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181 Paulsoaresjr


(except maybe redstone)

Paul is my favourite YouTuber too but I think he just needs a little more practise. He doesn't do pvp that often but I think he I good with the other stuff he can do. he has only won 2 things in pvp they were Shotbow games and Maze Runner but for what he does I think he is fairly good at pvp. Go paul

I really like his videos, but PVP isn't really his thing. The only time in uhc he really put up a fight was with pyro in season 10, who still beat him with ease.

Paul is not good at pvp at all1111

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182 CreeperIncomingHD

CreeperincomingHD is a PvP God his skills are FNS, strafe, and close combat, and Criting all day and night. CreeperincomingHD Is the leader of the Creeper army, he leads every single creeper to battle. This guy deserves to be in top 30-40. His states prove nothing, 1V1 him and you will know there is much more to the eye then there is to know about him.

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183 ismetrg

Ismetrg is the best pvper he need to stay on number 1 he killed evryone he is the best he beat huahwi 3times and xnesterio ismetrg beat xnesterio 7times and he never loses I think ismetrg need to stay on number 1 KingRg BlokhitRg LegendRg

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184 SoupSkidz
185 Cyanuric

Are you kidding me?! He's taken down a 7 team that were stacked and all he had was a flint & Steel and a wooden axe!

This kid is amazing! Get in a fight with him, he'll kick your ass of the face of the earth

You have got to be kidding me. I witnessed him no potion STIMPAY on his FIRST ATTEMPT!

V 9 Comments
186 Ping V 4 Comments
187 Yonny V 1 Comment
188 byStegi

Great Player! Not only making videos, no his bowshot and his brain make him to a great PvPer!

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189 TapL

Best reaction time in human history

Great skywars player, he has got 11 kills TWICE in solo skywars, he should be way up here instead of stampy *throws up*

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190 RyanMinton

This guy is virtually unbeatable on servers

This kid really knows how to PvP I've seen him take on teams of 3

191 Leafygreentea

WOW, why is he down here, leafy is awesome, some people say he hacks, but he doesn't. This kid has a good mouse, and amazing ping. All that combined, he is the best in the world.

He can 10 heart up to 23 People at once, even at the start of a Survival Games match!

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192 JacobArnold

Based god bless you

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193 MiguelPlayz

He shuts on so many players. He's a teleporting god.

Guys I am not that good. Its nice to see all these awesome comments though :3

Mig dun run, Mig dun walk, he only teleports.

This kid also really knows how to pvp.

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194 troll413

Definitely should be higher, so good with a bow

195 Sethbling
196 Hivlik

He's good but isn't as good as Doe in short range so that's why he's #540

Hm, I'm thinking more #638 but he's alright I guess

Hivlik has the most Game Sense than Anybody else in the PvP society. He is the most round PvPer, and he strikes Fear into his opponents and enemies with his amazing Intimidation tactics. He also doesn't use Hacks like all the other fake PvPers like Huahwi, Danteh, Tylarzz, SuchSpeed, ZMCNikolaii, M0xy, Ginie1, and Doe. He doesn't need too because his clicks are so fast. Hivlik deserves the Number 1 Spot on this list!

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197 Henges V 5 Comments
198 MrMitch361 V 3 Comments
199 Skymonpro V 1 Comment
200 FinsGames

I think that Fin in 2017 is very good at pvp and good at his rod combos I think he should be like top 25

Fins actually pretty decent at pvp I think he should be in the top 60

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