Top Ten Mistakes in Super Mario

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1Not Giving Him a Game in Xbox 360

Everyone has this system... And I want Mario in it! At least he could be in the sonic games!

2Peach and Pauline's Rivalry

This rivalry is SO STUPID! Pauline is from the 70s OF COURSE SHE USED TO DATE Mario! Peach is retarded sometimes and everyone makes Pauline look weak, but Peach is truly the weak one.

3Giving Wario his Own Games, While Main in Super Mario

Wario is one of the 6 main characters in Mario, and he needs his own game? Withoyut Waluigi?

4The 80s Show Princess Toadstool

Princess Toadstool is WAY better than Peach. She isn't even Peach, shes just a princess, dunderheads!

5Paper Mario Unique Characters

They lose all the Mario characters. And Mimi, Goombella, and Shadow Queen are f'ing retared.

6Super Brothers Series

Save Peach from Bowser. Save PEACH from Bowser.

7Blaming Peach for the Mistakes

They tell Peach not to be kidnapped, but they don't tell Bowser to not kidnap.

8There is No Difference Between Birdo and Yoshi
9Game Over
10Rosilina and Daisy Being "Main"

They treat her main, same with Daisy. They aren't main.

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