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281 Why You Wanna Trip On Me Why You Wanna Trip On Me

This song is the best song on Dangerous album! Top 45, at least! I mean #285? - lizard302

This song is pretty catchy. At least let it be in the top 30 area.

Simply incredible! Don't see why it should be low!

Great solo in the beginning.

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282 Love Never Felt So Good

This song in'rs new, along with his new album XSCAPE, these are old previously unreleased songs. I like this song it's really god, but every time I watch the clip, I almost cry because it's got photos of Michael and clips of him but he's not here to film anymore videos. It's sad for me.

Can't get this song out of my head. Such a classic!

Hold My Hand is above this? Really? This is one of the happiest songs from MJ and it's great to wake up to. Original Version - Good, Duet Version - Good, but the New Solo Version - awesome.

I love this song so much!

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283 We Be Ballin'
284 A Place with No Name A Place with No Name

Ooh I love this song! It's absolutely better than the new version of xscape. Can I buy xscape album only with the demos?

Seriously guys that song is famous how come no put

I find it stupid that the songs that were never released are above this excellence. Both the Original and Xscape version rock.

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285 One Day In Your Life One Day In Your Life

The most impressing song of Michael for me

A very underrated song. The beginning of the legend started with this song for me

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286 The Lost Children The Lost Children

Emotional song with beautiful voice

Ok, 289?! This song has beautiful melodies, emotional lyrics, it's just WONDERFUL! How can be this wonderful song least at 289?! It should be top 40 at ALL THE TIME! - gyungmin

Wa... Wawawawawawawhat?! This song was number 60! How can be this song least at 145?! It's so serious! It's nightmare forever! - gyungmin

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287 Little Susie Little Susie

Why is this song last? It's a very meaningful song! About the 1974 murder of a little girl! Everyone vote for this masterpiece!

Little Susie should be #305 because you missed out some! - lizard302

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