TheDiamondMinecart is awesome. I think he should be in the top 3 for his intros alone! They are hilarious! I love his mod showcases, house build series, and survival series!

I am surprised that this awesome Minecraft Youtube is not in the top 5. There is so many good things about Dan that I cannot list them all. Just go check out his channel.

Dan is #1 in my book, he should at least be in the top 5. He does AWESOME mod reviews is comical and is one of the BEST YOUTUBERS I HAVE EVER SEEN!

He is really awesome better than sky

DANTDM for the win! He is so bad ass. For example, he's a pro mini gamer, even WITH the Oculus Rift. Not only that, he made the 2nd most viewed creative building series on all of Youtube and everything! He is great at survival Minecraft, and knows how to choose a wife. :) (If you don't know what I mean, then here are more simple words: If you hate this guy, you need to go to hell. )

Dan is just generally awesome! Keep up the amazing videos!

Thediamondminecart is just awesomely awesome

TheDiamondMinecart, also known as Dan, is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers I've ever seen! He does awesome mod showcases, an epic survival series, cool mini games once in a while, and used to do an amazing statue house build world! How better can he get?!

I'm One Of Your Bigest fans ever! I watched all your videos your great My User I DalekAngelChild

I love Dan I just want to reach out and touch his hand because he's awesome I want to figure out when mine cone 2016 tickets are coming out as well because I want to meet Dan so bad that's how much I love him for real I want to figure out where he lives to so I can hug him I'd go on forever but I can't that's what I have to say about Dan and how much I love him

I have hardly known TheDiamondMinecart but after I saw his first video of his mod show cases and the diamond dimensions the mod pack he made I fell in love
And he deserves his 1,000,000 sub's

Well done the Dan for reaching 3 or 4 I think million subs I think he has done a terrific job and he has the most funniest and creative ideas for videos, keep up the good work because whenever I wake up I get excited about your videos.


Such a new by but hilarious and very friendly. I think he should be at least at top 2! Why I say that he has amazing survival series and do the best mod showcases!

I don't know what I would do with out Dan he makes me laugh every day... sometimes to the point of tears or peeing my pants! I discovered his videos during a hard time in my life. I have watched every video and they all are amazing!

Dan is absolutely amazing because he makes his videos fun and enjoyable! His characters add excitement to each video and he should be in the top 5! He is one of my favorite male Minecraft YouTubers and his intros add fun to start off the video.

Dan is so awesome he should be 3rd his awesome mod reviews and mini games that I watch for hours I always leave a like

He has great comedy and really is a nice person, and he has tons and tons of series, like Pixelmon, Mod reviews, Xbox 360 Survival, The Diamond Dimensions, and he used to have Husband VS Wife. And the point is, that he never stops uploading new series and working hard for it just for his fans.

TheDiamondMinecart is the place where I go for mod showcases, Let's Play Worlds and for a general laugh. He's happy, funny and overall dedicated to his viewers. I don't use anyone else!

Love him so much because he does amazing mod reviews do cool house/statue builds and have an amazing survival series named the diamond dimensions

DanTDM, popularly known as TheDiamondMinecart, is one of the best Minecraft commentators I've seen. I believe he should be higher on this list because of three reasons: 1) He has been recognized by YouTube and been given the Golden Award. 2) He has fun impersonating a villager he has named Dr. Trayaurus and a skeleton dog named Grim. 3) BECAUSE REASONS!

TheDiamondMinecart is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers ever! He does amazing Mod Showcases, do really cool house builds, and has an awesome survival series. Personally, he should be in the top 5!

I love his skin his mods and other thing his doing really I promise to you that I really like his mod showcase no lag funny and cool music intro every time I watch his videos

TheDiamondMinecart is one of the most favorite YouTubers! Where I live children, teens, and adults will enjoy watching his videos! He is friendly and makes Minecraft more interesting by far!

Just a really friendly and happy person, with heaps of cool ideas and even strategies of how to play Minecraft to its very best.