Top Ten Best Metroid Items

You can get a lot of items and upgrades in the metroid series. Some are classic, others are original. But, which one is the best?

The Top TenXW

1Screw Attack

Oh come on! What other item could be #1? First, this power-up is OP. Second, it is fun to use. Third, it is quite original, unlike missiles or other stuff like that. Who could think of a flying razor like attack? - Croquedead

The Screw Attack isn't named like this because you spin like a screwdiver, but only because when you have it everyone who stands in your way is screwed.

2Ice Missiles

This item was cool in Metroid Fusion. But in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, it just so much amazing and cool! - Croquedead

3Plasma Beam

The most satisfactory beam in all the metroid games. It is the most powerful in each game excepted Metroid Prime 2 and 3. How cool is that? - Croquedead

4Grapple Lasso

This item is just fun to use! It is original because only Metroid Prime 3 have it. - Croquedead

5Spider Ball

So cool and satisfactory when you have it! - Croquedead

6Power Bombs

They destroy everything, but not higher on the list because you have a very low amount. - Croquedead

7Space Jump

Combined with the screw attack, you are invincible! - Croquedead

8Grapple Voltage

This item is a great idea and original. It is fun to suck up some ennemies health. - Croquedead

9Speed Booster

Original and fun, but sometimes annoying to control. - Croquedead

10Boost Ball

A very useful item. - Croquedead

The Newcomers

?Grapple Beam
?Chozen Armor (Eris)
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The Contenders

11Nova Beam

Such an awesome beam. Even the name is awesome! Shooting an enemy in the weak spot and killing them in 1-2 hits is the coolest feeling ever! - Jaggedbrace

12Dark Beam
13Morph BallV1 Comment
14Ice Beam
15Light Beam
17Super Missile
18Wave Beam

It shoots 3 shots and goes in a wavy pattern

20Spazer Beam
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