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41 Clay Soldiers Mod

This is the first mod I've ever encountered in my Minecraft life. It all started for Gamechap and his bud Bertie. Since then, I loved the duo. Plus v7 has a Clay Nexus, while v6 gave us turtles and swimsuits. I was only to choose one mod, it has to be... THIS!

Yes! I love this mod really adorable soldiers that walk around fighting their tiny enemies. - DubstepLover

It's great how you can sort of simulate battles.

Those little soldiers are funny

42 Single Player Commands
43 Trolling Mod
44 Too Much TNT V 1 Comment
45 Portal Gun
46 Better Pets Mod
47 Chaos Mod
48 Red Lucky Blocks
49 Superheros Unlimited V 1 Comment
50 Ferullo's Guns Mod
51 Micro Blocks
52 Wildycraft Mod
53 Godzilla Mod

It has King Kong!

V 1 Comment
54 Derpy Squid Mod
55 NEI
56 Better Furnaces Mod
57 Internet Mod
58 Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod

Really great and functional furniture. It also adds things like hedges, birdbaths, and a few more types of fences. The T.V. actually works, you can sit in chairs, and there are many other realistic parts. I think the best two objects introduced are mirrors and bar stools. This mod is highly detailed, and I recommend it.

59 Flan's Mod

Ever wanted Guns, Cars, Tanks, Planes, and helicopters in Minecraft?
Well this is the mod for you.

60 Anti-Plant Virus Mod

Sounds cool but AMAZING!

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