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41 ShakeJuntMC

His strafes are the best and he's well balanced with bow and fns

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42 Thesyndicateproject

Pretty good but could do more now and again

He needs to be higher! - Zindondiddlybop

43 Aer2014

Great player and wins 5 out of 3 games a day should be 1

V 1 Comment
44 Thinknoodles

Yea I think he is good

Think is AWESOME at hunger games! VOTE!

Really awesome at hunger games please vote for him

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45 Inthelittlewood

Good at hunger games

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46 LforLeeeeeex
47 Thefeezy
48 Burnthatryan

His stats in kit pvp is 189,023 kills and 74 deaths do you guys know that did you saw his 39,754 kill streak - XDXDLOL

Wow he it is real guys

He is just too pro with the fishing rod

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49 TheDiamondMinecart V 3 Comments
50 BiboyQG BiboyQG

BiboyQG should get way more votes

V 3 Comments
51 Popularmmos V 2 Comments
52 SuchSpeed
53 Ismetrg V 1 Comment
54 Prestonplayz V 1 Comment
55 Ghosteyez1029
56 Proatminecraft

I think proatminecraft is a good Minecraft hunger game player, not the best.

V 2 Comments
57 Noochm
58 Vivaan123
59 Kosmish
60 Sammyspore
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