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Super dangerous and can kill you with poison and annoying at the same time when you attack it and when low on health will fly away

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Guardians is a substantial mob

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Slimes on a flat world are the absolute WORST mob to face. This makes them the strongest force I have ever seen in the over-world. Overall though, zombie pigmen take the lead. Slimes will always spawn in a flat world, will be the most common mob, and will surprise the player if he or she isn't looking around. I cannot count the number of times I have gotten hit by a slime because I haven't been looking. Also, slimes can hurt you even if you killed them once. They have three stages in which two of them could be a threat. They do NOT back down and they will survive in the light. They can match zombies in mobs and are one of the most difficult mobs to find in a vanilla Minecraft server (no mods) because one must find a slime chunk to find slimes. Swamps and slime chunks are the only places where one can find a slime. Also, slimes are needed to make sticky pistons, a valuable resource that many players use for redstone contraptions. Their usefulness cannot be turned down. Skeletons have ...more

Slimed are the best mobs ever! I based my Minecraft skin off of it, dang it! Besides being completely adorable, slimes can be a formidable foe. You don't expect them because they are hard to find, and it makes killing them much harder when they can split into fourths. Plus, once you get a slime to it's final form, you are rewarded with a baby slime, which can be killed for precious slime balls or can be kept as pets that won't kill you! My friend has a pet slim named Thomas. VOTE SLIMES!

To be completely honest I love slimes! I think someone should start slime army! Plus if you watch captain sparkles just think about Jerry the slime! He was a good slime and his family deserves to be higher on the list!

I like slimes a lot that's why my YouTube name is slime plays mc

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64Snow Golem

Snow Golems are really weak you can beat them with five hits with the fist

This is my favorite non hostile mob and my second favorite mob in the game.

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65BattraV2 Comments
66Derpy Squid OverlordV2 Comments
67Mushroom Cow

Slenderman is probably from a mod, and there is already a character titled "Slenderman".

They are super dangerous. Plus, they have no face! It's so creepy!

Who cares about Slenderman game when you got this guy

Slenderman is the strongest

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69LokiLoki is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor.

Wait a second... Loki is in Minecraft?! I never knew that!

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70Baby Zombie Villagers

They are so funny when I first saw the villagers and the baby ones as well on Minecraft PE I couldn't stop laughing at how stupid they look.

I hate them! Even babys! I traded them my 38 emeralds and traded me for a carrot. When I get back on Minecraft I'm go to slay them all! - anthonyj

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71Baby OcelotV4 Comments

SUPER STRONG HAS 120 hp should have been removed from the game to STRONG HAS enough evolved into the game. It looks like a snake is a boss.

Fun fact: it means snake in Indian... Or was it girl?

I know this, this Indonesian language of 'dragon' laugh out loud

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73Lightning Spirit

The only mobs that lives in the cloud! I kind of like them, they're ABSOLUTELY AWESOME 'cause they bring thunder!

I see that. I played dota 1 his name is... I forget sorry

It is my second favourite ( after maxed player) and is a big challenge to fight

75Electric Creeper

One of the hardest mobs to get cool particle effects big explosion way better than a normal creeper what's not to love

So rare! You need this as an ultimate goal if you have Minecraft.

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76Mutant Zombie

Love their attack they throw you up in the air

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77Elf Hunter

Probably invincible even to the ultimate king, due to the fact only arrows can damage him! And a unique legendary bosses boss mob

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They are awesome. When they are hostile, their tails raise up and (like wolves), their eyes glow red. When neutral (in light levels above 12), their tails are straight, and they are automatically hostile towards rabbits. - Goatworlds

They will be Neutral Mobs and they spawn in light levels of seven or less and behave like spiders.

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79Old Man Creeper

What? So disrespectful to the elderly!

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80Wither Storm

Best mob in the game. I don't care if it's from Story Mode, this thing rocks. There's a reason I prefer Story Mode to the original Minecraft, and this it it.

I wish this thing was in Minecraft for reall, how awesome would that be

I have mcsm and I know him but I don't have the command block update

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