Top 10 Minecraft Mods

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The Top Ten

Technic Pack
The Technic Pack is THE best. You get to have make all sorts of factories and retreat from the primitive age Minecraft usually is.
I just love it. It got all kinds of usefull and fun stuff to make and create! And you can even play it in multiplayer! :O For me it just got everything I could ever want!
Holy crap this things owns Minecraft! I hardly touch the mc launcher now. All I click is the tekkit one!
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2Too Many Items
You can get any item you want just by clicking! Great for mod reviews and all kind of stuff
Super usefull. You can use toomanyitems to access anything you need much quicker in your inventory and it helps when you are making a large build.
You can have almost anything. Awesome!
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3Mo Creatures
You can have loads and loads of new creatures in minecraft. It is really fun and useful.
Minecraft gets better with new mobs. This mod makes Minecraft ten times more fun than the default is!
Not only is Minecraft my favorite game in the world! I love the archeology mod. If your a fan of Bajan Canadian and ASFJerome you should check out Minecraft Modded Dinosaur Survival. They got a T-Rex named Carl and he went INSANE! I totally get what you mean it's a lot more fun with the new creatures. I was wondering how to get free mods you have to go to then have Minecraft opened up and download any mod you want. My favorite mod is the Timber Mod if you get the jungle biome you can chop down 1 tree in 1 chop you get like 90 wood from 1 Jungle Tree. So follow this information and please like and subscribe to ASFJerome and Bajan Canadians video
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4Weird Hybrids

It's really good all these new mobs, ores, dungeons it just makes it fun!
It is more than just the opposite of the Nether, it adds so much more intuitive and creative opportunities to Minecraft. I love all the new blocks, monsters, and crafting recipes!
I this mod, there are flying pigs, sheep, and even sweat!
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6Pokemon Mod
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7Golem Wars

The magma creeper common

Increases FPS and makes the game look great

Good for users with bad computers, and for players who want to use HD texture packs
A must have mod for anyone.


This should be number one. It changed my minecraft experience drastically!
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10Not Enough Items
Why no one think about this!?


The evolve form of TMI!
This is better than toomanyitesms

The Contenders

11OreSpawn Mod
Great mod if you like fighting bosses
OreSpawn gets updates every couple weeks and the developer is very active. It has everything from BLT Sandwitches to Emperor Scorpion boss, 5 dimensions, 5 ores, swords like Slice And Big Bertha which do 500+ Attack Damage and there is so much more.

12Feed the Beast
It's 999 decillion times better than a lot of these. One time, I played for 3 hours. It is so addicting finding so many ores and blocks
I play this all the time

13Harry Potter Mod

Adds a lot of technical stuff that adds more compatibility with IC2 and BC2. Also adds some cool new electrical items.


Slendy is awesome in it (

16Light Saber Mod

17Divine RPG
The BEST mod ever! One of the biggest and best minecraft mods


I love the many things it adds
It is just the best

18Gulliver Mod
You can make small and big potions! I just love the little one you can go under 1 block, you can climb walls with a slime ball and you can fly with a piece of paper it's just amazing.

Adds a lot of decorative and storage items. Very nice mod indeed.


20Explosives +
If you don't vote for this, then the mod will come and get your house and blow it up. (I like the nova bomb and biome buster the most. )

21SDK's Gunmod
You have guns!


23Hexxit Modpack

You can play zelda you can play assassin's creed you can even play amnesia the dark descent! In adventurecraft you can be on a adventure wherever you wan't you can even frikin play batman.

25Clay Soldiers Mod
This is the first mod I've ever encountered in my Minecraft life. It all started for Gamechap and his bud Bertie. Since then, I loved the duo. Plus v7 has a Clay Nexus, while v6 gave us turtles and swimsuits. I was only to choose one mod, it has to be... THIS!
Behold the power of a mod that creates a use for clay and gives an epic mob to the game. how good is it on a scale of 1-10? (ten being the highest)100,100,100,100,100,100,100 (one hundred quintillion, one hundred quadrillion, one hundred trillion, one hundred billion, one hundred million, one hundred thousand, one hundred. )

26Single Player Commands

27Tinker's Construct
Adds new ways to make your tools and process metal.


Adds new ways to automate item production.


29Furniture Mod
You can have furniture.. Yup that's all.

30Computer Mod

You can have computers... In minecraft it's just amazing! You can have it in multiplayer, you can have floppy disk and make your own game, you can play worm! It's just really really good.

31Portal Gun

32Ferullo's Guns Mod
First mod I ever had. A classic.


33Tornado Mod
Waves, tornados, tornado alarms, it's a great, mod!

34Derpy Squid Mod

35TV Mod
You can have T.V.'s and watch youtube in minecraft. Wanna know what it's used for? For example your building a big tower then you can play music on the T.V..
I love this mod


The thing I like is the compatability.


37Angry Creatures Mod
Epic mod in the update it adds so squids attack you plus now they have a mob called angry cyclops adding more soon
It's SO cool vote for this because they added a new thing called the hatred sword which does 10 damage and a new mob. Called leviathan
Makes pigs sheep cow and chicken go against you time for some porky revenge
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38Mutant Creatures Beta

39The Wars Mod
Love the instant minigames.



