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81 industialcraft
82 Lord of the Rings Mod

You can ride on horses and wargs. Be good or evil. Smack orcs or elves in the face with hammers or snipe them with a crossbow. Or you can always just kill monsters or elves with a spear. You can live with the elves or serve the dark lord. You can command troops and battle with them. Trust me their is even more but I don't have time to list them all. You can also eat cherries and smoke pipes. I think I said enough.

This is not very known at all but it is the most epic mod if your a lotr fan. Same person who created lion king mod. GET IT!

83 Timber! Mod

Ever lazy? You don't want to chop down pieces of wood from trees? Them GET THIS MOD RIGHT NOW!

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84 TrapCraft

I love trapping my friends!

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85 Elemental Swords Mod
86 Forge
87 Witchery Mod

Unlike some mods (except Thaumcraft) we can do all sorts of magic!

Allows you to do awesome stuff such as summon rituals and conjour up potions such as brew of the grotesk - Red26473

88 Balkon's Weapons
89 SecurityCraft Mod
90 Secret Rooms Mod
91 Ageing Mod
92 Mythical Creatures Mod

Cool pets like Applejack, Twilight sparkle, and Rainbow Dash can kill a hydra in less than a second

Windigo was the closest I've seen to killing the queen the queen just barely won by 1000 hp left and bhrning godzilla barely even deals 100 damage to her

93 Quicksand
94 Fossil Archeology Mod
95 S*** Mod V 2 Comments
96 Dragon Mounts Mod V 1 Comment
97 Better Dungeons Mod
98 Rival Rebels Mod

This mod is kick ass! Ever wanted to blow up a nuke? Now you can!

99 Orespawn

Already on the list this is like the third time I saw orespawn on this list

100 Dimensional Door Mod

I love Dimensional Doors! And what's MineColony doing here? That mod is useless! - TheRobertsFamily3

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