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21 We Are the World We Are the World

This song had multiple singers singing this song but it was wrote and half sung by Michael. - TrubbleMayker

I almost cry when I listen to this song. This song invite us to help others. One of the best song's ever by a lot of great performers. The idea of making this song was incredibly great. With multiple singers with different ethnic, religion, and etc really inspire me.


I am 12 too. I love all of his songs so much!

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22 You Rock My World You Rock My World

this masterpiece must absolutely be in the top 10... it's my favourite song ever so VOTE guys!

Mj's best ever song. Michael's every song is special but this one got something in it. It gives me a different feel.

It's really hard to pick a favourite MJ song, and never did I think I would vote for it after listening to Billie Jean, Bad and all the other classics he has made. But my god, the first time I heard, I was blown away. Give it a shot. This song is ridiculously catchy.

This song showed that he was back! It sounds incredible & the "SHORT FILM" to go with it makes it even better.

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23 Unbreakable Unbreakable

The opening beats is just short of epic... Mj in full glory... If only it was promoted properly... It would be much higher... I really felt that its music was ahead of its time.. Love you MJ

If Sony were to promote this, this would surely be in the top 10 here. Amazing, great beat, great production, great tempo, great voice.

So much better than You Rock My World - malamJONES

Amazing song! Should be much higher

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24 Ghost Ghost

Love the creepy music video. The dance routines remind me of Thriller.

I think all of Michael Jackson's songs are good but ghost is the best you should really listen to it even though I've heard that thriller is the best but ghost is better! Thanks for reading my opinion!

This is Michael Jackson 100%, and it is 100% amazing! It contains everything that determines MJ's unique style; an absolute highlight and in my opinion his greatest song. Would easily have become #1 best-selling single if recorded earlier, in more successful years. Very underrated.

This song was underrated together with "It is Scary"

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25 P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

The greatest song, with such feeling that you can't just stop listening to it again and again

The most catchy MJ song. It deserves to be at least #16. - booklover1

This is the best up-beat funk song from MJ!

I voted for this not because it's my favorite, but it does not deserve to be at #26. Great song.

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26 Ben Ben

Reminds one of innocent childhood days and the strong eternal friendships that one develops. It takes you back to a beautiful time.

The song is one of those rare songs which portray an innocence in a young man. Jackson's voice is so child like yet so ethereal your mind literally relaxes on hearing this song

Technically a Jackson 5 song, but Michael was the main vocalist.

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27 Blood on the Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor

One of the best songs of Michael jackson! I just love the way he sings and dances in the video! I was searching for the song in the top 10! However I had to look this far to find it! Must hear song


Excellent song. In this song I think Michael is a villain. This song is very mysterious. Beautiful song.

The best song I have ever heard

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28 Say Say Say Say Say Say

When you put Michael jackson and sir paul mccartney on the same song, you know you got a #1

What the hell is this? It is an awesome song forever... How it could be #36... It would be a pitty if you didn't listen to it

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29 Streetwalker Streetwalker

Michael wanted to point out that there are in the world prostitutes. Tenhle song is something special.. ♥ we find soon after my death ♥

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30 I Just Can't Stop Loving You I Just Can't Stop Loving You

I' m so in love with the lyrics, the beat...

This song is you beautiful. How can it be so low?!

Absolutely beautiful song. Amazing choreography and lyrics.

Glee version is also good too.

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31 Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone

This is one of his most meaningful songs at a time when the media were on his back. The music video is also very clever, should be in the top 15 at least. Listen and vote!

I like this song it make cry and feel happy

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32 Remember the Time Remember the Time

I love MJ! He is my most favorite singer in the world! He died after my ninth birthday, it was sad! I miss himm so much!

He was actually the first artist I had known. He died when I was seven. All your fans will miss you. - 906389

What an amazing song; recalling wonderful memories of passionate love, it is perhaps the happiest song on the 'Dangerous' album. However, Michael wonders what happened and why the relationship ended. Wonderful, funky beat. One the best New Jack Swing songs EVER!

Amazing song, amazing video I always thought he looked FINE in it

This song should be top 7 at least

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33 Speed Demon Speed Demon

The music video is absolutely hilarious and the song itself is awesome!

Pull over boy and get yo ticket right! Catchy beat and fun music video; can't get enough!

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34 Tabloid Junkie Tabloid Junkie

This track, 118th place! This song is a masterpiece! Tabloid Junkie, this time around and who is it should all be in the top 15! I just love these songs and they don't have a good place! But still...we all miss Michael Jackson, he is the legend...the KING OF POP! R.I.P. michael Jackson

This song is so underrated! Much better than Scream, and has a good beat and beatboxing! Should at least be in the top 10! Number 1 for me though.

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35 2 Bad 2 Bad V 3 Comments
36 Another Part of Me Another Part of Me

Should be higher. Love this one. A great message with a catchy beat.

Should definitely be higher! Them vocals! I love the live version.

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37 Jam Jam

It ain't too much stuff for him to sing a great song

Jam it ain't It ain't to much stuff it ain't to much it ain't to much for me Jam wow Mj singer vs Mj Basketball Michael jackson vs Michael Jordan cool

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38 History History

History is awesome! It has a cool beat and magnificent background. It's like the first part is all dangerous and second part is all soft and the song is just great!

Amazing music in this song. Deserves to be much higher!

One of the MOST Beautiful songs ever!

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39 Monster Monster

This is my favorite song by Michael Jackson, along with a few others. most of you have never heard this one because it was released in 2010, the year after he died. Listen to it, outstanding

Still don't think this is him. But I love it!

Best song ever by MJ and should be number 1 and has a good bet and is the best song in the world ever

This song is bae

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40 Stranger In Moscow Stranger In Moscow

In a certain period of my life I have lived with this song. It made my sense of detachment from my own town bearable. I remember how I walked under the rain or in the cold and repeated the lines just like a mantra:" how does it feel? ", and I really think it is very different from his other songs.

Masterpieces of Michael Jackson, such as "Earth Song", "Scream" or "Smooth Criminal" are hard to compare. But to me, the absolute winner is "Stranger In Moscow". Touching and agressive, sad but with energetic vocals. It's pure art.

This is the most underrated song of MJ, just see the video and listen the beautiful lyrics.

My second favorite behind Human Nature.

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