41MoreCreeps And Weirdos

42X-Ray Mod


Best minecraft mod it adds a whole new dimetion including iguanas tribesmen monkeys visible fish swordfish and amusing skins for mobs like leaf skirts for skeletons it also adds coconuts and pineapples to make pina coladas...
New dimension new mobs new items the creator of this mod should be working at mojang that's how good he is
Ah... Minecraft paridise... Huh?... AH! A VOLCANO!



Pixelmon is awesome it is like you are in the game you could play online and make explsion and you could go flying
More Pokemon and New Items (potions, TMs, and stones) Awesome!

48Superheros Unlimited

49Timber! Mod
Ever lazy? You don't want to chop down pieces of wood from trees? Them GET THIS MOD RIGHT NOW!
This mod is only for 'Muricans.

I love trapping my friends!

51My Little Pony Mod
It had to be put on this list! Also I am a briny because of Kuledud3' I love his YouTube channel! I am just that brony! I just like how sky showed the mod! It's just epic!


53Flan's Mod


55Lord of the Rings Mod
You can ride on horses and wargs. Be good or evil. Smack orcs or elves in the face with hammers or snipe them with a crossbow. Or you can always just kill monsters or elves with a spear. You can live with the elves or serve the dark lord. You can command troops and battle with them. Trust me their is even more but I don't have time to list them all. You can also eat cherries and smoke pipes. I think I said enough.
This is not very known at all but it is the most epic mod if your a lotr fan. Same person who created lion king mod. GET IT!

56Fossil Archeology Mod


58Dimensional Door Mod
I love Dimensional Doors! And what's MineColony doing here? That mod is useless!


Ugh.. You don't want to go to limbo...

It's the best! You have xray, you can fly in survival, you can climb walls like a spider, you can have a radar it, s just great!

The first major minecraft mod api. Which is still good toay!

61Not In Minecraft!

62My Biomes Mod
Want a Biome full of diamonds? Iron? Coal? THEN THIS IS THE MOD FOR Y-O-U!

63More Illuminations Mod

64Rei's Minimap
If you want to find your way to somewhere then get this mod! It has a compass at the top right of your screen!

65Anti-Plant Virus Mod
Sounds cool but AMAZING!

66Punish Mod

67S*** Mod
I need to wipe poop of my ass oh oh OH. Yeah that's that spot. Now I need to flush. Wait I sh*t on the ground ****** ****!


691950s Mod

70Builder Mod

71Dragon Mounts Mod

72Voltz Modpack

73Mortal Kombat Mod
I love minecraft AND mortal kombat. Both of them together is just awesome.

74Dragon Ball Z Mod

75Better Dungeons Mod

76Tardis Mod


78Mario Mod

79Statues Mod

80Bunnies Mod
Adds sixteen new bunnies into your game from lava bunny to nether bunny including new items like lucky rabbits foot or bunny spring so much fun into your game

81Mo Circles
Ever think minecrafts to blocky well then this is the mod for you adding each item it's own circle form plus it adds incredible animation Enjoy

82Pie Mod
Wow this mood is good it adds so much into your game including a pie dimension pies creeper pie nether pie wether pie golem pie troll pie casket pie chocolate pie blocky pie And that's the begging of them

83RPG Mod
This mod adds so much content onto your game 32 new and exiting mobs like ettin hydra furies And MUCH MORE
It adds six new biomes and they are dragon lair lost city Atlantis oblivion lava destruction not boss fights my favorite one is hydra I'll tell you how to beat him he grows his heads back every time you hit him with normal weapons to stop him from doing this you must use the arrow of light and bow of prosperity he has six heads each 100 life the arrow of life does 20 damage so yeah his attack is fire balls 10 damage ice shards 5 damage and ground shake close to him 20 far from him 6 3 9 10 or 12 keep this up and you may beat him items there are 200 items so I'm gonna name a few ring of fire summons fire all around black destruction you already know what that means rip slide summons a tsunami thrashes into apponent and my all time favorite the septor of light one of the most powerful weapons NOW can you yes YOU take on the power in this mod

84Derp Mod
Makes everything derby including ender dragon wither and all other mobs and makes mobs from other mods look derby TO

85Fluffy Mod
SO fluffy adds fluffy septor anything in minecraft turns fluffy fluffy blocks fluffy biomes and even fluffy mobs wow

86The Legend of Zelda Mod

87Shape-shifter Z Mod
This mod is the best because you can hide from other players by becoming a pig


89McDonald Mod

90Herobrine Mod


91Mutant Creatures Mod

92Elemental Creepers

93Tiny Blocks Mod

94Camera Mod

95Too Many Ores Mod

96The Voids Wrath

97Rival Rebels Mod
This mod is kick ass! Ever wanted to blow up a nuke? Now you can!

98Morph Mod

99Slender Mod
Its like the real creepy game. But square
Slender gave me nightmares. Io couldn't sleep 4 two months!

100Bear Grylls Mod
Hm... I'm hungry....? This clay tastes good!... Hm? Uh oh... I'm hallucinating... Ugh

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