Top 10 Minecraft Mobs

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142Ender CreeperV2 Comments
143Chicken JockeysV1 Comment
144Elder Guardians

Come on guys, this thing is awesome! - 2lazyhere

145Baby Villager Chicken Jockey

Being a leader, with a full diamond set, able to pick items and break doors.

146Diamond Ore CreeperV3 Comments
147Mutant Obsidian Golem

Un beatable no mutants can kill it alone

148Magma Boss

His cool and he rules

149Toast the Rabbit

I know the code for this one get a name tag name your rabbit toast and u got a super texture rabbit!
the code for the was created because a rabbit was black and white and he died so they made this texture
in the memory of him

V1 Comment
150Logan (Evil Rabbit)V1 Comment
151Netherrack Golem

Sorry about spelling. They spawn LAVA

152Mutant Iron Golem

This guy is a boss he swings his arms around and around and makes like 7 of them fly in the air.
And has 1000 health


He is from Ore Spawn mod and looks like Hammerhead. He is as strong as Emperor Scorrpion

155Polar BearThe polar bear is a carnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses.
156Iron Golem

They look like giant metal villagers and they are so kind as well.

I like them when they don't kill me

V1 Comment
157Young Adult PrinceV1 Comment
158Baby Villagers

I want to kill them all! They traded Me a carrot for my 46 emeralds! I'm going to hunt them down and slay them! - anthonyj

Villagers are the best. Respect them.

They are cute big nosed villagers

They are not cute. I hope my pet slime eats them and spit out my emeralds. And they are evil - anthonyj

V1 Comment
159Minions (Silverfish That I Spawn)

They're like bodyguard basketball players.


These are the cutest mobs in the game! And they can give you wool that you can dye or make a bed with. They are original and not in mobs! So vote this adorably fluffy mob! NOW!

I am surprised that the sheep is at the very bottom of the list. I thought he would be about 35, not 155!

V5 Comments
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