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81bodil 40

He sucks at pvp he rarely wins it - whodafuqisthisguy

If he was as good at PvP as he was at trolling he'd be best by far.

Bodil40 is bad at pvp, but a good troller.

Bodil 40 more like bad 40

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84Jolly Ol' Brits

Not that good at pvp, but good builders.

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Yeah, this guy must be in top 10. Trust me.

1. It's ItsAustennn.
2. He's probably the best on here or at least close.

He 5 hearted CreeperFarts, he's definiately one of the top 10 there

Pretty good I'll admit.

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He doesn't need a fishing rod, or a flint and steel, or any of that crap. He is on point even when he's not focused with the bow, and it's like he's hacking when he melees 0o

Ryker is better then half of the people on this list I think this is just a popularity completion, he can kill xNestorio and doesn't need a Rod a FnS anything like that he is good and deserves to be higher than 87th

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Why not #1 This guy that uses a girl skin is almost as good as Hawaii! #IBEAT 4 PRESIDENT!

To all the people who think Mitch is better, this guy is (almost) as good as Huahwi. - SwagFlicks

IBeaturscore is so underrated, like 15 cps and godly ping. I don't get why he's not #1 :/

IBeaturscore is the bang

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I play with him on servers, he should be top 10 for sure. This is rigged

Completely anihilates people even though he's playing like complete trash the last few months.

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89DianabV1 Comment

OBrave is a very good mineman. His best tactics involve using his space bar and complaining.

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91Smiley Wylie Hub

This list is stupid captainsparklez and all the other can't be on this. They made honey badgers so far back!

Have you guys ever seen his videos? He clicks so damn fast and is amazing at pvp

He plays Offensive and jitters people into oblivion.

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She can pvp but she can't defend herself at all without mitch... she would be #1 on the best miners in Minecraft

Can't pvp at all, absolutely terrible

So terrible, (chance of winning at pvp-15%)

Terrible at pvp, fears to have a 1v1

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94ItsAustennnV4 Comments
95Blue Deww

This is the worst list ever. Blue Deww can wreck everyone on this list. He should be 1

I took him down pretty low but he still beats me about 3 heart

This guy should be top 10 at least. He only lacks bow skill

He should be number one

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96zmcnikolaiV8 Comments

I agree with what the other people said

I'm so confused. How is he not in the top 5?

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He Sucks So Bad Like Poop Really

This guy is the blockhit god, He should've, he would've, he could've been in the top 10 but the list maker is high on pot so he isn't

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I disagree, sorry but many people can kill him.

I really don't think he is good at pvp

Sky is a funny dude, he really is, but I could probably beat him in a pvp match. He is great in so many things, Do not laugh, and many mini games, but saying he is one of the top papers in the world is stretching it a bit much.

He is god at minecraft honestly he is the best!

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100CowbabeV1 Comment
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