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1Don't Mine at Night

Yea no one cares first comment anyways I love this song! I like the ghost part!

The My Little Pony parody with Buttons and Sweetie Belle was better than the original. - sdgeek2003

Very good and I have seen some good video on it

Extreme funny animation and lyrics

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Awesome song better than the worst song ever don't mine at night

The best song I've ever heard on YouTube

I love this song because it's the first Minecraft parody I ever
Heard and it has a sick beat

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3Fallen Kingdom

1. Creepers gonna creep isn't a parody. 2. Fallen kingdom is awesome.

I love this parody but it is kinda sad. But it's still great. I'm very impressed.

Viva La Vida is my 2nd favorite song of all time, so I vote this! - NintendoROCK3T

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4Screw the Nether

Its just funny and epic I recommend watching this

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LIKE AN ENDERMAN! Please tell me that's what this is referrenign to...

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6The Miner

There goes the miner!

7Revenge Cover
10Found a Cave, Hump a Tree

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The lyrics is awesome,animation too,and there is real touching plot and no profanity unlike some songs.

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11Flee for Your Life
12Mine It Out
13New World
14Trade Shop
15Mining Ores
16Redstone Active

I love this song.

17Form This Way
19Running Out of TimeV2 Comments
20Thank You
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1. New World
2. Take Back the Night
3. Revenge
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2. Found a Cave, Hump a Tree
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