTORHEAD!?!? Not many people will read this because it's so far down on the list, but if you do, don't think for a minute that Metallica is the best metal band because they're American and have the word metal in their name. Think for yourself - there's better stuff out there.
Best song from judas priest
I have seen it on graspop
And was amazed by the impact it made on me even
After all those years
Very Well constructed song, especially the screaming

55Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne
How is this song so low it has the greatest guitar solo of all time. It is beautiful and yet powerful. A huanting tale of a man who worshiped things that shouldn't be touched. Randy Roads is a guitar god thtis should be top 10 for sure.
How is this so low? 1st solo is a masterpiece, and so is the whole song. Randy is a god, Ozzy put a lot of work into it, and it turned out to be the greatest song of all time in my opinion.
Haunting synth, creepy guitar solo, disillusioned vocals...
No matter, what Death Metal produces - musically, it remains one of the most evil songs ever created.

56A Dangerous Meeting - Mercyful Fate

57Redneck - Lamb of God
I'm surprised this song isn't higher on the list... Watch the Video to it.
These guys are amazing. Musically and personally. They're some of the coolest dudes I ever met and they're actually thankful for their fans unlike most bands that are just in it for the money.


CHRIS ADLER in his best:):) WOAH WHAT A DOUBLE BASS:):) m/... video also is real kickass... on the whole "LOG" RULE
[Newest]Best music video, fast drums, crazy guitar fingerings, best song ever

58The Poet and the Pendulum - Nightwish
It not only represents a heavy metal song but also a song full of meaning and emotions. It has different phases and the lyrics goes beyond words. Amazing song. Amazing band.
The most epic song I've ever heard,
Unfairly unknown.
The whole song has a lot of different feelings.
It should have much more votes.
a 14 mins masterpiece. the song flows like a poem
Nightwish as far as I'm concerned aren't heavy metal but this song and Nightwish are awesome. Nightwish should be more recognized tgan the are

59Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
How is this not in the top 10 would be my number 1 definitely. two awesome guitar riffs simple but awesome bass line sick as drum beat and passionate vocals, just plain awesome
57!? This should easily be in the top ten - it's a great song by a great band.

60Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple
This song has arguably the most recognizable riff of any song in history...


Even better than this are the songs "Highway Star" and "Burn". Very Underrated band
Just listen " fire in the sky "
[Newest]This is rock, not metal.

61Waking the Demon - Bullet for My Valentine
a nice song from a talented thrash metal band.
2 of these guys are stupid. This is not thrash. Ass
It's way better than all of the above

62The Unforgiven - Metallica
What is it? This soul touching song in first 50!

63Breaking the Silence - Queensrÿche

64Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Marilyn Manson
Come on people... can't you remember the 90's and early 2000?! When Marilyn Manson was the first name in Metal, how can everybody forget him?!
This song should be in the top ten! So powerful cover! One of the best songs ever!
This is true that you can understand
[Newest]This song is perfectly great

65Mouth for War - Pantera
This song is the reason I LOVE metal! So cocky, and it explodes at the end. Deserves a higher spot!

66Schism - Tool
This song is pure genius, though this song isn't a very difficult song it is a very complex and difficult to learn song because of the length, arrangements, and frequent time signature changes.
IT is a song so brilliantly put together by musical geniuses.
The bass adds so much to the song, one of the greatest bass licks of all time.
The guitar adds a strange but great feel to the song with long drawn out notes.
The Drums really show of the drummers skill and have a very unique style and sound.
Overall its a grandmaster piece!
I saw this list and i couldn't believe there was no Tool. Maynard is awesome in everything he does. The man is a genious.
Tool is amazing one of the best rock bands of the 90's opiate was epic

67Blind - Korn
This song defines my generation and has the most recognizing KoRn riff


Listen about 40 secs into the song and its hell cool


Can someone put this song on like number 1? ALL OF THE OTHER BANDS ON THIS LIST SUCK! I mean like, seriously. WE NEED MORE KORN ON THIS LIST! Now who's with me?!

68Lack of Comprehension - Death
I can't believe no one else has added a death song that is sickening
Posers in everywhere where are you chuck
Very underrated, deserves to be in top ten.


69The Final - Dir En Grey
Vinushka is the number 1 metal song but either way Dir en grey deserve the top space so this gets my vote.
Great song but I don't count this as metal though vinushka is metal agitated screams is metal dead tree is metal vinushka deserves number 1

70P.L.U.C.K. - System Of A Down
"Revolution the only solution"


Very good screaming. Good lyrics. It's a pretty old song(1998). Just listen once. Proper heavy metal!


71Walk With Me In Hell - Lamb of God

72Freak On a Leash - Korn
The song is one of the first songs I heard by KoRn, but its also what got me into metal. I was 5 when I heard this for the first time and have been into metal since.
This song got me into metal so for me at least it is the greatest Metal song.


73War Ensemble - Slayer
This is Slayers best song regarding speed and drumming.

