Top Ten Minecraft Parkour Masters

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1 TBNR Frags

He completed the hard parkour maps and all he just care is Fun not winning well he cares a little bit in winning but yeah

The Best At Parkour he beats everyone

He is awesome in his YouTube videos

The greatest master ever

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2 Antvenom

For all of you blind followers of AntVenom, 3 wins in a row is like average. He has not gotten ANY speedrun world records in all the minigames of Minecraft parkour vote for someone who is REALLY actually GOOD at parkour.

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3 perpetualjordan
4 captainsparklez
5 noochm

He is pretty good at parkour way better then captain sparkles

6 Bryan_Miguel101

This guy Is horrible at parkour he fails so much

7 dat_baca
8 Oath_taken
9 CaptinClaw98

He is amazing at speedrunning and best by far at dragon escape

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10 DaFatMan922

For ALL those people who think AntVenom is good, you just think that because he is so POPULAR. DaFatMan922 could finish a dragon escape course while ant is only half way through. If you are reading this comment AntVenom, just know that you ARE NOT the parkour king and THREE WINS IN A ROW IS NOT THAT GOOD. I HAVE GOTTEN THAT EVEN KNOW I SUCK.

He has gotten 5 dragon escape world records. Seriously, those World records are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to beat.

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? Parkourdragon55
? Kyroh
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The Contenders

11 Vikkstar123 Vikkstar123

He can Parkour in Call of Duty, BO2, MInecraftand pretty much everything. #Vikkisparkourmaster

12 The Quantuminer
13 Killbotdoesmc

He has gotten some world records on dragon escape, I mean. Seriously. This guy got 1:08.926 on skylands in dragon escape! :OOO

14 BluePanther52
15 xLabby

This guy has beaten 30 dragon escapes in a row. Enough said

16 iBallisticSquid
17 Woofless V 2 Comments
18 werdna23 V 1 Comment
19 PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags) PrestonPlayz (TBNRfrags) V 1 Comment
20 Pink Sheep
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