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41 Tethius

Way better than those YouTubers above, could beat them blindfolded - YAF77

Tethius is way better than those famous YouTubers above. - YAF77

Really good at potpvp and a bit on soups he has really goods combos and for his connecting is really good

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42 Zephhyre V 5 Comments
43 20jwarren V 1 Comment
44 SuchSpeed

Is really good, just watch UHC ON AIR 3 montage and then you see his insane INSANE skills

He has insane skills! With all the pvp gear he shoukd be in number 10

This site is made by an 8 year old all these you tubers (banana sparkles preston) are SO BAD AT THIS GAME T he top 3 of minecraft players are 1.SuchSpeed 2.Danteh 3.xNestorio like please

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45 StimpyPvP

So so pretty good I have to admit when it comes to combos

Stimulation you are a Best pvp et on minecraft

He so good he is on the list twice.

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46 ComboDombo

Combodombo is a beast even though he rages a lot more then stimpy but he's not better then stimpy but I don't know if he's better now sense he uploaded that stimpy vs ComboDombo in January 2015 and now it is almost 2016

He only does it for the money, everything is for the money... He played minecraft for the money... He named himself combodombo for the money... its all for the money

ComboDombo is way better at potion pvp than anybody who does it he deserves to be 1 of the top 10

Deserve higher place

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47 Verilyx

There can only be one: this guy right here

Ver with a sword? Run. Ver with a bow? Accept your fate.

Ungodly skill, one of the greats.

Not good at pvp

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48 0207xander

Very talented player without speed effects, has the ability to get a solid straightline combo with and without the fishing rod. He is a very strong player even though he doesn't have great ping!

He's a very good overall pvper, not the best at 1 particular thing, but good at most.

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49 Chanse

He should be number 2 or 3. People just don't watch these YouTubers because "they aren't interesting" or "bajancanadian is can do that." Lucky block gets old, and it gets to the point where if you play with the same people a lot, you basically just flip a coin to see who wins.

Chanse is awesome but still danteh and idea turncoat can beat him he should be number 9

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50 bigfoot349
51 Matsuzen

Matsuzen could easily beat anyone on the top ten, he's a smart and skilled player.

Is bow is so godly it's untouchable

He is the best player in this list. Period.

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52 CornSauce

He used to be the rage god back in the old days, cornsauce was a true legend in my opinion and he was also a beast in normal pvp

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53 HauWhi V 3 Comments
54 Liftie

Liftie killed me once so bad I cried to death I think liftie deserves to be in top 5 because he destroyed my anus to pieces when I fought him in a team battle on kohi.

55 Tylarzz

Tylarzz have a god combo and sword is good

He can 10 heart almost anyone on this list

Tylarzz aced Flux in an RR, deserves to be at least top 5. Only person that can beat larzz is danteh (or some 1300 that lava trapped him)

...Tylarzz got masters rank on badlion,wins all his UHC's,Wins all his fights,AND DESERVES #1 ON THE LIST!

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56 kingoros

Way better than those YouTubers above who do not even know how to pvp - YAF77

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57 GestBrammar

On par with Verilyx and Alec, underrated and one of the first to actually be good at the game

58 DrummerReviews

The original god of pot pvp he could beat hattowolf apacheblitz and cayden

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59 Kyzuko

Kyzuko's a God.

By the way, all these in the top 10 don't deserve to be there.

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60 BiboyQG

BiboyQG is skilled/better than most of these nubs. He should be in the top 10.

What this list is messed up... RainBow Tac0 is apparently better than BiboyQG... and a bunch of other random people.

Biboy was practically the inventor of the dewaded defensive style in MCSG. Smooth with a rod to pull off double-hits and combos. He is the bow spam god. Melee is average-ish, but that's mainly based on ping, fps, etc. I love his commentary, and can calmly take on a full iron, diamond sword guy with 10 hearts to spare and then continue talking. He's always giving great tips and advice. He's pretty close to Huahwi in my opinion.

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