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21 Jazzybellz

Please vote for Jazzybellz

Jazzy bellz is crazy when it comes to pvp she will not stop until every one is dead

22 Jakubgrezick

Jakub does not do much pvp but when he does he will go mad with power and kill everone.

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23 Creeperfarts Creeperfarts

Wait what creeper is not in 1 place what a insult he is way better then benja or baca and should be tied to who is in first place relley good with the fishing rod great cometary and jokes like never teams so he wins fairly shows when the rare times he dies and can win just a stone sword or stone axe watch him he plays for real just because he does not have a lot of subscribe ERS does not mean he is the best at hunger games in the world

Guys. I wanna tell u something secret creeper fart have a 2nd channel

Are you guys serious? This guy has the 2nd most sg episodes behind Baja or Captain I don't know which 1, but he is very good at pvp and should easily be in the top 3 with Huahwi and Grape

Gogo creeper fArr

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24 Saotaku
25 xRpMx13

The incredibly good-looking gamer goes on!

Oh my god you are wrong I would give him 99% in hunger games with antvenom what a incredible team work

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26 Xnestorio Xnestorio

Doesn't do mcsg but is a skilled uhc player and very good with the bow

27 Solrflare Solrflare V 2 Comments
28 Lovelights Lovelights
29 SSundee

SSundee is really good, he's not showing his full power

SSundee is better at Hunger games than Sky and Jerome...

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30 Itsadverageyt
31 Privatefearless Privatefearless
32 iBallisticSquid

Squid is terrible at hunger games, he thinks that he's basically won once he gets a diamond/iron sword or diamond/iron. People wreck him, and he teams like a noobish player.

Him and stamps are jokes in the pvp community

Squid is bad at hg he never wins loads, he should be number -1 since he thinks one he has an iron or diamond sword he's one, just cause he's a big YouTuber means he's good at pvp.

Should be at least #5

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33 Technoblade

TechnoBlade is the best hitter. With sword this dude can anything. I think he is the best. Just he is so unpopular.

What he is in 45! it should be in number 1 0r 2

I can't believe Technoblade is not here! He's one of the best HG players around!

He sucks at hunger games

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34 TrueMU
35 Stampylongnose

He's good I would say AER2014 is better but I would rate him 5.4/10 and AER2014 9/10

1. Always scared
2. Sucks at Archery
3. Too cautious (ps. Kill people already! )
4. He plays on Xbox

He needs archery practice and always dies in stupid ways

Shut up stamps should be 1 of the best

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36 Gizzy14gazza

Gizzy is quite good at pvp. He doesn't really use strats, he did win a game facing ASFJerome (Jerome from #Merome) He may not be the best Hunger Games Player, but he is good.

37 Zayagaming
38 Dfieldmark Dfieldmark
39 Paulsoaresjr

WHAT HAPPENED? Did a magical fairy come? He was #84 a month ago and look at this! He is now #32! Paulsoaresjr is my favourite YTer and is awesome at anything to do with Minecraft (except maybe redstone) Go Paul

Paulsoaresjr is fairly good at pvp even though he doesn't play survival games that often but is always wrecked by AntVenom in survival games 1 and 2!

40 Sixzoseven V 1 Comment
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