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121 dedrevill V 5 Comments
122 GamerRobin123
123 Tenebrous

So good in all parts at pvp and always gets called out for hacks. Exception of that one time, he is legit. Search him up everyone calls him a hacker even though he's extremly good

Why Tenebrous? He wasn't on the damn list

V 7 Comments
124 Twyzkh
125 cels43
126 Sectioned
127 The Camping Rusher

Beats most people in pvp. Good with the bow, and can usually hold his own in melee

Come on guys he can't be this far down the list.

He doesn't completely suck at Gapple and keeps saying he is good at Bow But he really isn't

I love you and preston

V 9 Comments
128 Lampbro

Oh, Lampbro. Bow god.

129 Shene0509

Are you serious? He is god at pot pvp he can rekt most of the pot pvpers you know except danteh and djthread

130 10AlexMc

Have any of u retards seen this guy? He should be up there in at least 30, GO 2 YouTube RIGHT NOW AND LOOK UP "Minecraft best combos".

V 1 Comment
131 NoPotsNeuton
132 mentally V 4 Comments
133 Sythee
134 Dreamer_420
135 Pink Sheep

He ain't bad but at least his mustache will make him better

No doubt about it, his mustache will kill everyone

Legit Prankster Gangster Squad

V 4 Comments
136 Mr_Zeroz V 1 Comment
137 Scuffs

I can never beat him in a match and I'm great at pvp as well! He deserves to be in the top ten list!

He's better than almost all of the people in the top 10 of this list lol

Best fighter out there! I have never won a match against him and I haven't seen him lose unless he wanted to!

Has anybody ever beaten him?

V 7 Comments
138 Slappbox V 1 Comment
139 Technoblade

Very skilled, very entertaining, 10/10

Check his montages, enough said.

He is not very good but he is better than the 2/3of that list

He is just a verry good player and he have good strafes on poeple

V 26 Comments
140 12Wesley13

What, 112e?! That can't be! Look his PvP video's, he should be in the top 30 or 20! Give him a place in the top 30, he is a real pvp master! I don't understand he is 112e! He should be in the top 30!

12Wesley13 is one of the best pvp players. He can beat teams, people with better weapons and hackers. He is gonna be better than huahwi. - 12Wesley13

He should be in the top 10. Look his PvP video's, he plays PvP like a master. People can't beat him easy.

Wesley, Stop adding false facts about your self... - Insan1ty

V 2 Comments
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