Top 10 Minecraft Mods

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The Top Ten

Pokemon Mod
Pokemon and Minecraft combined. What could be better?
[Newest]Nothing better than Minecraft and Pokemon! :-)

2Technic Pack
This is not a mod, it is a whole new game that just happens to be under the same name as Minecraft! Seriously! Guns! Nukes! Thousands of redstone devices! Unless you only play mine craft for the redstone (which I strongly do not recommend because it is an adventure and building game and not an engineering one) than you should no get this!
The Technic Pack is THE best. You get to have make all sorts of factories and retreat from the primitive age Minecraft usually is.
Holy crap this things owns Minecraft! I hardly touch the mc launcher now. All I click is the tekkit one!

3OreSpawn Mod
It is a whole new thing with 6 different dimensions, hundreds od different mobs, Bosses and animals. It also has many more weapons and blocks. THIS IS THE BEST MOD I'VE EVER SEEN!
This is awesome the royal guardian sword does 550 damage and more on armor and much more
Most stuff ever added to a mod! And they keep adding on and making it better! This Gould be in the top three, in my opinion.
[Newest]Tons of mobs and items

4Too Many Items
You can get any item you want just by clicking! Great for mod reviews and all kind of stuff
You can have almost anything. Awesome!
Super usefull. You can use toomanyitems to access anything you need much quicker in your inventory and it helps when you are making a large build.
[Newest]My all time favourite mod, I love blocks

5Voltz Mod
This mod is amazing. My friend downloaded it, threw a red matter at me, I died and so on. Amazing mod. Should be No1

Increases FPS and makes the game look great

Good for users with bad computers, and for players who want to use HD texture packs
This should be number one. It changed my minecraft experience drastically!
A must have mod for anyone.


[Newest]This has to be #1

7Mo Creatures
You can have loads and loads of new creatures in Minecraft. It is really fun and useful.
You wake up in your shelter, and suddenly a man sees you. You decide to keep him and night falls. As you eat the pigs you hunted, the man jumps around, and transforms into a werewolf, and attacks you! This mod adds animals, monsters, dimensions, and tons more! Orespawn, even it cannot compare! It is screwed!
Minecraft gets better with new mobs. This mod makes Minecraft ten times more fun than the default is!
[Newest]Like giraffes in Minecraft, who would of thought

8Not Enough Items
It can be used for a recipe finder, use finder, and enchantment table
Why no one think about this!?


9Bacteria Mod
Replacer colony: we love you for cheating diamond blocks and other stuff.

10Butchering Mod
This one is very interesting. It lets you butcher animals (no blood included) and Roast them. In mimecraft without this mod the story of the meat is boring all you do is kill the animal and roast the meat. This mod makes the story of the meat 10x longer. I think this one is interesting but many of you other guys probably wouldn't think so.

The Contenders

It's really good all these new mobs, ores, dungeons it just makes it fun!
It is more than just the opposite of the Nether, it adds so much more intuitive and creative opportunities to Minecraft. I love all the new blocks, monsters, and crafting recipes!
I this mod, there are flying pigs, sheep, and even sweat!
[Newest]Aether is that mod that you go to different worlds and find cool and funny mobs

12Golem Wars

13Enderstuff Mod

14Weird Hybrids

15Aether Mod
This mod is another interesting mod. It is the total opposite of the nether. You make this glowstone and water portal and your in the aether. There are many awesome mobs and an AMAZING boss the sun god. WARNING if you lose to him your spawnpoint is changed to over lava. There arn't any mod reviews that I can find but there is a survival series from antvenom.

The magma creeper common

17Tornado Mod
Waves, tornados, tornado alarms, it's a great, mod!

18Natural Disasters Mod
This mod is plain epic. There's volcanos, earthquakes and even meteors with blocks of diamonds. The most destructive thing is the volcano. It forms randomly and destroy a lot of stuff. If you see obsidian appearing out of nowhere around you run because there will be lava there soon.

Slendy is awesome in it (

Adds new ways to automate item production.


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