74Infected - Antim Grahan

75Crush - Anthrax

76Thunderstruck - AC/DC
It might not be the most famous song but the guitaring
is amazing in it, hear it!
You cannot honestly say that Metallica have 3 of the top 10 best ever metal songs and Pantera have two. I don't like ACDC much but i can appreciate how much this song has influenced and that it deserves a place in the top 5.
Thunderstruck number 71? Surely it's some kind of conspiracy. It should be absolutely minimum top 15.
[Newest]Rank it higher god dammit!

77Victim of Changes - Judas Priest
You are victim of faulty voting. Rank 100? Inconceivable vocal and riffs. Listen it and vote fastly. Come on
The Unleashed in the East version kicks ass! Goosebumps every time. Raw. Power.

78Down With the Sickness - Disturbed
This song not only talks about the themes of domestic abuse, but the dark side of humanity. How we are a species that cannot control anger, violence, and sadism. How humans are always torturing each other but still having hope in humanity. Now I'm sure that's not what they intended the song to be but that doesn't mean I should express my feelings. We're all free to share our opinions and develop new and fantastic ideas that can help us evolve and create a better future. Furthermore, amazing song. Five stars.
oh come on guys, for god sakes, this should be #1, not down, and what the so unique in metallica to be always #1, ya they r cool but not the best.
Metallica absolutely sucks I have not heard one good song from them yet I have not heard one bad song from disturbed. And yes I have heard all of both and metallica is the worst band super LAME!


79Seasons In the Abyss - Slayer

80Mortal Share - Insomnium
Great song. Nice intro transition.
Should be in top 5

81Through the Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce
This a very good song, it totally deserves to be on this list. Very well executed, nice solo as well
A song with great solos of the guitars, great vocal, great drumming, and great modern effects. For me, this is the best metal song ever. Dragon Force rules!

82Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine

83Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
This song should be n. 1 cause it's really different than others
The greatest Metal singers ever is are Rob Halford and Dio. Rip dio.
This is the greatest song ever written and Dios self admitted best song this rank is BS.

84The Night - Disturbed
The song that makes me remember how the world is supposed to be. The world is naturally dark.
Disturbed is GoD and this song prooves it.

85Darkside of Aquarius - Bruce Dickinson

86Dead Skin Mask - Slayer

87Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N Roses
This song is awesome! Guns N' Roses rocks, they may not be an all round metal band, but this is definitely A metal song, because it makes you feel like your trapped in the Jungle, and you can't get out!
If you replace Axl Rose With Chris Cornell - this song would be a winner
Ooh, I want to hear you scream...

88Hangar 18 - Megadeth
Most awesome Solos ever! Great Riff and solid vocals by One of the Best Metal Bands with unbelievable Technical skill
THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER BEATS ALL OF THE Other stuff except for run to the hills and the number of the beast but it still beats that


Megadeth should have more songs on this list, they're awesome. This song is really good, with 12 solos, all of them killer, a lot of techinque, strong vocals, good lyrics, awesome song.
[Newest]This is THE metal song. Period.

89Domination - Pantera
Super heavy riff, great vocals, super fast drums, perfectly layered instruments, solo is down right insane, what else could you ask for? IT'S DOMINATION.
This song is awesome. It has to be in first 20!
Best song ever. That is all

90Electric Eye - Judas Priest
WTF! This is the best Judas Priest song an should be in the top ten
This is one of their best songs and they are one of the best metal bands... Why is this 70th.
YOU people are crazy. Get a good taste in music people!

91Stargazer - Rainbow
The birth of symphonic metal. Simply epic, R.I.P. dio

92Rainbow In the Dark - Dio
No one screams with more menace than Ronnie James Dio.
"You're just a RAINBOW IN THE DAARK! "
That keyboard riff
Addictive it is

93Y'all Want a Single - Korn
Lol this song has so cool intro, it makes me smile and dance. really great song, thumbs up for Korn

94Powerslave - Iron Maiden
Listen to all of the instruments, vocals, guitar, solos and riffs, bass and drums. This is a true masterpiece that should be in the top 5.
This is top 5

95Burnt Ice - Megadeth

96Kissing the Shadow - Children of Bodom
come on guys its best song ever atlist at top 5


This song is just pure awesomeness. Those melodic parts that Janne plays,. And the solo
I am a Metallica fan and I love master of puppets but this song is one of the greatest melodic metal of all times it should be in top 10 f"k all of you who think that cob sucks cob is one of the best melodic metal band of all time
The title's wrong, please correct with "Kissing the Shadows", thanks 4 the attention

97Points of Authority - Linkin Park

98Dig - Mudvayne
This whole album is just perfect; and this song should be way higher on the list. It doesn't matter what sort of mood I'm in, this song remains one of my all - time favourites.
Sad to see this so low on here. This came out when metal was getting off the ground. Lots of talent in the band to boot
Amazing Songwriting, perfect for headbanging. annoyed though that AC/DC r on the list, they're good but its rock.


99Hallowed Be Thy Name - Cradle of Filth
Good but not enough to top Iron Maiden
Man!... It deserves top 10... This is not fair...
Much better than iron maiden

100Orion - Metallica
Classic Metallica: great progressive build with an epic riff.
What¿¿ this song should be in the top 10..

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