Best Minnesota Viking Players of All Time

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1Adrian PetersonAdrian Lewis Peterson is an American football running back for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

He carries a questionable team on his shoulders. He might wont be #1 history until he breaks Emmit Smiths rushing record, which he will

Second MVP ever on Vikings, 28 to break 10000 yards and he is number 28, second best rb in nfl history

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2Fran Tarkenton
3Randy MossRandy Gene Moss is a former American football wide receiver who played 14 seasons in the National Football League.V1 Comment
4Cris Carter
5Jared AllenJared Scot Allen is a former professional American football defensive end. After playing college football for Idaho State University for four years, he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League in the fourth round of the 2004 NFL Draft.
6Daunte CulpepperDaunte Rachard Culpepper is a former American football quarterback. He last played for the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.
7Alan PageV1 Comment
8Chris CarterV1 Comment
9John Randle
10Brett FavreBrett Lorenzo Favre is a former American football quarterback who spent the majority of his career with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

I wouldn't consider favre a viking, he played a season and a half of games. - cartjohn3

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11Chad GreenwayChad Greenway is an American football linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.
12Percy Harvin
13Ron Yary
14Antoine Winfield
15Korey Stringer
16Greg Jennings
17Cordarrelle Patterson
18Steve Hutchinson
19Matt Birk
20Kevin Williams
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1. Adrian Peterson
2. Fran Tarkenton
3. Randy Moss
1. Randy Moss
2. Chris Carter
3. Fran Tarkenton



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