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81 Disco's Zombie Siege

It is so awesome that is even included in minecraft offficial redstone handbook!

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82 Bomber
83 PVP Maze

Dodge unexpected obstacles! Find chests with hidden treasures! Fight the opposing team! Win with glory

Pvp maze is love. Pop maze is life.

84 Jump of Faith

Jump from the highest of heights into a small 2x2 pond below, if you do not land in pond, you will die!

One of the hardest but fun games ever.

85 Double Layer, Leaf Spleef

Using shears, destroy the ground below the opposing player to knock them to the next level, at that level, use all leaf remains to defend yourself from their attacks, Same applies for opposite! Enjoy!

86 Pixel Art Contest

Build the biggest and best art

87 TNT Tag

Like Normal tag. There will be a few players being the bomb. They will catch the other players using TNT.

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88 Kitpvp
89 Murder

You have to kill the murderer in time before he kills you

90 Cowboys and Indians

Cowboys and Indians is AWESOME. It's so fun and competitive, and I really enjoy it.

I have played so much and I just can't stop! I love it!

91 The Lab

Easily the best game
I love it the diamond minecart loves it and lots of other YouTubers do

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92 Escape the Room
93 Master Builders

Fun game to play if you love building

What why so low

94 Bomb Lobbers

This is the best game ever but you can't build it on your own world(trust me I've tried)

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95 Lightbikes

You can play Tron on Minecraft. Who Knew

96 Wasted

Team up to kill other players with guns in a post-apocalyptic world

97 Pac-man
98 Doodle Jump

Jump from play for to platform, avoiding misleading obstacles along the way!

Awesome minigame, In which you must jump to carry on to uper platforms!

99 Maze Escape, PVP Edition

Try and escape the maze before your opponent, kill them in the process, sending them to the beginning of the maze

100 Golden Sheep

Find the yellow sheep, shear it, then place it's wool on your pedestal before the opponent, have fun

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