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1OreSpawn Mod

It is a whole new thing with 6 different dimensions, hundreds od different mobs, Bosses and animals. It also has many more weapons and blocks. THIS IS THE BEST MOD I'VE EVER SEEN!

This is awesome the royal guardian sword does 550 damage and more on armor and much more

Most stuff ever added to a mod! And they keep adding on and making it better! This Gould be in the top three, in my opinion.

I think that you would had all of the types of mod together

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2Pokemon Mod

You can say that all these other mods are better... Until you find yourself riding your massive Gyarados, flying over the oceans to find an altar to summon one of the legendary birds of lore. Then we can talk.


Pokemon and Minecraft combined. What could be better?

It's awesome fly on Pokemon and much more

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3Technic Pack

This is not a mod, it is a whole new game that just happens to be under the same name as Minecraft! Seriously! Guns! Nukes! Thousands of redstone devices! Unless you only play mine craft for the redstone (which I strongly do not recommend because it is an adventure and building game and not an engineering one) than you should no get this!

The Technic Pack is THE best. You get to have make all sorts of factories and retreat from the primitive age Minecraft usually is.

I just love it. It got all kinds of usefull and fun stuff to make and create! And you can even play it in multiplayer! :O For me it just got everything I could ever want!

It's not even a mod

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4Too Many Items

You can get any item you want just by clicking! Great for mod reviews and all kind of stuff

It is awesome. You get to pick anything in any mode. What a great mod!

Super usefull. You can use toomanyitems to access anything you need much quicker in your inventory and it helps when you are making a large build.

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5Voltz Mod

This mod is amazing. My friend downloaded it, threw a red matter at me, I died and so on. Amazing mod. Should be No1


Increases FPS and makes the game look great

Good for users with bad computers, and for players who want to use HD texture packs

This should be number one. It changed my minecraft experience drastically!

Personally this is my favorite mod, it made my fps like 5 times better (I did have to put everything to lowest settings thought) and you can have connected textures etc.

What's the point in even playing the game if there's lag?

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7Butchering ModV2 Comments
8Not Enough Items

It can be used for a recipe finder, use finder, and enchantment table

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9Mo Creatures

You can have loads and loads of new creatures in Minecraft. It is really fun and useful.

Minecraft gets better with new mobs. This mod makes Minecraft ten times more fun than the default is!

You wake up in your shelter, and suddenly a man sees you. You decide to keep him and night falls. As you eat the pigs you hunted, the man jumps around, and transforms into a werewolf, and attacks you! This mod adds animals, monsters, dimensions, and tons more! Orespawn, even it cannot compare! It is screwed!

You are sleeping in bed at night when your house explodes and you are killed by an ogre. Screw mo creatures.

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10Bacteria Mod

Replacer colony: we love you for cheating diamond blocks and other stuff.

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?Galactic Colored Blocks Mod

A mod that basically makes colored versions of every block in vanilla Minecraft. So, you get things like colored sand, gravel, and doors. If I were to estimate, this mod adds a couple hundred blocks to the game. This mod is perfect for you if you like experimenting with different textures for architecture. It really makes your builds seem more diverse.

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It's really good all these new mobs, ores, dungeons it just makes it fun!

It is more than just the opposite of the Nether, it adds so much more intuitive and creative opportunities to Minecraft. I love all the new blocks, monsters, and crafting recipes!

This is one of the earliest Minecraft memories of my life. This changed Minecraft for me

Aether is that mod that you go to different worlds and find cool and funny mobs

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12Golem Wars
13Enderstuff Mod
14Weird Hybrids
15Aether Mod

The magma creeper common

17Tornado Mod

Waves, tornados, tornado alarms, it's a great, mod!

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18Natural Disasters ModV1 Comment
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